Bochnia Salt Mine

A place where boredom doesn't exist

Have you already visited the most interesting places in Krakow and are looking for something new? How about a closed salt mine? Less than 43 kilometers from Krakow, is one – Bochnia Salt Mine – where exploitation was carried out from 1251 to 1990.

Salt mine in Bochnia in Poland

From industry to tourism in the Bochnia Salt Mine

The Salt Mine in Bochnia was established in 1248 and operated dynamically until 1990. For all these years, it brought huge income, through the extracted raw material.

This also affected the city itself – Bochnia, which is also worth visiting. The Salt Mine in Bochnia is one of the oldest, continuously operating industrial plants not only in Poland, but also in Europe.

In 2000, this place was declared a Monument of History, and in 2013 it was included in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Entrance to Salt Mine in Bochnia

Uniqueness of Bochnia Salt Mine

Bochnia Salt Mine can delight not only adult tourists, but also their younger part of visitors. The secrets that hide the tourist labyrinths and sueoroisc of the underground create a unique atmosphere.

All this you will find 250 meters underground and bustling Bochnia.

Underground corridor in the Salt Mine, Bochnia

Its tourist activity began in the 90s of the twentieth century. As we can read on the official website of the mine, today it is becoming a modern center combining tradition with modernity.

Annually, about 200,000 tourists go underground there, and this number is growing every year.

How about an underground sailing?

The Bochnia Salt Mine, as the only mine in Poland, has an underground boat crossing.

Wooden boats sailing on a brine-flooded chamber are registered in the Polish Register of Shipping, just like ships sailing on the seas. One of the attractions is a ride on the underground railway.

Several hundred years of history of mine meets modernity

A special attraction of the Bochnia mine is the Multimedia Exposition. Thanks to this tourists can learn about the history of salt mining, the hardship of mining work as well as the history of Polish.

There are three options have been prepared for tourists, which differ in difficulty level, length of the route, and sightseeing time. The sightseeing options are:

  • The underground route with multimedia exhibition without age limit, duration about 3 hours
  • The underground route with a multimedia exhibition and an underground boat crossing is intended for people over three years of age and lasts about 4 hours
  • The underground route with multimedia exhibition, underground boat crossing and horse road passage is for people over 7 years of age and also lasts about four hours
One of the attractions in the salt mine

Thrill and health benefits in Salt Mine guaranteed!

The route begins with a real mining elevator. It descends at a speed of 2.5 meters per second. After such a dose of adrenaline, it is necessary to equalize the breathing.

Being so many meters underground and breathing mine air is very good for the body. All this is due to the microclimate prevailing there.

Relaxation zone underground

Unique salt chambers, chapels carved in salt, salt sculptures as well as mining tools and equipment create a unique underground city.

Tourists overcome the route on foot, part of the route can be covered by cable car or by boat. Visiting the mine ends with a stay in the largest chamber called Ważyn.

There is a restaurant Ważynek, a souvenir shop, a sports field, a playground for children.

A sport field in Salt Mine

Unprecedented accommodation in Bochnia Salt Mine

The mine also offers underground accommodation. Tourists can opt for a night stay in the salt mine.

Why? It is certainly an amazing experience that will interest those who will listen about your underground experiences. In addition, the climate that prevails there has a positive effect on the respiratory system, costs. It boosts the body’s immunity and reduces allergy symptoms.

A place where you can sleep 250 meters underground

However, sleeping 250 meters underground is not everything. During such a stay, you can take advantage of attractions such as an underground sports field, which is certainly rare, or visit the mines at night.

Attractions for the youngest guests of the mine

Those who control the functioning of the salt mine have not forgotten about the youngest guests – children.

Underground, a mythical Treasurer awaits them, with whom they can experience an unforgettable adventure.

Strolling through the salt corridors, the youngest tourists get to know in detail the kingdom of the Treasurer. Of course, everything under the watchful eye of caregivers.

A mythical Treasurer in Salt Mine in Bochnia

Bochnia Salt Mine is also good for the body

As mentioned earlier, there is a unique atmosphere in the mine. In addition to the impressions made by the underground corridors, our body will thank us for this trip.

The underground aerosol not only reduces allergy symptoms. It also has a positive effect on people struggling with respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

The Ważyn Chamber

All health properties can be used, among others, in the Ważyn Chamber. It is located 248 meters underground and is one of the largest chambers located in the mine.

In addition to resting, you can play basketball, table tennis or read your favorite book lying on a comfortable deckchair.

For the youngest, there is a specially arranged playground.

The playground for kids

Interestingly, the Bochnia Salt Mine is an extraordinary place appreciated by the organizers of many events.

In the basement of the Bochnia mine, sports events have permanently settled: Judo Tournament, Shooting Competition, Free-Flying Model Competition, etc.

What about the costs?

The mine offers the possibility of sightseeing in English. In this case, the regular ticket will cost us 95 PLN, the discounted ticket 80 PLN, and the service with a guide in English 276 PLN.

It’s worth knowing that the price list for organized groups of over 15 people differs from the price per person.

Not only Bochnia!

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