Krakow Museum Tickets

Unlock the Past: Your Guide to Krakow Museum Tickets

When planning a visit to Krakow, you’ll be enticed by the wealth of history and culture encapsulated within its numerous museums. Krakow offers a variety of museum experiences, from the underground trails of the Rynek Underground to the historical collections housed within the grandiose walls of the National Museum.

Each museum in Krakow has its own story to tell, and visiting them is a straightforward affair with tickets available for purchase at box offices or, for some exhibitions, online for visitor convenience.

To simplify your cultural exploration, the KrakowCard serves as an advantageous option, providing you with access to nearly 40 museums and galleries throughout the city.

Along with museum entry, the card includes unlimited use of the Kraków public transport system, which can be particularly beneficial if your itinerary includes sites like the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Krakow Museum Tickets

Before heading out, it’s wise to check individual museum websites for up-to-date information on opening times, ticket prices, and any special events or exhibitions that might be on during your visit.

Navigating Krakow’s museums is a testament to the city’s rich tapestry of history and modernity intertwined. Whether you’re delving into the Old Synagogue’s storied past or exploring contemporary exhibits in Krakow’s heritage sites, the city’s museums cater to a broad spectrum of interests and inquiries.

By planning ahead and making informed choices about which passes to purchase, your journey through Krakow’s museums can be both enriching and efficient.

Overview of Krakow Museums

When you visit Krakow, you are stepping into a city that celebrates a rich tapestry of history, culture, and art through its numerous museums. Each museum in Krakow offers a unique glimpse into different facets of Poland’s heritage and contemporary life.

Notable Krakow Museums and Their Highlights:

  • Krzysztofory Palace: Experience the historic interiors and learn about Krakow’s urban development.
  • Town Hall Tower: Centrally located, it provides an intimate exhibition space with a focus on Krakow’s municipal history.
  • Old Synagogue: As one of the oldest surviving Jewish religious buildings in Poland, it offers insights into the history and culture of Krakow’s Jewish community.

Accessibility to Museums: The convenience of visiting these institutions is facilitated by the KrakowCard, which grants you access to nearly 40 museums. This pass may include additional perks, such as unlimited use of the city’s public transport network.

Finding Museum Information: For up-to-date information on exhibitions and opening hours, you can consult various InfoKraków centres across the city. These hubs serve as your guide to navigating Krakow’s museum landscape. Here, you can also obtain the KrakowCard.

InfoKraków locations:

  • ul. św. Jana 2
  • ul. Szpitalna 25
  • ul. Józefa 7
  • ul. Powiśle 11
  • Os. Zgody 7

By exploring these cultural landmarks, you’ll not just see exhibitions; you’ll immerse yourself in stories and artefacts that encapsulate the spirit of Krakow. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a history enthusiast, Krakow’s museums offer an array of captivating displays that promise to enrich your understanding of this historic city.

Types of Krakow Museum Exhibitions

Tickets to Krakow Museums

When you visit museums in Krakow, you have the opportunity to explore a mix of both permanent and temporary exhibitions that showcase a variety of art and historical artefacts.

Recommended Krakow Activities:

Tickets to Krakow Museums

Permanent Exhibitions in Krakow museums

Permanent exhibitions are the cornerstone of Krakow museums, where you can immerse yourself in continuous displays.

For instance, Museum of Krakow offers a unique glimpse into the local history and culture with permanent exhibitions such as “Krakow from the beginning, to no end” at the Krzysztofory Palace and historical showcases at the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory and the Eagle Pharmacy.

These venues provide an invaluable opportunity to see artefacts and art that are integral to the heritage of Krakow.

  • Krzysztofory Palace: “In the Shadow of Krak’s Mound”
  • Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory: A historical timeline of Oskar Schindler’s work during WWII.
  • Eagle Pharmacy: Heroic tales of Tadeusz Pankiewicz and the Krakow Ghetto.

Temporary Exhibitions

National museum in Krakow

In addition to the ongoing displays, temporary exhibitions grant you a chance to view special collections and cutting-edge art that are only available for limited times.

These exhibitions may include travelling collections from around the world or special thematic shows curated by the museums.

The dynamic nature of these exhibitions means that there is always something new and exciting waiting for your discovery on each visit.

  • Museum of Krakow: Check their official website for the latest temporary exhibitions before planning your visit.
  • National Museum in Krakow: Hosts a range of temporary art exhibitions, often featuring 19th and 20th-century Polish design and modern art.

Krakow Popular Museums and Galleries

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK

Krakow boasts an array of prestigious museums and galleries, from the historical collections housed within the National Museum to the contemporary exhibits at MOCAK. Each venue offers a unique glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Krakow.

National Museum

National Museum in Kraków

The National Museum in Krakow (MNK) is the main branch of Poland’s national museum system.

You’ll find permanent exhibitions that showcase a wide range of Polish art, with the main building located at al. 3 Maja 1. It’s known for housing the famous painting ‘Lady with an Ermine’ by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Lady with an Ermine at the Czartoryski Museum

Czartoryski Museum

At the Czartoryski Museum, you can admire a collection that includes European paintings, among which stands out another masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Landscape with the Good Samaritan’. This museum is a part of the National Museum.

Schindler’s Factory

Oskar Schindler Factory Entrance

Oskar Schindler’s Factory, which has been turned into a museum, offers a poignant look at the Nazi occupation of Krakow during World War II. Located in the former administrative building of the enamel factory, the museum critically tells the story of Krakow and its inhabitants during the war.


MOCAK stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, situated near Schindler’s Factory in the Zabłocie district. It highlights contemporary artistic endeavours, with thought-provoking exhibitions and works by Polish and international artists providing a modern contrast to the historical venues of the city.

Wawel Royal Castle

Wawel castle tour in Krakow

Perched on Wawel Hill, Wawel Royal Castle is a historical and architectural gem. As a former royal residence, it’s now a museum where you can explore royal chambers, the Crown Treasury and Armoury, and the Lost Wawel exhibition, among others.

The Old Synagogue

Old Synagogue in Krakow

In the heart of Kazimierz, the city’s historic Jewish quarter, stands The Old Synagogue, an important site of Jewish culture and heritage.

As the oldest synagogue in Poland and one of the oldest surviving in Europe, it now serves as a museum detailing the history of Krakow’s Jews.

The Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum in Kazimierz

The Ethnographic Museum of Krakow is located in Kazimierz and showcases Polish folk culture.

You can discover traditional costumes, crafts, and customs, giving you insights into the rural life of Poland outside the urban narratives commonly presented in other museums.

These venues may offer special ticket deals or free admission on certain days, so it’s wise to check their individual websites for the most up-to-date information regarding opening hours and ticket prices.

Historical Sites Worth Visiting in Krakow

Krakow boasts a rich history with numerous sites that allow you to immerse yourself into the city’s storied past. These historical sites offer a glimpse into Poland’s cultural heritage and architectural grandeur.

Wawel Hill

Wawel Castle and gardens

Wawel Hill is the crown jewel of Krakow’s historical landmarks, featuring the prestigious Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral. Your visit here transports you through Poland’s monarchic and artistic history, with the castle’s stately rooms and chapels showcasing centuries of royal artefacts and architectural evolution.

  • Opening Hours: Regular hours vary seasonally; check in advance.
  • Wawel Castle Ticket Prices: Varies by exhibition; some areas free on selected days.

Town Hall Tower

Town Hall Tower in Krakow

Standing proudly in Main Market Square, the Town Hall Tower is one of the few remaining parts of the old Krakow Town Hall. Climbing the tower, you encounter not only a remarkable Gothic structure but also panoramic views of the city.

  • Opening Hours: Typically 10:30 am – 6:00 pm; may differ seasonally.
  • Ticket Prices: Moderate; discounts available for students and seniors.

The Barbican

Barbakan in Krakow

This fortified outpost is a prime example of medieval military construction. The Barbican, with its imposing walls and strategic position, played a pivotal role in the defence of Krakow and now serves as a tangible connection to the city’s martial heritage.

  • Opening Hours: 10:30 am – 6:00 pm (hours can vary; check before visiting).
  • Ticket Prices: Low to moderate; combination tickets with other sites available.

Kopiec Kościuszko

Amazing Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow

Kopiec Kościuszko is a monumental mound dedicated to the Polish and American military hero Tadeusz Kościuszko. Ascending the mound offers both historical context and sweeping views of the city and its surroundings.

  • Opening Hours: Daylight hours; best visited in clear weather for views.
  • Ticket Prices: Generally low; often included in city sightseeing passes.

Kościuszko Mound tour

Krakow Museums Admission Informations

As you plan your visit to the museums of Krakow, you’ll find a range of ticket options and important visiting details. Here’s what you need to know about ticket prices, free admission days, last admission times, and opening hours to enhance your experience.

Ticket Prices

Tickets prices vary depending on each museum.

Free Admission Days

  • The National Museum in Krakow (NMK) grants free entry to its permanent exhibitions on Tuesdays.

Last Admission Times

To ensure you have ample time to enjoy the exhibits, it’s crucial to take note of the last admission times which are usually one hour before closing. Check with the individual museum as times may vary.

Opening Hours

Museums in Krakow typically operate from morning until the evening. Expect variations per museum and possibly different hours during holidays or special events. Always verify the opening hours on the museum’s official website before your visit.

  • Closed Days: Museums may be closed on specific public holidays and select days for maintenance or special events. It is advisable to check any such closed days in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Planning Your Visit to Krakow Museums

Before planning your visit to Krakow’s museums, take note of the optimal visiting times, discounted tickets for children and families, as well as group concessions to ensure a fulfilling experience.

Best Times to Visit

Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow

To make the most of your time in Krakow, visit Wawel Castle early in the morning as tickets are limited and tend to sell out quickly on busy days.

Museums such as Rynek Underground and the Old Synagogue are popular and can get crowded, so timing your visit can enhance your experience.

Krakow Rynek Underground Museum

Children and Family Tickets

When visiting Krakow with children, you’ll find that many museums offer discounted or free entry for young visitors. For instance, children under 7 years old are often granted free admission.

Family tickets can also provide savings, so be sure to inquire about these options when purchasing your tickets.

Group Concessions

Discounted rates are commonly available for groups, making educational trips or large party visits more affordable. If you’re a school group leader or organising a group tour, contact the museum in advance to discuss concessionary rates for your group.

Some museums also offer guided tours, which can be tailored for school groups to provide a more educational experience.

Krakow Museums Special Offers and Passes

Krakow museums special Tickets In Krakow, you have the advantage of leveraging special offers such as the KrakowCard and various city passes, which provide comprehensive access to cultural sites and public transport. Vouchers may also be available to enhance your museum-visiting experience.


The KrakowCard is your gateway to a vast array of Krakow’s museums, offering passes for 1, 2, or 3 days. It allows you free admission to nearly 40 museums and galleries, as well as unlimited travel on buses and trams throughout the city. Prices may fluctuate, but convenience and savings are significant with this card.

  • 1-Day Pass: Ideal for a quick tour
  • 2-Day Pass: Allows for a more relaxed exploration
  • 3-Day Pass: Best for an in-depth experience

City Passes

City passes go beyond museums, potentially bundling transportation and additional attractions. For a 48-hour pass, you might find a noticeable price difference when utilising public transport, possibly up to 40 zł. You can easily purchase these passes online or at local tourist information offices upon arrival.

  • 48-Hour Option: Covers most short-term needs
  • Longer Options: Could be available for more extensive stays


Vouchers can provide discounted or free entry to individual attractions. They might be found for special exhibitions or during particular promotions, offering a great way to save money on specific interests. It’s worth checking online resources or inquiring at tourist information centres for the latest deals.

  • Special Exhibitions: Tailored discounts
  • Promotions: Seasonal or event-based savings

Check also:

Krakow Museums Accessibility and Transportation

Your experience in Krakow can be greatly enhanced with convenient transportation options and accessible facilities at the museums.

Public Transport Options

Krakow offers an efficient public transport system comprising buses and trams to facilitate your visit to the city’s museums. If you opt for the KrakowCard, you gain unlimited travel on these services, making it easy to reach the various cultural sites.

  • Buses: Extensive coverage throughout the city, including connections to major museums.
  • Trams: Offer a frequent service, ideal for quick journeys between central locations.

For specific routes and schedules, it’s advisable to check the latest information on the Krakow public transport website or use their mobile app for real-time updates.

Localisation and Directions

Museums in Krakow are well-distributed across the city, with many concentrated in the central area.

Guided Tours

Guided tours are offered at many Krakow museums and can significantly enrich your visit. You typically have the option to book tours in advance, often with free cancellation up to a certain point before the tour start time.

Reservations for guided tours can sometimes be made online, and choosing to engage a guide can offer you deeper insights into exhibits.

Audio Guides

If you prefer a self-led tour, many museums in Krakow offer audio guides. These guides can provide you with detailed commentary at your own pace and are available in multiple languages. Audio guides are convenient to use and are usually available for a rental fee at the museum entrance. Read also Krakow: Wawel Hill Audioguide Tour

Contact Information

For any questions or to arrange your visit, you can contact museum services directly. Most museums in Krakow have dedicated Contact Us sections on their websites, where you’ll find phone numbers, email addresses, and sometimes a live chat service.

Keep this contact information handy in case you need to alter your plans or require additional assistance.


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