Things to do in Krakow at Night

Best things to do in Krakow at night

City of Krakow, truly comes alive once the sun sets. With everything from lively pubs to unique games bars, there’s no shortage of exciting nightlife options for you to explore. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best things to do in Krakow at night, ensuring you have a memorable experience in this beautiful city.

Begin your nocturnal adventure in Krakow’s Old Town, where a mix of historic charm and modern entertainment awaits. Here, tucked away in intriguing basement bars and breezy beer gardens, you’ll find an array of drinks, music, and atmosphere ideal for every taste.

Things to do in Krakow at Night

If you fancy something more laid-back, venture over to Kazimierz, which offers equally thrilling nightlife choices, often paired with captivating stories from the past.

Pub crawls, games bars and even special events are perfect ways to mingle with new people whilst experiencing Krakow’s dynamic nightlife scene.

Whether you’re visiting for a weekend getaway or an extended trip, Krakow will have you falling in love with its nocturnal charms, making for an unforgettable journey through one of Europe’s most enchanting cities.

Exploring Nightlife of Krakow

Krakow, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, boasts an exciting nightlife. Located in Poland, along the Vistula River.

Girls out night in Krakow

The city has various districts that offer unique and diverse nightlife experiences. In this guide, we will focus on three main areas: Kazimierz, Main Square, and Podgórze.


Kazimierz, a district situated about a 15-minute walk from the Old Town, offers a more relaxed nightlife atmosphere compared to other districts. The area is characterised by dimly-lit cocktail bars and an overall calmer crowd.

As you stroll through the streets, don’t be surprised to find DJs spinning tunes and plenty of pubs and beer gardens where you can enjoy a refreshing drink.


Best dancing clubs in Krakow

In Kazimierz, you can have a more laid-back experience while still enjoying the vibrant energy that Krakow nightlife has to offer.

Main Square

Main Square, located in the heart of Krakow’s historic Old Town district, is known for its bustling night scene. The square and its surrounding areas are filled with a variety of venues, from nightclubs and sports bars to English and Irish pubs.

You can start your night at Szpitalna 1, a popular club that features local and international DJs. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, check out the numerous beer gardens and shot bars that line the streets.

Krakow Crazy Bachelor party

The Main Square guarantees a lively experience, and you’ll find plenty of entertainment options to choose from.


Finally, the Podgórze district offers a unique nightlife experience by the Vistula River. This area is perfect for those who want to explore a different side of Krakow with a more local vibe.

Getting to Podgórze is easy – you can hop on a bus or train to reach the district. Once there, you’ll find a collection of intimate bars, live music venues, and cosy pubs that cater to a variety of tastes.

Enjoy the views of the river as you sip on your favourite drinks and immerse yourself in the distinctive atmosphere of Podgórze.

The nightlife options in Krakow are truly diverse, allowing you to tailor your evening to your preferences. These three districts – Kazimierz, Main Square, and Podgórze – cater to different experiences, from relaxed cocktail bars to bustling nightclubs. Your time exploring the nightlife of this magnificent city is sure to be memorable.

Bars and Pubs

Krakow’s nightlife offers an array of bars and pubs to suit your preferences. From vodka bars to board game bars, each offers a unique atmosphere that makes your nights in Krakow unforgettable. Here are some top picks for you to explore and enjoy.

More things to do in Krakow:

What to do in Krakow Night

Krakow Vodka Bars

In the heart of the city, Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa is a must-visit with its dingy atmosphere, cheap prices, and no-frills vibe.

Best vodka tasting in Poland

You’ll find a variety of flavoured vodkas and shots for as little as 1 EUR. Another option is BaniaLuka, offering a similar vibe and great selection of drinks.

Cocktail Bars

As you explore the streets of Krakow Old Town, don’t miss out on Alchemia, a popular cocktail bar with a cosy atmosphere, perfect for spending an evening with friends.

For a more modern experience, Choice Club in the Tytano area mixes some of the city’s best cocktails, accompanied by a stylish setting.

Best vodka and coctails in Krakow

Sports Bars

Cheer for your favourite sports teams at Prozak 2.0, where you’ll find numerous screens to watch games, a great beer selection, and a lively environment.

Alternatively, enjoy the contemporary setting of Esselmontariat, which also offers a fantastic atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.

Board Game Bars

If you’re in the mood for some board games and drinks, visit CyberMachina. This spacious and English-friendly bar boasts a massive collection of board games and video games. For more unique fun, head to Cosmic Games Pub which combines an eccentric, space-inspired architecture with an extensive library of games to choose from.

Remember, when in Krakow at night, there’s always a perfect bar or pub waiting for you to discover and enjoy. Happy exploring!

Clubs and Nightclubs

Live Music Venues

When you’re looking for a lively night out in Kraków, there’s no shortage of live music venues to keep you entertained.

Sacrum-Profanum Music Festival

From intimate jazz clubs to rocking indie bars, the city offers a diverse range of music scenes. In the Old Town, you’ll often find traditional Polish music, along with English and Irish pubs which are known to present live bands.

Make sure to explore areas such as Stare Miasto which is famous for its vibrant local scene.

Remember, venues can change or relocate, so it’s always best to check the latest information before heading out.

Dance Clubs

If you prefer to dance the night away, Kraków has plenty of dance clubs and discos to cater to your needs. You’ll find the majority of nightclubs in the Old Town with an array of options ranging from high-energy techno to relaxing salsa and everything in between. For a more alternative vibe, head over to Kazimierz, around a 15-minute walk from the Old Town, where you’ll come across dimly-lit cocktail bars and a much less raucous crowd.

Remember to be mindful and respectful of the local culture and customs as you enjoy your night out in the city of Kraków. Happy partying!

Krakow night bars girls dancing

Food and Restaurants

Krakow is a vibrant city that comes alive at night, offering a variety of food options to cater to all taste buds. In this section, we’ll explore some culinary delights in the Jewish Quarter and traditional Polish dishes you can’t miss out on.

Plac Nowy Cuisine

Plac Nowy, located in the heart of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter, is a bustling square lined with cafés, bars, and restaurants. The place is famous for its unique fast food speciality, zapiekanka.

Best zapiekanki in Krakow

A zapiekanka is a long, open-faced sandwich topped with sautéed mushrooms, cheese, and various toppings of your choice. Don’t forget to visit one of the many food stalls selling this iconic dish, taking in the lively atmosphere as you enjoy your meal.

If you’re in the mood for a sit-down meal or would like to try a local dish, there are numerous options to choose from. Eszeweria is a cosy spot offering a diverse menu, live music, and a relaxing ambiance.

On the other hand, Cybermachina is a gamer-themed bar with a vast selection of beers and a casual dining experience.


Polish Cuisine

Traditional Polish cuisine is hearty and flavourful, making it a must-try as you explore Krakow at night.

One of the most iconic dishes is pierogi, which are delicious stuffed dumplings with various fillings like cabbage, mushrooms, or meat. Pierogi can be enjoyed at various establishments, such as Old Town Restaurant Wine & Bar at Rynek Główny or Polski Pub, both highly rated by visitors. Read also where to eat the best pierogi in Krakow

You can also satisfy your late-night cravings at Bania Luka, a popular spot known for its affordable prices and wide range of Polish dishes to accompany your drinks. For something sweeter, try a pączki, a traditional Polish doughnut filled with rose jam or sweet cheese.

Remember to take in the rich history and captivating sights of Krakow as you dine, including the beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica sitting proudly at Rynek Główny.

Barbican at Night tour in Krakow

So, whether you prefer casual street food or a cosy restaurant, the food scene in Krakow at night has something to offer for everyone. Enjoy your culinary journey, and don’t forget to explore the city’s live music venues, museums, and cafés for a well-rounded experience!

Unique Nighttime Experiences

Ghost Tours

During your visit to Krakow, a ghost tour will provide a thrilling yet informative evening.

krakow ghost tour

Typically taking place in the main square and the Jewish district, you’ll be guided through the city’s dark past and learn about local legends and spooky tales. These tours not only reveal eerie history but also give you a chance to see notable landmarks under the cloak of night.

River Cruises

Another unique way to experience Krakow at night is by taking a Evening Vistula River Cruise. A popular option is an evening cruise, which allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the city illuminated by the city lights.

Night cruise on Vistula river

Many river cruises offer a delightful onboard experience, complete with dinner and live entertainment, such as music shows or a Polish folk show.

While enjoying the nighttime river cruise, be sure to have your travel insurance in place for peace of mind throughout your journey.

As you explore Krakow’s vibrant nightlife, you’ll discover various interesting places to visit. If you’re interested in games and interactive experiences, you might want to check out Cybermachina Game Pub or play shuffleboard at one of the local bars.

Whether you opt for a ghost tour, river cruise, or fun at the local pubs, there’s no shortage of things to do in Krakow at night. As you explore, remember to use your friendly attitude, engage with locals, and embrace the unique experiences this charming city has to offer.

Tips for Krakow Nightlife

Krakow is a lively student city full of nightlife activities waiting for you to explore. To make the most of your night out in Krakow, follow these friendly tips.

Firstly, consider getting a KrakowCard. This card not only offers discounts on public transport and museum entries, but also occasionally provides special deals for pubs and clubs. Do a bit of research and figure out if it’s worth getting one for your trip.

When deciding where to stay in Krakow, remember that the Old Town is the most touristy part and has the majority of nightclubs, English and Irish pubs, sports bars, and shot bars. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, consider staying in Kazimierz, the historic Jewish Quarter, which is just a 15-minute walk from Old Town and offers a good selection of dimly lit cocktail bars.

For those planning their flights to Krakow, try to time your visit to coincide with any of the city’s numerous events, like the Night of Museums, which takes place in May and offers an enjoyable night full of discounted entrance fees.

To ensure you pack the essentials for your trip, create a packing list for Poland. Typical items to include are:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Warm clothing for cold nights or cooler seasons
  • Light layers for summer evenings
  • A portable charger for your phone (to capture those nightlife memories)
  • A small backpack for carrying essentials on your night out

In addition to these tips, don’t be afraid to venture out and experience the unique nightlife that Krakow has to offer. From local pubs to vibrant clubs, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to be respectful of your surroundings, and most importantly, have fun in this student city!


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