As you prepare to visit this historical site, our guide is here to provide you with all the necessary information, ensuring a respectful and educational experience. 📚

Auschwitz, known in Polish as Oświęcim, was a group of German Nazi concentration camps where millions of innocent lives were lost. Today, it serves as a museum, educating visitors about its dark past and promoting the message of peace and humanity. 🕊️

Our guide provides you with essential details such as the museum’s opening hours, how to get your tickets online, and the cheapest tours available. We also offer insights into the exhibits at Auschwitz, including the room of hair and the meaning behind the Auschwitz gate. 👣

Visiting Auschwitz is a solemn experience, and there are certain guidelines that visitors should adhere to. Our guide outlines what not to do at Auschwitz, ensuring that your visit is respectful and appropriate. 🙏

Finally, we provide information on how to travel to Auschwitz from Krakow, making your journey as smooth as possible. 🚍


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