Getting from Kraków City Centre to Kraków Airport

Easy Ways to Reach Krakow Airport from the City Centre

Travelling from Kraków city centre to John Paul II International Airport Kraków, commonly known as Kraków Airport, is a straightforward journey that you can complete in less than an hour using various modes of transport.

Located about 15 kilometres west of the city, the airport offers several convenient options to suit your schedule and budget. Whether you prefer the speed of a train, the economy of a bus, or the comfort of a taxi, each option provides a reliable way to ensure you arrive at the airport in good time for your flight.

When choosing your mode of transport to Krakow airport, consider that the train is a fast and popular choice, taking approximately 20 minutes to reach the airport from the main railway station, Kraków Główny.

On the other hand, public buses offer a more economical service, with journey times around 50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Getting from Kraków City Centre to Kraków Airport

If comfort and ease are your top priorities, a taxi or private transfer can provide a stress-free ride directly to the departure terminals.

Preparing for your departure is more than just selecting a transport option; it’s essential to factor in additional time for traffic, check-in, and airport security procedures. By planning in advance and allowing ample time for these processes, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free start to your journey.

Transportation Options

Exploring the transportation options available makes your journey from Kraków City Centre to Kraków Airport efficient. Here’s a breakdown of the various modes you can choose based on convenience and preference.

Public Transport

The Kraków Airport is connected to the city centre via MPK S.A bus services. Specifically, bus lines 209 and 300, along with the night line 902, provide regular links. Remember, the 208 service is currently suspended. Tickets can be purchased from machines at the bus stops, on board from the driver, or via mobile apps.

Krakow Airport Shuttle bus

Taxi Services

Bolt, Uber and other reputable taxi operators offer services from Kraków City Centre to the airport.

Ensure you get an official taxi—typically queued outside train and bus stations—to avoid overcharging. A trip to the airport usually takes roughly 25-30 minutes, traffic dependent.

Rideshare Options

Ridesharing apps like Uber offer a convenient alternative to taxis and can be summoned via your smartphone. The app provides fare estimates and route options, often with cashless transactions for added convenience.

Private Transfers

For a more personalised service, you might opt for private transfers. Various companies allow pre-booking online, ensuring a driver waits for you at a specified location to take you directly to the airport.


If driving your own car, the airport is roughly 15 kilometres from the city centre. Upon arrival, there’s parking available at the airport with spaces for short- and long-term stays. Ensure to check the current parking rates and availability.

Parking in Krakow Airport Balice

Train Services

For a speedy and comfortable transfer, you can use the Koleje Małopolskie’s train that connects the main train station in Kraków with the airport.

Keep in mind that the train station is conveniently located near the airport entrance, minimising the need for additional transfers.

Krakow airport train station

Purchasing Tickets

When planning your journey from Kraków City Centre to Kraków Airport, ensure you understand the ticket purchasing options available to make your trip hassle-free.

Online Booking

You can conveniently book your bus tickets online. Online booking is advisable for a smoother travel experience, allowing you to secure a seat ahead of time, especially during peak travel seasons.

Ticket Machines

For immediate travel plans, ticket machines are located at various points in the city centre and at the airport. They offer a quick method to purchase tickets on the spot.

Payment can often be made using both cash (in Polish złoty) and credit/debit cards. These machines provide instructions in multiple languages, making it easier to navigate your purchase.

Bus Stations

If you prefer purchasing your bus tickets in person or need additional travel advice, visit one of the many bus stations in the city centre. Staff at the ticket counters will assist you in buying the right ticket for your destination.

It’s important to note that bus stations might have longer queues, so plan with a buffer of extra time before your intended departure.

Accommodation and Layovers

When considering where to stay for a layover in Kraków, your options are conveniently split between staying near the airport for ease of transit and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city centre for a more leisurely and enriching experience.

Airport Hotels

If you’re looking for the utmost convenience during your layover, staying at a hotel near Kraków Airport might be your best option.

There are several hotels located within a short driving distance of the terminal, many offering shuttle services to and from the airport. By booking a hotel close to the airport, you typically gain additional advantages such as:

  • Early check-in/late check-out options, useful for unusual flight times
  • Soundproofed rooms, ensuring a good night’s rest despite nearby air traffic
  • Direct booking through platforms like, often providing free cancellation up to 24 hours before your stay

Kraków City Centre Stays

Alternatively, you might opt to stay in the Kraków City Centre. This area hosts a diverse range of accommodation, from opulent hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. By staying in the city, you gain:

  • Easy access to major sights like the Main Square, Wawel Castle, and the Kazimierz district
  • A taste of local culture and cuisine with numerous restaurants and bars
  • The flexibility to book your accommodation through reliable services like with the benefit of customer reviews to guide your choice

To secure the best rates and ensure availability, consider booking your city centre stay well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Navigating to and from the Airport

Travelling from Krakow Airport

When travelling to and from John Paul II International Airport, also known as Krakow Airport (KRK), it’s crucial to understand both the facilities available at the airport and the vast array of transport links that connect you to the city centre.

Airport Facilities

John Paul II International Airport is equipped to facilitate a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Upon entering the terminal at Krakow Airport, you’ll find a well-organised layout leading you to various services.

  • Check-in Desks: Located near the entrance, they are clearly marked for ease of access.
  • Shopping & Dining: Explore a variety of shops.
  • Passenger Services: Information desks and kiosks are positioned to guide you.

Krakow Airport facilities

Easy Ways to Reach Krakow Airport from the City Centre

Airport Transport Connections

The airport offers diverse modes of transportation, ensuring swift and efficient travel to the Kraków city centre.

  • Private Transfers: You may book an airport private transfer service, offering direct travel to your destination.
  • Public Transport:
    • Bus: Regular lines operate between the airport and the city, including a direct bus service which takes approximately 30 minutes.
    • Train: A convenient rail link connects you directly to the main railway station in the city.
  • Taxi & Rideshare: A taxi rank is available outside the terminal building, with rideshare options typically providing a cost-effective alternative.

Alternatives to Kraków Airport

Alternatives to Kraków Airport

When travelling to or from Kraków and the surrounding region, it’s useful to know that Kraków Airport, also known as John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, is not your only option.

Should your travel plans require flexibility or Kraków Airport does not serve your desired destination, there is another airport you might consider.

Nearby Airports

Katowice train station

Katowice Airport (KTW)Katowice Airport, also known as Pyrzowice, is approximately 100 kilometres from Kraków and can serve as a viable alternative. It is an international airport located in the Silesian Voivodeship and is the fourth busiest airport in Poland in terms of passenger traffic. Direct connections between Kraków and Katowice Airport are available, including bus services and train routes that may require a transfer. Here are the key details:

  • Location: Pyrzowice, Silesian Voivodeship
  • Distance from Kraków: ~100 km
  • Transport Options: Coach services like FlixBus, Train with transfer, Private transfer/taxi
  • Travel Time: Roughly 1.5 to 2 hours by bus or car

Using Katowice Airport can be particularly beneficial if you find more suitable flight schedules, cheaper tickets, or if flights from Kraków Airport do not directly meet your travel itinerary. It is also a practical choice during peak travel times when Kraków Airport is particularly busy.

Remember to account for the additional travel time to Katowice Airport when planning your journey to ensure a stress-free trip.


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