When Does it Snow in Krakow?

Understanding the Seasonal Weather Patterns in Krakow

As you plan your visit to Krakow, you might be curious about the snowy season in this historic Polish city. Winter in Krakow typically spans from December through February, where cold weather is a constant companion, and the chance of snowfall is at its peak.

The crisp air often carries with it the possibility of a white blanket covering the picturesque streets and medieval architecture, offering a magical view of the city.  The snowfall in Krakow isn’t as predictable as in some more northerly locales, but generally, January and February are the months when you’re most likely to experience it.

When Does it Snow in Krakow

During these months, the temperatures can hover around freezing during the day and often dip well below zero at night. While substantial snowfall can happen, recent winters have seen a mix of snowy days and clear ones, so it’s wise to be prepared for both.

If you’re hoping to capture the essence of Krakow blanketed in snow, timing your visit in the earlier months of the year increases your chances.

Snowing and raining in Krakow during december

Keep in mind that even when the winter is milder, sporadic snowflakes can still give you a glimpse of the winter wonderland that Krakow can become. Weather patterns can change, so it’s always best to check the forecast close to your intended travel dates for the most current information.

Overview of Snowfall in Krakow

Average snow fall in Krakow

In this section, you’ll learn about Krakow’s typical winter climate and what to expect in terms of temperature and precipitation during the snowy months.

General Climate Patterns

Krakow, situated in southern Poland, generally experiences a continental climate. This means that the winters are cold, with January being the coldest month. Your experience of winter in Krakow will be shaped by this climate, with the city typically receiving consistent snowfall from December through February.

Raining in Krakow during december

Average Temperature and Precipitation

Temperature: During winter, average temperatures in Krakow can drop to freezing or below. Here is a breakdown of monthly averages:

  • December: Usually sees an average low of around -4°C (25°F).
  • January: Has similar temperatures, averaging lows around -5°C (23°F).
  • February: Often slightly milder, with average lows of about -3°C (27°F).

Precipitation: The city can get quite snowy, with these typical figures for monthly snowfall:

  • November: Approximately 9 days with snowfall.
  • December: Up to 17 days with snowfall.
  • January: Around 23 days with snowfall.
  • February: About 17 days with snowfall.

These figures illustrate that Krakow has a robust winter season, with snowfall peaking in January. While you may encounter snowy days, be prepared for snow cover that may not last, as it often melts quickly on the streets due to varying daily temperatures.

How much snow could be in Krakow

Month-By-Month Snow Analysis

In Krakow, your chances of experiencing snow vary by month during the winter season. This analysis provides a concise breakdown of what you might expect in terms of snowfall, from the festive atmosphere of December to the transitional period of early spring.

Chances of experiencing snow in Krakow

Snowfall in December

Krakow in December is often associated with festive cheer and the potential for a white Christmas. You can expect an average temperature hovering around 0°C, but this can dip below freezing, especially at night.

Practical information about Krakow Christmas markets

The Christmas Market in the Main Square adds to the charm with possible snowflakes to accompany your mulled wine.

  • Snowy Days: On average, 17 days of snowfall
  • Key Dates: (e.g., 24th-26th December) Higher likelihood of snow during Christmas period

When Snows in Krakow

Snow in January Krakow

January typically marks the coldest month in Krakow, where the average temperature can drop to about -5°C during the night. Snowfall is fairly common, and you’ll likely see the city’s landmarks dusted with snow.

  • Average Temperature Range: -1°C to -3°C
  • Snowfall: Peaks with around 23 days of snowfalls

Krakow Weather January

Snow Conditions in February

The snow continues into February, but the frequency of snowfalls starts to reduce as the month progresses. While it’s still the heart of winter, the number of days with snowfall often matches December.

  • Snowfalls: On average, 17 days akin to December
  • Weather in February: Still cold with occasional milder days hinting at the coming spring

Late Winter and Early Spring

As you move into March and April, snow becomes less frequent, though it’s not unheard of. By May, snow is rare, and the city begins to experience milder temperatures signalling the end of the snowy season.

  • March: Transition begins, with occasional snowfalls still possible
  • April: Surprising snow days can occur, albeit infrequently
  • May: Snow is largely a memory; winter’s blanket gives way to spring’s warmth

Activities and Events During Snow Season

Is there snow in Krakow in January

When you visit Krakow during the snow season, your itinerary can be a delightful mix of festive events, winter sports, and cultural experiences. Here are some specific activities and events that you can enjoy.

Christmas and New Year Festivities

Christmas Markets: Krakow’s Main Market Square transforms into a festive wonderland adorned with twinkling Christmas lights and decorations. In December, tourists flock to the market to find traditional Polish handcrafts, glass ornaments, and the scent of gingerbread in the air. An important feature is the Szopka competition, where locals display ornate crib structures.

Midnight Mass: If you’re in Krakow on Christmas Eve, participating in Wigilia, a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, can be followed by attending Midnight Mass at stunning churches throughout the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter.

Skiing and Winter Sports

Zakopane: As the snow blankets the region, ski enthusiasts can head to nearby Zakopane, nestled in the Tatra Mountains, often regarded as Poland’s winter sports capital.

Ski Resorts: Reputable resorts like Szczyrk or Bialka Tatrzanska provide a variety of pistes for skiing and snowboarding, catering to all levels of expertise. Outdoor activities include snowmobile, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, with the snow season typically extending from late November to early March.

Cultural Experiences and Markets

Cultural Concerts: Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Krakow with indoor concerts and performances, especially around New Year’s when celebratory concerts take place.

Seasonal Programming concerts in Krakow

Christmas Tradition: In the Old Town, walking tours offer insights into local traditions and history, while the Jewish Quarter reveals a different facet of Krakow’s cultural heritage. Strolling along the snowy streets, you can experience the city’s festive ambiance and enjoy traditional delicacies from street vendors.

Visitor Guide for Snowy Krakow

Visiting Krakow during snowing in winter

When you plan your visit to Krakow during the snowy season, typically from December to February, you’re in for a picturesque cityscape and a wealth of activities.

Dress warmly for the cold and discover Krakow’s winter charm with comfortable accommodations and engaging attractions.

Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

  • Sweaters and layers: Krakow’s winters are chilly, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. You’ll need thick sweaters and multiple layers to keep warm.
  • Waterproof boots: Choose insulated and waterproof boots to wade through the snow, keeping your feet dry and snug.
  • Hat, gloves, and scarf: Don’t forget a hat and gloves to prevent heat loss; invest in thermal varieties for extra protection.
  • What to wear: Prioritise warmth and comfort. A good example would be a wool coat or a down jacket layered over a sweater or fleece, with thermal undergarments.

Accommodation and Rates

Comfortable winter accomodation in Krakow

Where to Stay:

  • Hotel Stary: A luxury choice with historical charm right in Old Town Krakow.
  • Hotel H15 Luxury Palace: Another high-end option, well-regarded for its modern amenities.
  • Hotel Kossak: Offers beautiful Vistula River views with a central location ideal for exploring the city.

Hotel Rates: Winter rates can be lower, so it’s an excellent time to enjoy luxury at a reduced cost. Please verify current rates as they can fluctuate depending on the date and availability.

Top Things to Do and See


  • Old Town Krakow: Stroll through snow-laden streets, and admire festive decorations and the architecture.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mines: Explore the underground salt cathedral—a remarkable experience.
  • Tatra National Park: For a day trip, revel in the natural beauty and the wooden houses of the mountain region.


  • Skating: Find an ice rink and enjoy skating amidst the winter ambience.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Stop by local establishments to warm up with mulled wine and traditional Polish cuisine.
  • Shopping: Old Town shops offer unique souvenirs, including jewelry and handcrafted goods.

Remember: The magic of snow transforms Krakow into a winter wonderland. Plan accordingly, and you’ll have a memorable experience in this historical city.

Travel Tips for a Comfortable Stay

When planning your trip to Krakow during the snow season, it’s important to consider how to navigate the city comfortably, where to enjoy dining and nightlife, and how to engage with local culture.

Navigating the City

Krakow’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city is compact enough to explore on foot, especially the Main Market Square and surrounding areas. For longer distances, use public transport which includes trams and buses that are reliable and affordable.

If you’re visiting in November, December, or throughout winter, you might experience the magical sight of the city’s Christmas decorations as snow softly blankets the streets.

Key Routes:

  • Trams: Good for crossing the Vistula River.
  • Buses: Ideal for reaching the outskirts or if trams aren’t available.

Tickets: Purchase from kiosks, machines at stops, or directly on board with contactless payment.

Dining and Nightlife Advice

Krakow’s culinary scene is vibrant, offering a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars. When snow covers Krakow, warm up with festive drinks or treat yourself to a gingerbread in one of the many cosy cafes.

The Krakow Christmas Market in the Main Market Square is not to be missed; look forward to indulging in the traditional ’12 dishes’ enjoyed during the festive season.

  • Restaurants: Explore a mix of traditional Polish cuisine and modern dishes.
  • Bars: Enjoy the nightlife, especially in the Jewish Quarter where bars provide a lively atmosphere.
  • Cafes: Perfect for a midday break with a hot drink to escape the chill.

Delicious hot chockolate in Krakow

Cultural Insights for Tourists

Get familiar with Krakow’s art and cultural heritage with a visit to its numerous museums and galleries. Glass ornaments, intricately crafted, can be found at the Christmas Market along with other traditional Polish crafts. In the festive season, the Christmas Market becomes an epicentre of cultural exchange, brimming with artisan products and cheer.

  • Markets: The Christmas Market runs in December; check for dates as it sometimes extends into January.
  • Art: Museums and galleries showcase both historical and contemporary works.
  • Heritage: Take a walk through the Jewish Quarter for a vivid sense of Krakow’s rich history.


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