How To Deal With An Emergency In Kraków

Emergency in Kraków: A Traveler's Guide to Handling Any Crisis

When travelling to Kraków, being prepared for any potential emergency is crucial. This picturesque city, with its rich cultural heritage and great street life, is generally safe, but as with any international destination, unforeseeable situations can arise.

Should you find yourself in need of emergency services, dial 112 from a mobile phone to reach integrated emergency assistance. This number grants you access to ambulance, police, or fire services, ensuring help is coordinated swiftly.

How To Deal With An Emergency In Kraków

It’s advisable to have adequate travel insurance before your visit to Poland to cover any unexpected medical expenses.

In the event of a medical emergency, transport to the hospital is available and, depending on your health insurance, costs may be covered.

Remember, while Kraków’s emergency services are reliable, having insurance not only gives you peace of mind but also guards against incurring significant out-of-pocket costs for medical care or emergency transport.

Preparing for Your Trip

Prior to your visit to Kraków, it’s essential to prepare for unexpected events.

Ensuring you have the appropriate travel insurance and a list of emergency contacts at hand can make dealing with unforeseen situations much less stressful.

Travel insurance for emergency in Krakow

Travel Insurance and Health Precautions

Travel Insurance: Before travelling to Kraków, obtaining comprehensive travel insurance is advisable. Look for policies that offer flexible solutions, so you can claim online from anywhere. Check if your policy covers health care needs, theft, and trip cancellations.

Health Insurance: If you’re a tourist coming from within the EU, carry your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes free.

Tourists from outside the EU should ensure their travel insurance includes medical expenses to avoid hefty charges from private facilities.

Health Precautions: Keep a note of any allergies or existing medical conditions and carry any necessary prescriptions.

Remember an umbrella or appropriate rainwear, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Very bad weather in Krakow and raining

Creating an Emergency Contact List

Build an emergency contact list before you leave. This should include:

  • Local Emergency Services: The universal emergency number in Poland is 112.
  • Nearest Hospital: Note down the address and phone number of the University Hospital in Kraków and other nearby medical facilities.
  • Local Police: Keep the address and contact number for the nearest police station.
  • Your Embassy: If you’re from the UK, know the location and contact details of the British Embassy in case of passport loss or other legal matters.

Packing Essentials for Kraków

When preparing your packing list for Kraków, consider the season and pack accordingly. Always bring identification, such as your passport or a form of ID, which is necessary for hotel check-ins or if requested by the police. Here are some essentials to pack:

  • Personal Hygiene Items: Stock up on travel-sized toiletries to maintain good hygiene.
  • Safety Items: Pack a basic first aid kit.
  • Electronics: Bring a converter for European plugs and ensure your phone is ready to use.
Category Items to Pack
Clothing Season-appropriate clothing, walking shoes, umbrella
Travel Documentation Passport, travel insurance documents, visa if required for non-EU citizens
Health Personal medication, first aid kit, EHIC for EU citizens

This targeted approach to planning will help you stay safe and enjoy a stress-free trip to Kraków.

Packing Essentials for Kraków

Understanding Local Emergency Services

In Kraków, it’s essential that you know how to quickly reach emergency services such as ambulance, police, and fire departments and locate healthcare facilities in case of an emergency.

Contact Details for Ambulance, Police, and Fire Services

When you need immediate assistance from emergency services, here are the details you should have at hand:

  • Ambulance: For medical emergencies, dial 112 from a mobile phone.
  • Police: To contact the police directly, use the emergency number 112.
  • Fire Services: In the event of a fire, call 112 to reach the fire brigade.

It’s noteworthy that once connected to the emergency number 112, you’ll have the option to select the specific service you require.

Emergency ambulance call in Krakow

Locating Nearest Hospitals and Pharmacies

Knowing the location of the closest hospital and pharmacy is crucial during a health-related emergency:

  • Hospitals: Narutowicz Hospital at ul. Prądnicka 35/37 is approximately a 20-minute drive north from Kraków’s Old Town and operates an emergency room.
    Hospital Name Address Emergency Room (Yes/No)
    Narutowicz Hospital ul. Prądnicka 35/37 Yes
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies (in Plish language – ‘apteka’) can provide medical aid and advice for minor issues. They are widespread, and many operate 24/7. Look for the green cross sign, which indicates a pharmacy.

Remember that in dire situations, contacting emergency medical services at 112 should always be your first course of action. They can provide immediate assistance and, if necessary, guide you to the most appropriate healthcare facility.

Immediate Actions in an Emergency

Immediate Actions in an Emergency in Krakow

When confronted with an emergency in Kraków, your priority is ensuring safety and securing help. Respond rapidly and deliberately to protect yourself and others.

Assessing the Situation and Ensuring Personal Safety

Firstly, remain calm and assess your immediate surroundings for any dangers such as fire or structural damages. Prioritise your personal safety above all else. If you’re inside a building and need to evacuate, check for secure exit routes. If outside, steer clear of any unstable structures or ongoing dangers.

Contacting Emergency Services

In the event of a medical emergency, call the ambulance on 112, the standard emergency number for medical assistance, police, or fire department services in Poland.

If necessary, head to the nearest hospital; as sited, there is a University Hospital at ul. Kopernika 50, roughly a 15-minute walk east from the Old Town.

Police in Krakow

Seeking Help from Bystanders and Authorities

Don’t hesitate to request immediate aid from onlookers or authorities nearby. They can assist you while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

It’s also advisable to signal to others for help if you cannot move or are injured. Make your location and the nature of the emergency clear so that you can receive the appropriate assistance swiftly.

Safe Travel in Kraków

When visiting Kraków, it’s essential to navigate the city responsibly and stay alert to minimise the risk of scams which are albeit rare, especially in tourist-heavy areas like the Old Town.

Krakow Old Town safe place

Navigating the City Responsibly

To get around Kraków safely, familiarise yourself with a Kraków map. Always use authorised transportation services and be mindful of pedestrian zones in the Old Town where traffic is restricted.

Utilise public transport effectively — trams and buses are reliable and cover most areas of the city.

  • Trams & Buses: Check schedules and routes in advance.
  • Taxis: Verify they’re legitimate, look for a visible meter and company markings.
  • Bike Rentals: Great for short distances in good weather.

For added convenience, make use of the plentiful public toilets which can be found in major tourist spots and are typically safe and clean.

Understanding Crime Rates and Avoiding Scams

Kraków is known for being a safe city with a low crime rate. Tourists can explore with confidence but should remain vigilant of their surroundings to avoid becoming targets of opportunity.

  • Scams: Be cautious of unlicensed street sellers and unusually cheap offers.
  • Personal Belongings: Keep your valuables secure and within sight.
  • Night Time: Stick to well-lit and populated areas if traveling late.

Remember, if an emergency does arise, the number to dial is 112 from any mobile phone.

In Case of Health Issues

Fire emergency in Krakow

In Kraków, you have access to a comprehensive healthcare system, whether you require a routine consultation or urgent medical care. It’s important to note that holding health insurance is crucial, as it eases the process of dealing with healthcare expenses.

Finding Doctors and Scheduling Consultations

When you need to see a doctor, first determine if it’s a general practitioner or a specialist that’s required for your condition. To schedule a consultation:

  • Private Clinics: Many private clinics have English-speaking staff to assist foreign visitors. You can book an appointment either online or by phone.
  • Public Healthcare: If you are a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) holder, you’re entitled to use the Polish public healthcare services at reduced costs or sometimes free of charge.

Remember, it’s essential to confirm your health insurance coverage before booking your consultation to avoid unexpected medical bills.

Handling Minor Ailments with Local Resources

For non-critical healthcare needs, Kraków offers numerous resources:

  • Pharmacies: A 24-hour pharmacy is available at ul. Karmelicka 33. For minor ailments, pharmacists can provide advice and over-the-counter medication.
  • Health Advice: For travel-related health advice, consult the official Poland travel advice platforms or your embassy.

Always carry your identification and insurance information with you to expedite service in case you need to visit a healthcare provider.

Communication During Crisis

Effective communication is crucial during an emergency in Kraków. You need reliable ways to receive updates and reach out for help if necessary.

Utilising Mobile Phones and Internet Access

In the event of a crisis, your mobile phone is your lifeline to emergency services and information.

Ensure you have a SIM card that works in Kraków to avoid any connectivity issues. If you’re an international visitor, consider purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival for uninterrupted access.

Public Wi-Fi can be useful, but also be mindful of its risks and maintain cyber safety.

Mobile Internet Access:

  • Purchase a local SIM card for reliable service.
  • Use mobile data over public Wi-Fi when security is a concern.

In addition, various mobile applications and social media platforms can keep you integrated into the community and aware of any emergencies. Local news apps or international news outlets with Polish services can provide notifications directly to your phone.

Leveraging Consulates and Embassies

In Kraków, your country’s embassy or consulate can be a significant asset during emergencies. They offer assistance and information specific to your needs as a foreign national.

Embassy Services:

  • Registration: Notify your embassy of your presence in Kraków for updates.
  • Emergency Support: They can assist in emergencies, including legal issues or lost passports.

If you’re in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out to your embassy. They have protocols in place to aid their citizens and can act as a bridge between you and local services.

Handling Lost or Stolen Belongings

When you experience the loss or theft of belongings in Kraków, it’s essential to act promptly to report the incident to the local authorities and seek emergency replacements or temporary solutions for essential items like passports and IDs.

Reporting to Local Authorities

If your belongings are lost or stolen, your immediate step is to report the incident to the Polish police. Utilise the emergency number 112 to get in touch with the police, or for English-speaking assistance, dial +48 608 599 999 or +48 22 278 77 77. It’s important to provide a detailed description of your lost items, including any serial numbers or identifying marks.

Lost Passports or IDs:

  • Contact your embassy: If your passport or ID is stolen, get in touch with your country’s embassy or consulate in Poland as soon as possible. They will guide you through the process of obtaining an emergency travel document.
  • Documentation: Keep a photocopy or digital copy of your passport and ID on your person or in your email, as this can help streamline the reporting process.

Essential Contacts Table:

Service Contact Number
Police (General Emergency) 112
English-speaking police assistance +48 608 599 999 / +48 22 278 77 77
Your Embassy/Consulate

Emergency Replacements and Temporary Solutions

In situations where you need immediate essentials due to lost or stolen belongings, knowing what to do can significantly alleviate your stress.

Travel Insurance:

  • Reach out to your insurer: If you have travel insurance, inform your provider immediately. Keep relevant information like policy numbers readily available to expedite the claim process. Travel insurance may cover the costs for emergency replacements or reimbursements.


  • Contact airlines for lost luggage: If your luggage is lost during air travel, reach out to the airline’s customer service or lost and found department. Most airlines have protocols to assist passengers in locating and recovering lost baggage.

Always have the contact information for your travel insurance provider and the customer service details of any airlines you’re using stored in a secure, accessible place.

Travel Adjustments and Contingencies

Changing of plans for travelling to Krakow

When travelling, it’s crucial to be prepared for the unexpected, particularly with accommodations and flights. Your experience can remain stress-free by understanding how to adjust your plans efficiently and respond to any hiccups along the way.

Modifying Accommodation and Transportation Plans

If you need to change your accommodation in Kraków, many hotels offer flexible booking options.

Websites like provide filters to find hotels with free cancellation, allowing you to modify your reservation without penalty up to a certain date. Keep this flexibility in mind when booking, as it can be a lifesaver if your plans change unexpectedly.

For airport transfers, consider pre-arranging your transport to and from Kraków Airport. Services like private transfers, taxis, and the dedicated train service are reliable options.

It’s advisable to look for services that offer flexibility in case of schedule changes, especially if you’re travelling during peak seasons or holidays when transportation can be busier than usual.

Dealing with Flight Delays or Cancellations

In the event of flight delays or cancellations, familiarise yourself with your airline’s policies. Most airlines operating from Kraków Airport will have contingency plans for such situations and may offer to rebook you on the next available flight.

It’s also sensible to subscribe to flight status updates from your airline or the airport to receive real-time information.

Being promptly informed can grant you a head start in making alternative arrangements if necessary. If you’re enrolled in any frequent flyer programs, these may offer additional support or rebooking options, so remember to check what services are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of an emergency in Kraków, it is crucial to know the appropriate steps to secure help quickly and efficiently. The following information will guide you on handling medical crises, reaching urgent care, and ensuring personal safety.

What steps should one take in a medical crisis at night in Kraków?

If you find yourself in a medical emergency at night in Kraków, immediately dial 112 from your mobile phone to reach emergency services.

Where can urgent medical care be accessed in Kraków?

For urgent medical care, Kraków has several hospitals and clinics with accident and emergency units. You can visit the nearest hospital or call 999 for an ambulance which is the direct number for medical emergencies.

How can one reach the local police in Kraków for immediate assistance?

To reach the local police for immediate assistance in Kraków, dial 997 from any phone. This is the direct line to the police, who will respond to the emergency you are facing.

Which safety precautions are advisable when exploring Kraków?

When exploring Kraków, keep valuation possessions out of sight and remain vigilant, especially in crowded areas, to protect against pickpocketing. Always be aware of local customs and follow them respectfully.

Are there specific areas in Kraków that should be avoided for safety reasons?

Generally, Kraków is a safe city, but like any major city, it’s wise to stay cautious after dark. Avoid dimly lit streets and less-travelled neighbourhoods at night, and always stay in well-populated and well-lit areas.

Is it considered safe to walk alone in Kraków during the evening hours?

Walking alone in Kraków during the evening hours is considered safe, especially within the main city areas and tourist routes. However, always remain aware of your surroundings and stick to well-lit, busy streets for personal safety.


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