Cheapest Auschwitz tour

Save money with Cheapest Auschwitz tour

While staying in Krakow many tourists want to visit Auschwitz Birkenau museum. Which is considered as one of most important museum in this part of Poland. World War II was really difficult time for most of World nations in past century.

Poland was the country with 17 percent of killed citizens – which was biggest percentage among all causalities by country. Tourists want to visit this museum, many of them demands to get cheapest Auschwitz tour. We will give you some hints what to book.

German Nazi created big number of work and death camps in Europe. Many people were transported from temporal camps from different European countries to Auschwitz Birkenau Camp located nowadays in Poland.

Cheapest Auschwitz tour auschwitz concentration camp Arbeit macht frei

Cheap Auschwitz Tour

Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial museum is visited by more then 2 millions of tourists each year. Before arriving tourists asks how to get to museum easily or cheaply.

Save money with Cheapest Auschwitz tour

Museums have daily limit of tourists which can enter complex. So its advised to prebook tours few days before arrival. Museum provide sightseeing tours in various languages, Polish and English tours are most common.

If you planning to join Italian, Spanish, German or other language cheapest Auschwitz tours please be sure you prebook you tour at least week before.

This tour to Auschwitz from UK is option which many British tourists buy weeks before. You can buy tour Auschwitz online. There are various of options of tours which you can book for Auschwitz Museum

Book cheap Auschwitz tour online

Auschwitz Guided Tours

Most popular group of Tours are that ones led by tours pilot, which will assist you, and in Auschwitz and Birkenau camps you will have live guided tour in group with selected language of you. Also you need to start your tour from location set by tour operator. This option characterise with medium range price. 

We highly recommend this option, medium range price and good service is provide in this package. This tour to Auschwitz from Krakow is most popular among visitors. Prices of this package are around 20-50 Euro.

Cheap private Guided Tours to Auschwitz

Less popular tour, for people who prefer to have own private guide, its custom made for tourists who expect more then usual. Prices of this tour are considered as expensive. With prices goes value of product.

Private tour to Auschwitz from Krakow can be perfect solution for those one who do not like crowded tourist groups.

Where you have provided private transportation and private guide only for you. Prices of this package are around 30-90 Euro.

Guided Tours with pick up from hotel

Classic guided tours in Auschwitz and Birkenau with guide in groups up to 40 people. This option is tailor made for customers who prefer to be picked up from hotel door.

This option is higher range price. Prices of this package are around 45-65 Euro

Cheapest Auschwitz Tour – Only Transportation

Tour operator provide transportation from meeting point in Krakow, and on why back comeback to same location. Also you will get paper guide book, and in museum you can do tour on your own without live guide.

This option is cheapest Auschwitz tour which is possible to book in Krakow. Prices of this package are around 20-30 Euro.

Auschwitz and Salt Mines Tour in one day

Its another popular tour which you can book in Krakow. Where in 5-6 hours you will visit Auschwitz and Birkenau Museum, and after you will take part in guided tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow. Total duration of this mix tour is around 10-11 hours.

This is full day tour, which allow you to discover most important history of this region. This option is available as early morning tour to Auschwitz and Salt Mines, because it take almost 11 hours to do this tour, be prepare to weak up early to start a tour on time.

Its always better to book your tour few days before. On Get your Guide you can get discounts, and really good offer if you book before. On same day its almost impossible to book a tour.

Duration of tours is between 6-8 hours and pick up place deepening of package which you bought.

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Cheapest Auschwitz tour tips

Most of the tours can be purchased online or at tourism offices. However, please be aware that upon your arrival in Krakow, if you visit the local tour offices, there is a possibility that all tickets may be sold out due to the high season. It is recommended to buy Auschwitz tour tickets at least one week in advance.

Krakow is well connected by busses and railway with other major cities, and if are in different city is not a problem to book a tour to Auschwitz from Warsaw. Just check article how to travel from Warsaw to Krakow.

Auschwitz Birkenau Complex is Museum, but be aware that you are going to visit concentration and extermination camp where many people were executed.

The museum has no official dress code, however your clothes should be appropriate to the nature of the place you visit. Any provocative and very tight outfit will definitely be considered inappropriate.

Avoid bikinis, low cut necklines, short skirts and mini dresses, clothes with offensive and vulgar prints.

Always try to be 10-15 minutes before time in meeting point, because there could be many busses from different companies. And be sure you know name of company and you have phone number to tour operator if you get lost.

Duration of tours varies from 5-8 hours. Depending on meeting point or private pick up or if tour include lunch break between visiting second part of Museum.

Cheap Auschwitz tour from other cities

If you are on holiday in Central Europe it’s possible to do a tour to Auschwitz from Berlin or a tour to Auschwitz from Prague. From Prague to Krakow by train or bus its just 7 hours of travelling. From Berlin to Krakow by bus it takes 8 hours, and by train 9 hours.

Tours related to Auschwitz-Birkenau

War World II history is still visible in daily life in Krakow, it’s why we recommend tours related to Jewish history in land of Poland. One of important places to visit is Oscar Schindler Factory Museum – where you discover how many Jews were saved by Oscar Schindler.

Also you should visit Jewish Quarter – place where Jewish life and culture was for hundred of years. And also Square of Ghetto Heroes in Podgórze district.

And how do you think which option of tour to Auschwitz is better? Share your opinions in the comments about what happened to you in Krakow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable guided tour to Auschwitz?

The most affordable guided tour to Auschwitz is typically a 3.5-hour tour that covers both Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau camps. The price includes a guide-educator, a headset rental, and shuttle transfer between the two sites. To find the best prices, compare various tour providers and book well in advance, as guided tours should typically be reserved at least two months before your planned visit.

How can I find the cheapest day trip from Krakow to Auschwitz?

To find the cheapest day trip from Krakow to Auschwitz, you’ll want to explore multiple tour providers and compare their prices. Websites like GetYourGuide offer a selection of affordable guided tours to Auschwitz from Krakow, with transportation included. Alternatively, you can consider taking public transportation to reduce costs and join a guided tour on site.

Which tour companies offer budget-friendly Auschwitz trips?

Some tour companies that offer budget-friendly Auschwitz trips include GetYourGuide. Search for their offerings and reviews and compare prices and availability to find the best option suitable for your needs.

Are there any low-cost guided tours available from Katowice to Auschwitz?

Low-cost guided tours from Katowice to Auschwitz are available, but they might be less frequent than those from Krakow. Check with tour providers that offer services from Katowice and compare their prices to find a budget-friendly option.

Is it cheaper to book an Auschwitz tour in Krakow or online?

Booking an Auschwitz tour online or in Krakow can vary in prices. While booking online may offer the convenience of planning ahead, you may find last-minute deals or discounts from local tour operators in Krakow. Compare the prices from online sources and consider asking for recommendations once you arrive in Krakow.

What is the most cost-effective way to explore Auschwitz with a guide?

The most cost-effective way to explore Auschwitz with a guide is by joining a group tour, which typically includes a guide-educator, headset rental, and transfer between the two camps. You can save on transportation costs by using public transportation to reach the site rather than opting for a private transfer.

Additionally, booking your guided tour in advance can help you secure the best prices and availability.


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