Stag Do Activities Krakow

Krakow Stag Do: The Best Activities to Make Your Last Night of Freedom Unforgettable

Krakow is a vibrant and lively city, perfect for your unforgettable stag do! With its rich history and an abundance of unique activities on offer, you and your mates are in for a thrilling weekend. No matter what type of stag party you’re planning, Krakow has you covered with exciting options that cater to a range of interests and budgets.

Stag Do Activities Krakow

From adrenaline-pumping action like shooting AK47s, paintballing and indoor karting to more relaxed activities like bowling or quad biking, there’s no shortage of ways to bond with your mates and create lasting memories.

As the night sets in, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Krakow’s bustling nightlife scene – think clubs nestled in historic buildings, party trams with a touch of cheeky fun, and VIP experiences to make you feel like royalty.

So why wait? Pack your bags and get ready to embark on the stag do of a lifetime in Krakow, where unforgettable memories and exciting adventures await you and your best mates!

Fundamentals of a Krakow Stag Do

Krakow is the perfect destination for your unforgetable stag do! This exciting city offers a wide range of activities, accommodation options, and nightlife to ensure you and your mates have an unforgettable time.

Let’s explore the essentials of a Krakow stag do.

Krakow Stag Do Activities

Accommodation Options in Krakow

First things first: where to stay. Krakow has plenty of accommodation options to fit your budget and preferences.

Choose from cosy hostels, hotels or spacious apartments to rest your head after a day full of thrilling activities. Keep in mind the location, as you’ll want to be close to the heart of the action.

Hotels in Krakow

Exciting Activities for Your Stag Weekend in Krakow

Now let’s talk activities! Krakow is home to some unique and exhilarating experiences for your stag weekend.

Break out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Some popular Krakow activities include:

  • Escape Room: See if you and your friends can solve puzzles and crack codes to make it out in time.
  • Quad Biking: Race through the countryside for an adrenaline-pumping time.
  • Shooting: Unleash your inner marksman with some target practice, including AK47s.
  • Booze Cruise: Sail down the River Wisla whilst sipping on unlimited drinks and taking in stunning views of the city.
  • Football Match: Put your skills to the test and challenge your mates to a friendly game of footy.

The Coolest Bars and Clubs in Krakow

Once the day’s activities are done, it’s time to experience Krakow’s energetic nightlife. Head to the city’s coolest bars and clubs, which offer cheap drinks to keep the party going all night long.

Pub crawls are a great way to explore the city and ensure that you don’t miss out on any iconic spots.

And if you’re looking to add some spice to your evening, Krakow’s infamous strip clubs won’t disappoint. Enjoy jaw-dropping exotic dance performances in a high-energy atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating your last night of freedom.

Get ready to create lasting memories with your mates on your Krakow stag do. By planning memorable activities, booking the right accommodation, and revelling in Krakow’s buzzing nightlife, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Cheers to an epic stag weekend!

Exciting Stag Do Activities

Axe Throwing Krakow

Feeling a little competitive? Get your adrenaline pumping with some axe throwing in Krakow!


Axe Throwing Krakow

This unique activity is perfect for a stag do that wants to try something new and exciting. Challenge your mates and see who has the best aim during this thrilling session.

Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks

When in Krakow, why not hop on a boat party with unlimited drinks?

Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks

Grab your mates and set sail along the beautiful Vistula River while sipping on your favourite beverages.

Dance the night away to top tracks and soak in the city’s stunning views. Cheers to an unforgettable stag do!

Krakow: VIP Limo Party Tour

Make your stag do a night to remember with a VIP Limo Party Tour.

VIP Limo Party Tour in Krakow

Cruise around Krakow in style, enjoying some chilled drinks and pumping music in your luxurious limo.

This is the perfect way to kick off a night of celebration with your best mates.

Krakow: Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour with a Beer-Expert

For the beer lovers out there, take your stag do to the next level with a Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour.

Polish Beer Tasting Tour in Krakow

Led by a beer-expert, you’ll get to sample some of the best local brews while learning about their history and brewing process. Cheers to an educational and delicious experience!

Indoor Karting

Put the pedal to the metal and challenge your mates to a high-speed race at an indoor karting track in Krakow.

Krakow Indoor Karting

With twists, turns, and exhilarating straightaways, this activity is sure to bring out your competitive spirit.

Shooting Ranges

Test your sharpshooting skills at one of Krakow’s shooting ranges. Choose from an array of firearms and unleash your inner marksman as you take aim at various targets.

Shooting Range in Krakow

This thrilling activity is perfect for stags looking for an adrenaline rush.

Vodka Tasting

Combine fun and culture by going on a vodka tasting session with your mates.

Everyday Krakow Vodka Tasting Tour

Discover the rich history and flavours of Polish vodka while sampling various types. You’ll quickly learn why it’s considered one of the country’s national treasures.

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Gather your troops and bring out your competitive side with a game of paintball.

Paintball in Krakow

Work together, strategise and defeat the opposing team in an exhilarating and action-packed experience.

From Krakow: Extreme Off-Road Quad Bike Tour

For the thrill-seekers, embark on an extreme off-road quad bike tour around Krakow’s stunning countryside.

Extreme off-road quad bike tour around Krakow

Navigate through challenging terrain and enjoy the beautiful landscapes as you ride across picturesque fields and forests.

White Water Rafting

Inject some excitement into your stag do with a white water rafting adventure.

Rafting on Dunajec River in Tatras

Feel the rush as you speed down Krakow’s fast-flowing rapids – an experience guaranteed to give you a serious adrenaline boost.

Museum Visits

Krakow is rich in history, so why not take some time to visit its fantastic museums during your stag do?

Learn about the city’s past and immerse yourself in local culture, all while having a great time with your mates.

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Unforgettable Nightlife

Guided Craft Beer Tour

Get excited for a thrilling night out in Krakow! Discover the lively craft beer scene on a guided tour that takes you to some of the city’s best microbreweries.

Sample a variety of delicious Polish beers, learn about the brewing process and enjoy the cosy ambience of each unique stop on your tour.

Embrace your adventurous side and expand your palate with new and exciting flavours!

Guided Bar Crawls

You wouldn’t want to miss out on Krakow’s incredible bar scene during your stag do. Join a guided pub crawl to experience the best of Krakow’s nightlife.

Meet fellow travellers and locals, let your hair down, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the city’s top bars.

Get an authentic taste of Polish drinking culture while enjoying great company, fantastic drinks deals and good times!

Best vodka tasting in Poland

Nightclubs and Party Spots

Krakow’s nightclubs are an essential part of your unforgettable stag night experience.

These happening party spots offer everything from pulsating beats to extraordinary live music, so you’re sure to find something that gets your heart racing.

Best dancing clubs in Krakow

Dance the night away in stylish clubs or attend one of the many themed parties taking place throughout the city. Here is a brief list of must-visit nightclubs in Krakow:

  • Prozak 2.0: An underground club with a reputation for its techno parties, late-night hours, and thrilling atmosphere.
  • Club Coco: A vibrant venue with multiple rooms playing varied music genres, ensuring a night of non-stop fun.
  • Shakers Club: A trendy club offering a mix of electronic music, international DJs, and regularly organised events.

Strip Clubs in Krakow

For a risqué experience to spice up your stag do, consider visiting one of Krakow’s top strip clubs.

Check out clubs such as Platinum, Players Club or Extaza, which boast outstanding entertainment, a luxurious atmosphere, and gorgeous Polish performers. Indulge your senses, and treat yourself to a night that will leave lasting memories.

Always remember to respect the performers and follow the club’s rules to ensure a fantastic time for all involved!

Culture and Sightseeing

Football Tickets

Hey, football fans! You’ll be amazed at the passion and energy that fills the air when you go to watch a match in Krakow.

Krakow sport

The city has two main teams: Wisła Kraków and Cracovia, and their matches are sure to leave you buzzing with excitement.

Check the schedules and book your tickets for an unforgettable experience on your stag do!

Old Town and Market Square

Get ready to be blown away by the stunning beauty and history of Krakow’s Old Town.

Krakow Old Town
Krakow Old Town

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and wandering around these picturesque streets brimming with culture will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

Don’t miss out on exploring the Market Square, the heart of Old Town and a vibrant spot to enjoy delicious food, charming cafes, and vibrant street performers.

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Some highlights you should definitely visit are:

  • St. Mary’s Basilica: An iconic Gothic church with an impressive altar and an hourly trumpet call.
  • Cloth Hall: An historic shopping hall with all sorts of vendors selling local crafts and souvenirs.
  • Rynek Underground: A fascinating museum under the Market Square revealing the city’s buried secrets.

Rynek Underground museum in Krakow

Kazimierz and the Jewish Quarter

Delve into the rich history and cultural diversity of Krakow in the Kazimierz district, also known as the Jewish Quarter.

You’ll feel the soul of this neighbourhood as you stroll through the cobblestone streets, get entranced by colourful street art, and embrace the thriving cultural scene in this historical gem.

Some must-visit spots in Kazimierz include:

  • Oskar Schindler’s Factory: A thought-provoking museum about Krakow during WWII.
  • Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery: An important historic site showcasing the beauty of Jewish culture and history.
  • Plac Nowy: A lively square filled with bars, cafes, and the famous zapiekanka stalls – perfect for a night out with the lads!

Wieliczka World Heritage

Make sure you also find time to visit the astounding Wieliczka Salt Mine on your trip. This remarkable underground world, filled with glorious salt sculptures and even an entire chapel carved into the salt rock, will leave you speechless.

The Chapel of St. Kinga Wieliczka

So there you have it – a fantastic mix of culture, history, and sightseeing awaits you on your Krakow stag do, making it a truly memorable experience!

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Tasting Polish Cuisine

Get ready for a mouth-watering experience as you dive into the rich flavours of Polish cuisine during your stag do in Krakow! With a wide variety of traditional dishes and beverages, you and your mates are in for a treat.

Begin your gastronomic adventure by heading to a local restaurant in Krakow’s Old Town to enjoy a hearty meal. Savour the taste of a scrumptious two-course meal featuring classic dishes like barszcz (beet soup) and pierogi (dumplings).

Polish soup Barszcz

Meat Based Pierogi in Krakow

And worry not, because Polish cuisine is known for its generous portions, ensuring you’ll leave feeling satisfied.

Of course, your Polish culinary journey wouldn’t be complete without some authentic vodka tasting!


Embrace the Polish tradition and tantalise your taste buds with a range of splendid vodkas. Explore the nuances of different flavours, from classic potato-based spirits to fruity and spicy varieties.

As you wander around Krakow’s vibrant streets, don’t forget to sample some local beers as well. The city is home to several microbreweries crafting unique and refreshing brews that perfectly complement your tasty food escapades.

Head out on a guided pub crawl with your mates, and enjoy five beers each as you experience the best of Krakow’s nightlife.

Nightlife in Krakow

So, as you indulge in the incredible world of Polish cuisine with your friends, remember to take in the lively atmosphere and cheerful spirit of Krakow, creating unforgettable memories on your stag do!

Cheers to a fantastic time filled with fantastic food, vodka, beer, and tons of laughter!

Travelling to and Within Krakow

Congratulations on choosing Krakow for your stag do! You’re going to have an incredible time in this vibrant Polish city. Let’s make sure you know how to get there and navigate the city with ease.

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Arriving to Krakow

First things first, your journey to Krakow will likely begin with a flight. Krakow Airport (John Paul II International Airport) is about 11 kilometres from the city centre, making it a convenient starting point for your trip.

Taxi and parking place in Krakow airport

Upon arrival at the airport, there are a few options for your transfers to the city centre. The most affordable option is taking the bus. There are two lines, 208 and 252, which connect the airport to the city.

You can also opt for the train, which is slightly more expensive but offers a faster and more comfortable ride, reaching the city centre in just 20 minutes.

If you prefer a more personalised mode of transport, taxis and private transfer services are also available outside the airport. Make sure to agree on a price before setting off to avoid any surprises.

Once you’re settled in and ready to explore, you’ll find that getting around Krakow is a breeze. The city has an extensive network of public transport, including buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Tickets are affordable and can be purchased from vending machines at most stops.

Visiting Krakow with Kids

If you want to soak in the atmosphere and really take your time exploring, walking is a great option. Krakow’s city centre is compact, and many of the popular sights are within walking distance of each other.

As you enjoy your stag do activities, don’t forget to check out the Vistula River. It’s the perfect spot for a scenic stroll or a picturesque boat ride. A party boat along the river is a popular option for stag groups. Offering a fantastic blend of city views, music, and of course, drinks.

Looking for inspiration for your Krakow stag party? Check out these articles:

So, there you have it! Travelling to and within Krakow is easy, affordable, and full of opportunities to enjoy the best this city has to offer. Get ready to make some unforgettable memories on your ultimate stag do in Krakow!

Spacious and Comfortable Accommodations

Excited to plan your Krakow stag do? One of the essential aspects of ensuring an unforgettable experience is securing the perfect accommodation for you and your mates!

Krakow offers a brilliant range of hotels and apartments to suit every budget and desire, ensuring you have the best base for your epic weekend.

You’ll be thrilled to discover a fantastic variety of three-star hotels, budget accommodations, and upscale apartments to choose from. Not to mention, the city also has plenty of hostels for those seeking a more affordable experience. Each option guarantees comfort and relaxation after a long day of activities.

Stag-friendly hotels and apartments

Don’t forget to explore the combination of stag-friendly hotels and apartments tailored to meet your group’s needs.

Many accommodations in Krakow cater to stag parties and offer exclusive perks like access to thriving nightlife spots and central locations. This way, you can embrace the excitement of the city while being just a short walk away from your cozy abode.

To make your stay even more memorable, consider opting for accommodations with additional amenities like:

  • Spacious living areas
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Entertainment facilities

So go on, prepare yourself for an amazing time exploring Krakow and participating in thrilling activities.

Your ideal accommodation will be the cherry on top of an unforgettable stag do, providing a comfortable retreat to recharge and recount the day’s adventures!

Expert Guides and Tips

Hey there! Planning a stag do in Krakow? You’re in for a treat! Let’s get you prepared with the best activities, tips, and local insights.

First things first, Krakow is known for its fantastic range of stag activities. You can choose from thrilling options like go-karting, paintball, quad biking, and pistol shooting, or chill out on a private cruise.

If you fancy some adrenaline, you can even experience a dog attack! Don’t worry; these trained dogs will be well-managed by professionals. And if you want to let loose, bubble football and zorbing are great ways to inject excitement into your stag weekend.

Bubble football in Krakow

Now let’s talk about why to take some guided tour with expert guides. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who knows the city like the back of their hand? That’s where our experienced female guides come in.

They can keep you on track during your unforgettable drinking sessions and help you navigate Krakow’s pulsating nightlife. Plus, they’ll give you the scoop on the best watering holes, top tourist spots, and local secrets, ensuring you and your mates have an incredible time.

Oh, and about that hangover – we’ve got your back! We’ll share hangover prevention tips to help you enjoy your stag weekend to the fullest. Drink plenty of water, eat a good meal before you start partying, and pace yourself. These smart steps will go a long way in ensuring you’re ready for yet another day of amazing stag activities.

Being aware of potential tourist traps is essential to keep your stag do budget in check. Our guides will help you steer clear of overpriced bars or services, so you get the best value for money during your trip.

Partying Responsibly and Staying Safe

We know you’re excited about your upcoming Krakow stag do, and we’re here to help ensure you have an amazing time while staying safe and responsible.

Krakow is known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning Polish beauties, making it the perfect destination for a stag weekend abroad.

First and foremost, when enjoying a night out with your mates, always stick together. Explore the buzzing Market Square and Kazimierz neighbourhoods as a group, keeping an eye on each other throughout the night. Remember that you’re in a foreign city, and it’s always best to have your pals by your side.

Alcohol and drinking in Krakow

While indulging in Krakow’s famously cheap beer, be sure to pace yourself. Drink responsibly and know your limits to ensure everyone has a great time without any unnecessary incidents. Hydrating with water and grabbing some local cuisine can also help prevent any unwanted surprises after a night of revelry.

Polish police take a strict approach to public drunkenness. You are not allowed to consume alcohol in public places or you may be fined.

Try Polish street food Zapiekanka.

Zapiekanki in Krakow

If treating the stag to a limo ride around the city or organising a visit to a strip club with gorgeous strippers, be respectful and considerate. Enjoy the company of the lovely Polish beauties but remember that they are professionals, and proper behaviour is expected.

Should you decide to partake in hen or stag do games, make sure they’re good-natured and keep everyone’s enjoyment in mind. This is a chance for you and your friends to let loose and have a blast, but it’s crucial to maintain an appropriate level of fun without crossing any boundaries.

Lastly, ensure all your transportation needs are sorted out well in advance. Having return transfers booked for activities and ensuring everyone knows how to get back to the accommodation will massively decrease the likelihood of any unwanted mishaps. Read our guide for public transportation in Krakow.

Armed with these tips, your stag do in Krakow is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Embrace the excitement, and most importantly, stay safe and responsible while having the time of your life!


You’ve made a fantastic choice planning your stag do in Krakow! This city offers incredible activities and nightlife for you and your mates to have the time of your lives.

With cheap vodka, partying opportunities every night, and gorgeous girls, your Krakow stag do will be legendary!

Some of the top activities to consider are:

  • Party Boat: Hop on-board a party boat and sail down the River Wisla with city views, an on-board DJ, photographer, and best of all, an unlimited bar.
  • Indoor Karting: Put the pedal to the metal and enjoy some friendly competition with your mates at an indoor karting venue.
  • Shooting: Unleash your inner action hero and fire some powerful weapons like the mighty Kalashnikov at a shooting range.
  • Paintball: Release some adrenaline in an outdoor paintball match, perfect for bonding and creating memories with your friends.

Don’t forget to add some flair to your Krakow stag do with a luxury limousine, strippers, or some another small pranks. And, of course, find time to explore the city’s numerous bars, where you can appreciate the famously cheap beer and vibrant nightlife.

Your Krakow stag do is set to be an unforgettable experience that you and your friends will cherish for years to come. So, start planning, get excited, and prepare for an epic stag weekend in Poland’s number one stag destination. Enjoy!


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