Shopping Malls in Krakow

Krakow, a beautiful and historic city in Poland, offers visitors a wealth of shopping experiences. From high-quality domestic and international boutiques to traditional markets, shopping in Krakow is as varied as one can imagine. One of the most popular options for shoppers in the city is visiting shopping malls, which provide an array of stores and services under one roof.

Shopping Malls in Krakow

Among the prominent shopping malls in Krakow is Galeria Krakowska. Ideally located in the city centre, this mall covers a wide range of practical shopping needs, from food and clothing to everyday essentials such as SIM cards and plug adaptors.

Additionally, the Royal Route and Kazimierz neighbourhood offer more shopping options, including fashion and jewellery outlets.

For a truly unique experience, visitors should also explore Krakow’s vibrant markets. These markets offer fresh and often cheaper food, as well as the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

The combination of modern shopping malls and traditional marketplaces not only exemplifies Krakow’s rich history but also its adaptation and growth to cater to the needs of residents and tourists alike.

Popular Shopping Malls in Krakow

Galeria Krakowska

Galeria Krakowska in Krakow

Galeria Krakowska is centrally located, just a few steps away from Krakow’s Main Square.

This modern shopping mall features over 270 shops, including international brands, local boutiques, and a well-stocked supermarket.

Open daily, it offers a wide selection of food and beverage options at the food court to cater to diverse tastes. Galeria Krakowska is a convenient destination for a shopping spree or a rainy day activity.

Bonarka City Centre

Bonarka Shopping Mall in Krakow

Bonarka City Centre is a popular shopping destination in Krakow. With over 200 shops and services, this mall provides a variety of options for both local residents and visitors.

Poland’s leading brands, as well as global fashion retailers, are present at the Bonarka mall. There is also a multiplex cinema and a large food court providing a vast array of dining options.

The mall’s opening hours cater to busy schedules, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience.

Galeria Kazimierz

Galeria Kazimierz

Located near the Kazimierz district, Galeria Kazimierz is a remarkable shopping mall with a blend of both modern and traditional architecture.

This shopping centre has over 160 stores, including Polish brands and international retailers. The mall offers a pleasant atmosphere with a wide range of services, entertainment options, and various dining selections.

Galeria Kazimierz is an excellent choice for a shopping outing while discovering the historic streets of Kazimierz.


Serenada shopping in Krakow

Serenada Shopping Centre is a relatively new mall situated in the northern part of Krakow.

Boasting over 120 stores, this mall features Polish and international brands, allowing shoppers to enjoy an excellent assortment of fashion, accessories, and home goods.

The entertainment options include a modern cinema complex, perfect for unwinding after a day of shopping.

Additionally, the food court offers delectable dining options to suit different tastes. Serenada is an ideal shopping destination for those seeking a modern ambiance with numerous shopping choices.

Guide Shopping Malls in Krakow

Quality and Price Range

Shopping in Krakow offers a diverse experience, catering to various tastes and budgets.

Visitors can find high-quality items ranging from domestic and international fashion brands to unique gifts and Baltic amber jewellery. In addition, several historic sites are situated in close proximity to the shopping malls and centres, allowing for a more immersive experience during one’s shopping venture.

Krakow’s shopping malls feature an array of shops targeting different price ranges, from luxury stores to budget-friendly retail chains.

The city’s shopping scene is anchored by popular malls, such as Galeria Krakowska and Bronowice Mall. These establishments house both international and local brands, ensuring that shoppers have a multitude of options when it comes to quality and price.

For those inclined towards fashion, the Royal Route boasts several fashionable boutiques and jewellery outlets. Shoppers can find a mix of high-quality brands, as well as emerging Polish designers. The variety of styles allows customers to explore unique, trendsetting looks while also enjoying excellent craftsmanship and design.

Gift shopping takes a distinctly local flavour in Krakow, with many specialty shops along the city streets and markets selling traditional Polish crafts, such as pottery and wooden figurines.

Main Shopping Street Krakow

In addition, craftsmen jewellers who specialise in Baltic amber often create exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces that make for fabulous souvenir purchases. These items showcase the creativity and skill of local artisans, as well as the rich cultural heritage of the region.

In summary, Krakow presents an enjoyable shopping experience, where both quality and price range cater to a wide array of preferences.

With plenty of opportunities to purchase unique fashion items, gifts, and souvenirs, as well as explore historic sites, shoppers are sure to appreciate the dynamic retail landscape that the city has to offer.

Local Markets and Street Shopping

Old Town shopping

In the heart of Krakow’s Old Town, you’ll find a buzzing atmosphere filled with quaint markets and street shopping. The Main Square is a must-visit location, where local vendors sell a variety of crafts, amber jewellery and souvenirs.

A short stroll away, you’ll discover numerous cafes and eateries offering delicious local food. Make sure to explore the side streets, as they are often dotted with small boutiques, quirky gift shops and points of interest.


Kazimierz, the historical Jewish district, hosts its own unique markets and shopping experiences. The area is known for its vibrant street markets, offering a diverse range of products from antiques to handmade clothing.

In Plac Nowy, you’ll find a daily market where you can browse through vintage goods, food stalls, and artisan crafts.

The surrounding streets are lined with chic cafes, fashionable boutiques, and exceptional eateries, exhibiting the distinct character of Kazimierz.

Walking Tour of Old Town and Kazimierz

Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta, Krakow’s postwar neighbourhood, boasts its own remarkable shopping scene. Explore the local markets specialising in fresh produce, household items, and clothing typical of the area.

Don’t forget to visit street markets such as Targowisko Pod Hala Targowa for a genuine experience of local shopping culture. In addition to markets, Nowa Huta is dotted with malls, supermarkets, and specialty stores to cater to your shopping needs.


Podgórze, the district south of the Vistula River, offers a more laid-back shopping environment. It features a variety of flea and street markets primarily on weekends, perfect for those looking for unique, one-of-a-kind finds.

Venture through the charming streets to discover antique shops, art galleries, and landmarks.

Podgórze is also known for its brilliant amber shops, making it an ideal location for purchasing authentic amber jewellery and souvenirs.

Don’t miss trying out the local cafes and eateries in this picturesque neighbourhood while you explore its shopping charms.

Notable Shops and Designer Outlets

Polish Design Stores

Polish design has become a significant part of the Krakow shopping scene, with many stores offering unique items created by talented artists and craftsmen.

One such store is Ewa Rodzinka Concept Room, a designer boutique specialising in porcelain and other contemporary homeware pieces.

While toilets are not the main focus, this store has been recognised for its range of innovative, decorative items. Located along the Royal Route, it caters to visitors seeking something unique to bring home.

Fashion & Accessory Boutiques

For those interested in fashion and accessories, Krakow offers a variety of shops and boutiques showcasing the talent of Polish designers.

At Pasaz 13, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of clothing, jewellery, and accessories, including artisan shops to browse. Another prominent shopping centre is Galeria Krakowska, situated at ul. Pawia 5, 31-154, offering a diverse range of fashion outlets and stores for shoppers to explore.

While looking for designer outlets, don’t miss out on Factory Krakow at Al. Pokoju 67. This shopping centre is known for its bargains on high-end brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Levis.

A noteworthy addition in Krakow is the upcoming Designer Outlet Krakow, scheduled for opening in 2024, which will feature more than 120 fashion brands and various restaurants and cafés.

Art Galleries

When it comes to art, Krakow is home to numerous well-respected galleries, some of which specialise in Polish artwork, posters, and postcards.

The Dydo Poster Gallery | Galeria Plakatu is a must-visit for art enthusiasts interested in exploring the world of Polish posters.

Another art hub is Vitkac Kraków, a popular gallery with a substantial collection of art and design pieces from both local and international artists.

Food and Entertainment in Krakow

Restaurants and Cafes

Krakow’s shopping malls offer a variety of restaurants and cafes, catering to diverse taste buds.

Many malls, such as Galeria Krakowska, are located near the historic heart of the city, offering easy access to local culinary delights on Grodzka and the Rynek Główny, where visitors can find an assortment of traditional Polish dishes.

Additionally, shopping malls often feature food courts, which include popular fast-food chains, as well as local eateries.

When it comes to cafes, there is no shortage of options for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely break during a day of shopping.

From local establishments serving traditional Polish sweets to global chains such as Costa and Starbucks, shoppers can find a refreshing drink and a comfortable environment to relax.

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For those looking to enjoy a movie after shopping, multiscreen cinema complexes can be found in some of Krakow’s shopping malls.

Modern and equipped with the latest technology, these cinemas offer both the latest Hollywood blockbusters and Polish films.

Access to these cinemas is convenient, with many being located near bus routes and within walking distance of landmarks such as Wawel Castle and the city’s modern art galleries.

Specialty Items and Souvenirs

When visiting Krakow, one should certainly not miss the opportunity to acquire memorable souvenirs and specialty items.

This beautiful city offers an extensive selection for any taste, from traditional Polish gifts to unique, handcrafted artistic products.

Amber, also known as the “Baltic Gold“, is one of the most popular items to buy in Krakow. Local shops offer a wide range of amber jewellery and accessories that make extraordinary gifts for loved ones or a treat for oneself. Additionally, antiques can be found in various markets and stores, providing a captivating way to connect with the city’s rich history.

For those with a sweet tooth, Polish sweets and confectionery are a must-try. Local delicacies like the diverse chocolate and marzipan-filled sweets can be found in shops across the city. These treats are perfect for indulging in or gifting to others.

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Krówki are a type of Polish candy that are often compared to fudge or toffee. The name “krówki” means “little cows” in Polish, and they are a popular sweet treat in Poland and other parts of the world.

Krówki are made by cooking milk, sugar, and butter together until they form a thick, caramel-like mixture. Krówki are often sold in souvenir shops and are a great way to try a taste of Poland.


Alcohol aficionados will appreciate the broad selection of Polish liquors available in Krakow. From flavoured Polish vodkas to craft beers, the city offers an impressive assortment to sample or take home as souvenirs.

A visit to the Bishop Erazm Ciolek Palace and the Krakow National Museum provides ample inspiration for art enthusiasts. These institutions showcase the creativity of both established and young artists, with their quirky art pieces making excellent mementos.

Judaica items, including menorahs, mezuzahs, and other traditional Jewish objects, can also be found in Krakow’s shops, reflecting the city’s rich Jewish heritage.

Books and music, encompassing various genres and suitable for all ages, are also great options for souvenir shopping. Local bookstores and markets offer an array of titles about Poland and the city, alongside a diverse selection of albums from both international and local musicians.

Lastly, for fashion-conscious visitors, wonderful clothing items can be purchased in the city’s shops, with a mix of modern and traditional styles to suit individual preferences. Accessories such as scarves, shawls, and bags are also available in a multitude of colours and patterns to complement any wardrobe.

Overall, Krakow’s shopping scene is ideal for anyone seeking exceptional souvenirs and specialty items, offering a rich and diverse selection to cater to all preferences and tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top malls in city centre?

In Krakow city centre, some popular shopping malls include Pasaz 13 and Krakowskie Centrum Handlowo Targowe.

These shopping centres offer a wide variety of stores and services that cater to different preferences and needs.

Affordable shopping options?

For more affordable shopping options, try visiting shopping centres located away from the city centre.

These places often have reasonably priced products, including souvenirs. Alternatively, check out local markets for bargain deals.

Biggest mall in Krakow?

Galeria Bronowice is one of the largest shopping malls in Krakow. It features an extensive array of stores, food outlets, and entertainment options, making it an ideal destination for shoppers seeking a variety of choices.

Best malls for clothing?

Malls such as Centrum Serenada and Galeria Bronowice offer an excellent selection of clothing stores.

Here, shoppers can find both international brands and local Polish fashion labels, providing a wide range of options for updating their wardrobe.

Oldest mall in town?

Unfortunately, information about the oldest mall in Krakow is not readily available. However, Krakow is home to several historical shopping areas, including Stare Miasto and Kazimierz, which feature antique stores and other unique establishments.

Krakow market day?

Krakow’s local markets are great places to find gifts, souvenirs, and other interesting items. These markets are usually open daily, with some of them having specific days when they become more vibrant and bustling.

Keep an eye out for special events and seasonal markets that add to the shopping experience in Krakow.


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