Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour

Uncovering Spine-Chilling Tales and Legends of Medieval Krakow

Embark on a journey to the past as you explore the hidden histories and chilling legends of medieval Krakow on a ghost tour. This thrilling adventure transports visitors to the city’s dark past, as they discover tales of vampires, ghosts, dragons, and devils lurking around the city’s beautiful buildings and mysterious alleys.

Krakow Medieval Ghost Tour

By night, Krakow’s atmosphere lends itself perfectly to the spine-tingling tales recounted by expert guides.

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience the city through the stories that have been passed down for generations, giving them a new perspective on its history and lore.

Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour

While strolling through the historic centre, the tour unveils some of the most haunted places in the city, taking participants on a remarkable journey into ancient beliefs and local folklore.

This unforgettable experience offers a fresh, unique way to uncover Krakow’s fascinating past.

Krakow Ghost tour

Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour Overview

The Krakow Ghost Tour is a fascinating journey through the haunted places and ancient beliefs of Medieval Krakow.

Visitors will explore the dark side of this historic city, delving into eerie tales and legends featuring alchemists, vampires, dragons, and devils.

Tour Highlights

During the tour, participants will visit key locations in Krakow’s Old Town, including Market Square, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Wawel Castle.

Wawel Castle Entrance

The experienced guides will share intriguing stories based on real facts and legends, taking visitors to mysterious corners, haunted places, and historical sights of the city.


The Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour typically lasts for approximately 2 hours, allowing ample time for visitors to wander through the spooky streets of Krakow and immerse themselves in its chilling past.


Prices for the Krakow Ghost Tour vary depending on whether participants opt for a private or group tour. Private tour pricing starts from 20 EUR per person.

The Legends and Stories

Famous Legends

Medieval Krakow is teeming with legends and stories that captivate the imagination.

Discover tales of the mysterious Woman in Black, who is said to haunt the Market Square and the streets of Old Town, and explore the enigmatic Gentleman, who should be approached with caution.

Ghosts, Vampires, and Devils

In the shadowy corners of Krakow’s history, one may come across stories of ghosts, vampires, and devils.

These sinister beings were once considered real threats by the people of Medieval Krakow and their lore persists today. Read also TOP 20 Most Scary Polish Folklore Creatures

With each step further into the Old Town, the ghostly apparitions that once walked the streets seem to come to life.

Polish scary demons


Dragons and Alchemists

Krakow’s legends are not limited to the eerie; many tales involve dragons and alchemists. The famous Wawel Dragon – said to have lived beneath Wawel Castle – is the most iconic symbol of the city’s stories. Its lore captures the imagination of both locals and visitors.

Additionally, Krakow was once considered a city of alchemy, and its tales of transformation and creation add another layer to its mystique.

Krakow city of Alchemy

Serial Killers and Dangerous Convicts

Medieval Krakow was not immune to the darker sides of humanity, as the city’s history is laced with tales of serial killers and dangerous convicts. In the walk along ancient paths and through the Medieval cemetery, the tales of these sinister figures resurface.

From public execution locations to the horrific deeds of the city’s infamous executioner, this gruesome history is not for the faint-hearted.

Medieval Krakow

The stories that surround Medieval Krakow are rich with history and ancient beliefs, leaving an indelible mark on those who delve into the city’s eerie past.

From mysterious figures haunting the Market Square to monstrous dragons lurking beneath Wawel Castle, these legends and tales continue to captivate the minds of all who walk the cobbled streets of Old Town.

Tour Experiences

Professional Storytelling

The Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour is led by professional storytellers, who serve as guides throughout the journey.

These guides are skilled in presenting the city’s past and Poland’s medieval history in an engaging manner.

Their professional storytelling skills capture the attention of the tour participants, immersing them in the eerie tales and legends that have shaped Krakow.

Historical Sights and Haunted Places

The tour covers a variety of historical sights and haunted locations throughout the city.

As participants explore these sites, they get to learn about the hidden histories behind the buildings and the events that took place there.

Some of the famous haunted places on the tour include encounters with stories of vampires, ghosts, dragons, and devils.

The guides bring these tales to life, adding an element of thrill to the already fascinating sites.

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Exploration of Mysterious Corners and Spooky Streets

In addition to covering well-known haunted spots, the Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour also takes visitors off the beaten path to explore the city’s mysterious corners and spooky streets.

Krakow Scary Streets

This allows participants to experience aspects of Krakow that would otherwise remain hidden from regular tourists.

Throughout the tour, the meeting point, as well as various key locations, are carefully chosen to provide an authentic, chilling experience that showcases the lesser-known side of Krakow’s history.

City Comparisons and Recommendations

Budapest Ghost Tours

Budapest offers chilling stories and a fascinating history, just like Kraków. There are several ghost tours available, showcasing the city’s mysterious side.

These tours will take you through hidden alleys and historical sites while narrating eerie tales.

Some Budapest ghost tours might be free, but it is always recommended to check beforehand. Going on these tours with friends can add to the enjoyment and comfort, making it a memorable experience.

Budapest Scary Ghost Tours

Madrid Ghost Tours

Madrid is another city with rich history and haunting stories. Ghost tours in Madrid explore the city’s dark past and introduce participants to the legends and mysteries surrounding it.

While these tours might not be free, they provide an excellent opportunity to uncover Madrid’s unknown side.

As with the other ghost tour destinations, attending with friends can increase the enjoyment and comfort felt during the experience.

Madrid Ghost Tours

Prague Ghost Tours

Prague is known for its magnificent architecture and dark stories. The city boasts a variety of ghost tours, taking participants through ancient streets and revealing chilling tales.

Some tours might be free, but it is essential to confirm this beforehand.

Exploring the city’s spooky side with friends can enhance the experience and provide a feeling of comfort during these eerie walks.

Prague very scary ghost tour


Planning Your Visit

When planning a visit to any of these cities, it is important to research the different ghost tour options available.

Consider factors such as language, duration, and pricing when choosing a suitable tour. Each city offers unique experiences, and it is essential to prepare for the weather and dress accordingly.

Also, make sure to bring along a comfortable pair of walking shoes, as tours often involve extended periods of walking.

Finally, remember that a ghost tour can be more enjoyable with friends, so consider planning your visit together.

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Beyond the Tour

Other Ghost Tour Offerings and Attractions

The Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour, presented by Mysterium Tours, is just one among many ghostly adventures waiting for visitors in Krakow. As the sun goes down, a number of walking tours and themed parties delve into the dark corners of Krakow’s history.

Through these tours, participants can explore haunted buildings and learn about the Gothic beauty of the historic city. The captivating stories of Krakow’s past touch on themes of kings, punishment, and death sentences carried out in the medieval times.

One notable attraction on such tours is the legend of the White Lady, who is said to haunt a chapel.

Many have claimed to witness this apparition, adding a sense of intrigue and mystery to the tour experience.

Delving Deeper into Krakow’s History

Of particular interest to many tourists is the history of the torture chamber. Here, convicts faced unimaginable horrors and punishments during medieval times. Dramatic accounts of this gruesome activity, combined with the atmosphere of the centuries-old chamber, immerse visitors in the chilling past.

Furthermore, tales of miracles interwoven with stories of murder paint a complex picture of Krakow’s past. Visitors can learn about infamous scaffold scenes, the tumultuous lives of those who inhabited the city, and how they sought solace and celebrations at local taverns.

Exploring more than just ghost stories, walking tours in Krakow also focus on the architectural marvels and historical events that have shaped the city.

All these aspects together provide a fuller understanding of Krakow’s rich history and culture beyond the spine-chilling tales of the Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ticket price?

Ticket prices for Medieval Krakow Ghost Tours may vary depending on the specific tour provider and the inclusions of the tour. It is advisable to check the individual tour company’s website for exact pricing and promotional offers.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can typically be purchased online through the tour company’s website or at their physical location. Additionally, tickets may be available through various third-party booking platforms, such as GetYourGuide.

What sites are featured?

Some of the sites featured on the Medieval Krakow Ghost Tour include St. Mary’s Basilica, Wielkopolski Palace, Krakow Executioner site, The Nun in the basement, The Curse of the Wawel Cathedral, and the Krakow Dragon.

Additional sites and stories may be included depending on the specific tour provider.

Are there customer reviews?

Yes, customer reviews can typically be found on the tour company’s website, as well as on third-party review platforms such as TripAdvisor. These reviews can offer valuable insights into the quality and overall experience of the tour.

Is there a tour map?

A tour map may be available on the tour company’s website or provided during the tour. The map will usually display the route taken during the tour, highlighting the various stops and points of interest.

If a map is not available on the website, it is recommended to contact the company directly for more information.

How long is the tour?

The tour duration may vary depending on the specific tour company and their itinerary. Generally, Medieval Krakow Ghost Tours run for about 2 hours.

It is always advisable to check with the specific provider for more accurate information about tour duration and any potential deviations from the average length.


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