Krakow Weather December

Krakow Weather in December: What to Expect Temperature and Precipitation Wise

As you plan your December trip to Krakow, it’s essential to consider the weather to ensure that you’re well-prepared. Winter truly comes to life in Krakow during December, making it a unique time to visit this charming Polish city. You can expect cold temperatures, with averages hovering around -1°C (about 31°F), while the lows can drop to around -3°C (about 27°F). Although it’s chilly, these temperatures are typical for Eastern Europe during this time of the year.

When travelling to Krakow in December, remember to pack layers, as well as warm clothing and accessories to stay comfortable during your explorations. The city experiences an average of 1 hour of direct daily sunshine in December, so make the most of it as you wander through the picturesque streets. Rainfall is also a common occurrence, with an average of 27mm spread across 14 days, so it’s wise to have a waterproof coat and an umbrella handy.

Krakow Weather December

Despite the cooler weather, December in Krakow offers a magical atmosphere as the city embraces the festive spirit with Christmas markets and various events. Plus, the snow-covered architecture creates a stunning backdrop for your holiday. So, bundle up and embrace the charm of Krakow in December!

Temperature Overview

In December, you can expect winter to truly arrive in Krakow, with average temperatures hovering around -1°C (about 31°F). As the city is nestled in a valley and shielded by the Tatra mountains to the south, it experiences cold and snowy conditions during this time of the year.

Krakow winter guide

The average low temperature in December is -3°C (about 27°F), while the average high is a relatively mild 2°C (around 36°F). The chilly temperatures are typical for this part of Poland and Eastern Europe in December. However, with careful planning and appropriate clothing, you can still enjoy your visit to Krakow despite the cold environment.

Precipitation Statistics

In December, you can expect varying precipitation types in Krakow, including snow and rain. This month typically experiences a decent amount of precipitation, with rainfall at an average of 27 mm across the span of 14 days. In spite of the cold temperatures, snowy days are less common than rainy days during this month.

Lot of snow in Krakow during december

Throughout December, the chance of rain ranges from low to moderate. Keep in mind that the likelihood of rain increases as the month goes on, with the beginning of December being the driest period. To ensure you stay comfortable on any given day, it’s a good idea to pack a sturdy umbrella and waterproof clothing.

As for snow, though it’s less frequent than rain, there’s still a chance of experiencing some snowfall in December. When snow does fall, it often occurs during the latter part of the month, closer to the holiday season. Make sure to pack warm clothes and appropriate footwear for potentially snowy days.

In summary, December in Krakow offers a mix of rain and snow, with an average daily rainfall of 27 mm over 14 days. To best prepare for your trip, pack suitable clothing and gear for both rainy and snowy conditions, and keep an eye on the weather forecast for up-to-date information.

Raining in Krakow during december

Weather’s Impact on Tourist Activities

During December, Krakow experiences winter weather that can be quite chilly, with an average daily temperature of -1°C (31°F), while the average high is 2°C (36°F), and average low of -3°C (27°F). Despite the cold temperatures, the season presents a range of indoor and outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy.

Visiting the city’s museums is an ideal way to spend a day indoors, taking in the history and culture that Krakow has to offer. A vast selection of Krakow Tourist Attractions includes historical landmarks, stunning architecture and diverse museums. Strolling through the charming Old Town, you will come across the Main Market Square, one of the largest medieval squares in Europe, which is surrounded by historic buildings, unique restaurants, and cosy cafés.

Wawel castle during winter

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the snowy weather as well by engaging in winter sports such as skiing. The nearby town of Zakopane, often referred to as the winter sports capital of Poland, is located around 100 kilometres away from Krakow and is easily accessible for a day trip.

Apart from skiing in Zakopane, there are other ski resorts such as Bialka Tatrzańska that allow visitors to experience the beautiful Tatra Mountains and participate in outdoor activities during this time.

In addition to skiing, some popular attractions in Krakow also involve ice-skating. During December, the city comes alive with outdoor ice rinks that provide a place for families and friends to enjoy. An example of this is the Ice Park, which offers a 360-metre ice alley that remains open from mid-December until the end of February.

While the weather in December can be cold and snowy, it shouldn’t deter you from exploring the various experiences and tourist activities Krakow has to offer. By dressing warmly and planning wisely, you’ll be able to make the most of your time in this enchanting city.

Clothing Recommendations

During your visit to Krakow in December, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the cold weather. With average highs of 2°C (36°F) and lows of -3°C (27°F), it’s important to pack and wear suitable clothing to stay warm and comfortable.

Layers are crucial for keeping warm in cold temperatures. Start with long underwear as a base layer to provide insulation and retain body heat. Follow this with a snug-fitting sweater or fleece, and top off with a warm, waterproof, and windproof outer layer, such as a winter coat or down jacket.

Warm clothes are essential for battling the chilly Krakow weather in December. Make sure to pack several pairs of thick socks, preferably made from wool or a similar insulating material. Thermal or fleece-lined leggings or trousers will also help keep your legs warm.

Your extremities are particularly vulnerable to cold, so don’t forget to pack a good-quality hat to cover your ears, as well as gloves to keep your hands warm. A scarf is also recommended, as it can protect your neck and face from the biting wind and cold air.

Finally, invest in a sturdy pair of boots with good insulation and a reliable grip to help you navigate any icy or snowy surfaces. Waterproof boots are preferable, as they will remain dry in case of snow or slush.

By following these clothing recommendations, you’ll be well-prepared for the December weather in Krakow. Stay cosy, and enjoy exploring the winter wonderland of this beautiful city.

Christmas Celebrations

During December, Krakow transforms into a magical winter wonderland, and you’ll find an array of festive events to enjoy. The city’s Main Market Square has been the site of a trading market for hundreds of years and serves as the centre of holiday festivities, with Poland’s most famous Christmas market set up here every December.

Krakow december street christmas markets

At the Krakow Christmas Market, you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, browsing the vibrant stalls selling traditional Polish handicrafts, decorations, and gifts. It’s the perfect place to find unique and memorable presents for your loved ones. Don’t forget to indulge in some delicious Polish street food like pierogi, mulled wine, and kielbasa while you’re there.

Apart from the Christmas Market, Krakow offers numerous Christmas events during the month, including live performances, concerts, and nativity scene displays. Stroll around the Old Town, where you can admire the beautifully decorated streets and the magnificent Christmas tree, a central symbol of the season’s celebrations.

When Christmas Eve arrives, remember that Polish people celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24th, so many shops and services might close early from 2 pm. However, this presents an opportunity to wander through the peaceful Old Town and soak up the serene atmosphere. The city centre buzzes with activity again on Christmas Day, with public transport up and running. This means you can continue exploring Krakow’s attractions during your festive visit.

Warm beverages in Krakow in december

Enjoy your time in Krakow during December as you experience the enchanting Christmas celebrations the city has to offer, filled with stunning decorations, unique events, and festive cheer.

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Possible Weather Conditions

December in Krakow is truly a cold month, characterised by winter weather. During this time, you can expect average daily temperatures to hover around -1°C (about 31°F), making it important to dress warmly. The lows can drop to much below freezing, averaging -3°C (about 27°F), which is typical for this part of Poland and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the highs peak at just a bit above freezing, reaching an average of 2°C (around 36°F).

While experiencing Krakow’s climate in December, you might encounter more cloudy days than sunny ones. The average rainfall in December is 27 mm, spread over 14 days. Apart from the cold and wet conditions, daylight is also limited, with an average of just one hour of daily sunshine. This makes it crucial to plan your sightseeing and outdoor activities accordingly.

Snowing and raining in Krakow during december

Despite the winter chill and cloudy days, December can still be an enjoyable time to visit Krakow. The city’s unique charm comes to life with festive decorations and winter events. However, it’s essential to be prepared for various weather conditions, including cold temperatures, frosty mornings, and freezing nights.

To make your stay in Krakow more comfortable during the cold winter months, take the following suggestions into account:

  • Dress in layers and wear proper winter clothing, including gloves, scarves, and hats to ensure warmth.
  • Monitor weather forecasts for any updates or abrupt changes in conditions.
  • Plan indoor activities or visits to museums and galleries on particularly cold or cloudy days.

All things considered, being mindful of weather conditions and taking necessary precautions will enable you to make the most of your visit to Krakow in December.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average temperature in Krakow in December?

In December, the average temperature in Krakow is around -1°C (31°F), with average highs reaching 2°C (36°F) and average lows dropping to approximately -3°C (27°F). Temperatures can fluctuate throughout the month, so it is essential to plan accordingly and stay updated on the weather forecast during your visit.

How much does it snow in Krakow during December?

Snowfall in Krakow during December can be quite unpredictable, with some years experiencing significant snowfall and others having barely any. It is important to keep an eye on the forecast before your trip, as the snow could impact your travel plans. Be prepared for the possibility of snowfall during your visit.

Is there a Christmas market in Krakow in December?

Yes, there is a festive Christmas market in Krakow during December. It takes place in the Main Market Square, where you can enjoy various seasonal delights, including mulled wine, traditional food, and handmade crafts. The market is an excellent opportunity to experience the city’s festive atmosphere and purchase unique souvenirs.

What should I pack for a visit to Krakow in December?

When planning a trip to Krakow in December, it is crucial to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can be quite cold. Including items such as thermal layers, sweaters, a waterproof and insulated coat, gloves, scarves, and a hat will help you stay comfortable and warm during your visit. In addition, ensure you have sturdy and waterproof footwear to navigate through any potential snow or icy surfaces.

How does the weather in Krakow in December compare to nearby Warsaw?

The weather in Krakow and Warsaw during December is fairly similar, with both cities experiencing cold temperatures and the possibility of snow. The average temperatures in both locations hover around the freezing point, so it is crucial to dress warmly and be prepared for chilly weather when visiting either city during the winter months.

What are some popular indoor activities in Krakow during December?

If you find yourself needing a break from the cold, there are many interesting indoor activities to explore in Krakow during December. You can visit Wawel Royal Castle, the Rynek Underground Museum, and the Oskar Schindler Factory Museum to learn about the Krakow’s history. Additionally, enjoy the warm ambiance of the city’s many cafes and restaurants, where you can savour traditional Polish cuisine and warm beverages.


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