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Airplane for tourists is best way to reach Krakow. City have one municipal airport located near centre. There exist many airlines which are cheap to visit Krakow in fast and not expensive way. Even perfect solution for city break. We present brief information about Krakow Airport.

John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice is official airport of Krakow. From 1964 civilian airport was moved out of centre of Krakow to Balice village area – 11 km from Old Town. From 1967 Krakow Airport became international port. Finally from 2003 Airport hosting cheap airlines Wizzair, Ryanair and Easyjet.

In 2013, the Krakow airport handled 3.65 million passengers. Each year Krakow  handle more and more passengers. This lead to next project to rebuilt airport again – extension should be ready in 2023. The reconstruction project will make the port able to receive 12 million passengers per year. Krakow Airport was the 63rd busiest airport in whole Europe in 2019.

Krakow Airport Schedule


Airport is available to reach from Old Town by:

  • Taxi – price around 50 PLN
  • Train – price around 12 PLN
  • Bus – price around 5 PLN
  • Own car – price for parking 24 hours around 12 PLN

Ryanair Krakow




Its located 100 km on west from Krakow. Its well connected by bus from Main Krakow Bus Station. Journey to Katowice Airport take around 2 hours. And cost around 45 PLN. Its possible to buy tickets for shuttle bus online. Travelling is comfortable. Bus always wait for all passengers with reservation.

Katowice Airport have many cheap airlines as like Wizzair, which could be good solution for travelling.

Katowice Airport Map


Its located in Czech Republic[ on west from Krakow, around 200 km]. Its connected to Krakow via Flixbus company. Which provide few connections each day to and from Krakow. Departure is near airport in Ostrava. Price of ticket around 10-15 Euro. Journey takes more then 3 hours.

Ostrava Map

Krakow by plane

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How to reach City Centre from Airport 

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