City Pass Krakow Card

Travel Smart in Krakow: One Card, Unlimited Possibilities

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful city of Krakow in Poland, one of the smartest choices for taking in all its attractions is to consider purchasing a City Pass Krakow Card. This tourist card offers an array of benefits, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to explore the city’s museums, monuments, and public transport system.

City Pass Krakow Card

The City Pass Krakow Card provides free access to over 36 museums and monuments, allowing visitors to discover the city’s rich history and cultural heritage with ease.

Key attractions included with the pass are St. Mary’s Basilica, the traditional bourgeois house, and many more. Apart from the free entry to museums and monuments, the card also grants unlimited access to Krakow’s public transport system, including buses and trams.

Offering various options for a 1-, 2-, or 3-day pass, the City Pass Krakow Card caters to the needs of different travellers.

Moreover, the card includes discounts at numerous restaurants and venues, thus enhancing the overall experience of exploring the enchanting city of Krakow.

Krakow Card Overview

Benefits and Features

The Krakow Card is a tourist city pass that offers a range of benefits for visitors to the city. Among its main attractions are free entry to over 36 museums and monuments in Krakow, allowing tourists to explore the rich history and cultural sites at their leisure.

Additionally, the card grants unlimited access to the city’s public transport system, including buses and trams, ensuring ease of travel throughout the city.

Alongside these fundamental benefits, the Krakow Card also provides cardholders with discounts at numerous restaurants and venues in the city, allowing for a more enjoyable and cost-effective experience during their stay.

City Pass Types and Prices

The Krakow Card is available in multiple pass types and durations to cater for different visitor needs.

Options include a 1-, 2-, or 3-day pass with varying prices to suit different trip durations and budgets.

The basic Krakow Card covers museum and gallery access, while the more comprehensive Tourist Card also includes unlimited use of Kraków’s public bus and tram system, and transport to and from the airport, as well as travel to the Wieliczka Salt Mine and back.

Pricing for the Krakow Card starts at 29 euros for a 24-hour pass, with the 48-hour pass priced at 45 euros.

The cards can be purchased from multiple outlets, including museums, tourist information offices, newsstands, and select partner stores, as well as online via GetYourGuide.

In conclusion, the Krakow Card provides an attractive and valuable solution for tourists looking to explore the city to its fullest, with a range of pass types and durations to accommodate different preferences and budgets.

Popular Attractions and Museums

Old Town Attractions

The Old Town of Krakow is a UNESCO World Heritage site and features numerous attractions and museums which can be visited with the City Pass Krakow Card. Read also UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Krakow

At the heart of the Old Town lies the Main Market Square, one of the largest medieval squares in Europe.

Main Market Square in Krakow

Nearby, you will find St. Mary’s Basilica, a stunning example of Gothic architecture, and Rynek Underground, a fascinating museum beneath the square.

Wawel Castle, another major attraction, showcases centuries of Polish history and houses several important museums.

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Kazimierz and Podgórze

Kazimierz, the historic Jewish Quarter, is home to several significant sites, including the Old Synagogue and several other synagogues, which now serve as museums chronicling the rich history of Jews in Poland.

Synagogues in Kazimierz

In Podgórze, you will find Oskar Schindler’s Factory, a museum dedicated to the story of Schindler and the lives he saved during World War II.

Nearby is the Eagle Pharmacy, another essential stop for those interested in Holocaust history.

Eagle Pharmacy Museum of Krakow

Nowa Huta and Other Districts

Nowa Huta, a district designed as an ideal Socialist city under Communist rule, offers visitors a different perspective on Krakow’s history.

Crazy Nowa Huta

With the City Pass Krakow Card, you can explore various sites such as the Central Square and the numerous churches and buildings inspired by Socialist architecture.

The City Pass Krakow Card also grants access to 37 museums throughout the city, ensuring that you can make the most of your visit to this historically-rich and culturally-diverse city.

Museums Included in the Krakow Card

Historical Museums

The Krakow Card offers guests free access to numerous historical museums in Krakow, allowing visitors to delve into the city’s rich past. Some of the notable historical museums include:

  • Schindler’s Factory: A museum dedicated to the life and work of Oskar Schindler, who saved over a thousand Jews during World War II
  • Old Synagogue: One of the oldest synagogues in Poland, now housing the Museum of Kraków’s Jewish history
  • Pharmacy Under the Eagle: A former pharmacy turned museum, which played a crucial role in assisting the Jewish population during the Nazi occupation
  • Ulica Pomorska: A museum located at the former Gestapo headquarters, revealing the dark history of Krakow under Nazi rule
  • Nowa Huta Museum: A museum showcasing the history of Nowa Huta, a district in Krakow built during the communist era

Art and Culture Museums

Krakow Card also provides access to various art and cultural institutions. Among them are galleries and museums with impressive collections, such as:

  • MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow): A museum showcasing contemporary art from both Polish and international artists
  • Czartoryski Museum: Hosts a prominent collection of European art, which includes Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Lady with an Ermine. Read also Lady with an Ermine: Surprising Facts You Never Knew About
  • 19th Century Polish Art Gallery: Featuring works by famous Polish painters, including Jan Matejko and Stanisław Wyspiański
  • Szołayski House: Part of the National Museum in Krakow, displaying 20th-century Polish art collections and temporary exhibitions

Specialised Museums

For those interested in exploring specific fields, the Krakow Card includes access to several specialised museums, such as:

  • Polish Aviation Museum: An extensive collection of historic aircraft, engines, and aviation artefacts. Read also Krakow: Polish Museum of Aviation Ticket
  • Stanisław Wyspiański Museum: Dedicated to the life and work of renowned Polish playwright, painter, and poet Stanisław Wyspiański
  • Jan Matejko House: A biographical museum commemorating the life and work of the famous Polish painter, Jan Matejko
  • Krzysztofory Palace: A museum displaying collections of decorative arts, crafts, and historical clocks
  • Józef Mehoffer House: A museum dedicated to the life and work of Polish painter and decorative artist Józef Mehoffer

With the Krakow Card, visitors can conveniently explore Krakow’s diverse range of museums and galleries, gaining insight into the city’s history, art, and culture.

Public Transport and Free Travel

Unlimited Public Transport

The City Pass Krakow Card offers unlimited access to the city’s public transport system. This includes buses, trams, and any other form of public transport within the city.

Cardholders can utilise the transport system without any additional cost, making it easy to explore the city without worrying about purchasing separate tickets or passes.

The Krakow Card City Pass is available for 1, 2, or 3 days, therefore offering flexibility for the length of your stay. Common durations include:

  • 1-day pass
  • 2-day pass
  • 3-day pass

Transport Network Coverage

The transport network covered by the Krakow Card City Pass is extensive, ensuring that all the major attractions within the city are easily accessible.

In addition to the city centre’s public transport, the pass also covers transportation services to and from the airport.

Moreover, the coverage extends to destinations on the outskirts of Krakow, such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This allows cardholders to explore not just the city itself, but also its surrounding areas and attractions. Read also Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Wieliczka FAQ

In summary, the City Pass Krakow Card provides an excellent option for tourists looking to make the most of their time in the city.

With unlimited access to public transport and extensive network coverage, visitors can easily explore all of Krakow’s major attractions and points of interest.

Purchasing and Using the Krakow Card

Official Website and Sales Points

The Krakow Card can be purchased at multiple sales points, including museums, tourist information offices, newsstands, and select partner stores. It can also be bought online from the official KrakowCard website.

Additionally, GetYourGuide offers the card for prices starting at 25 euros for a 24-hour pass.

Voucher Redemption

After purchasing the Krakow Card online, you’ll receive a voucher that must be printed out and redeemed at one of the three following locations:

  1. John Paul II International Airport: Visit the tourist information counter in the Arrivals Hall. Open from 9am to 7pm.
  2. 30 Floriańska Street: Tourist Information Point
  3. 25 Grodzka Street: Visitor Centre

Card Cancellation and Refunds

In case of card cancellation, the terms and conditions of the official KrakowCard website must be followed.

Refunds may be subject to specific conditions and time limits. For more details, check the official website’s refund and cancellation policy.

Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide offers the City Pass Krakow Card with various duration options, such as 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day passes.

By purchasing through GetYourGuide, tourists can access 37 museums and monuments in Krakow, along with free travel on the city’s public transport system. Some notable sites include St. Mary’s Basilica and the Oscar Schindler Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price?

The price of the City Pass Krakow Card varies depending on the duration of the card. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-day options available, with prices typically increasing for longer durations.

Can I buy online?

Yes, you can purchase the City Pass Krakow Card online through the official website. Alternatively, you can also buy it once you arrive in Kraków at the various Tourism Information Offices.

Any discounts available?

Discounts may be available for children, students, and seniors, but it is advisable to check the official website or contact the Tourism Information Offices for the most up-to-date information on discounts.

What’s included?

The City Pass Krakow Card provides free access to over 37 museums and unlimited rides on the city’s public transport. Some popular sites include a traditional bourgeois house and St. Mary’s Basilica.

Is it worth it?

The Kraków Tourist Card is worthwhile if you plan to visit the city’s main tourist attractions and use public transport during your stay. It offers convenience and may save you money, depending on your itinerary – if it is one, two, three or four day Krakow visit.

Does it cover transport?

Yes, the City Pass Krakow Card covers unlimited rides on the city’s public transport, making it easy for you to explore Kraków.


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