Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting

Krakow Scooter Tour & Food Tasting: A Unique Guide to Poland's Historic Hear

Are you planning a trip to Krakow and looking for a unique way to explore the city? A guided tour on scooters accompanied by food tasting might just be the perfect option for you! This eco-friendly mode of transportation allows you to experience the picturesque streets of Krakow in a relaxed and enjoyable way, while getting to know the city’s rich culture and history.

Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting

During this 2.5-hour tour, you’ll effortlessly glide through the most visited locations in Krakow with a professional English-speaking guide, who will introduce you to both iconic sites and lesser-known gems.

Food tasting is another delightful aspect of the experience, as it gives you an authentic taste of Polish cuisine. So, grab your scooter and prepare yourself for a delightful adventure through the heart of Krakow.

Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter

Krakow City Guided Tour and Scooter Details

E-Scooter Overview

During your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting, you’ll be using an eco-friendly e-scooter as your mode of transportation.

These scooters are easy to use and a fun way to explore the city. You’ll be zipping through the streets of Old Town, Podgórze, and Kazimierz, visiting some of the most famous landmarks as you learn about the local history and culture.

Helmet and Safety

Safety is paramount on your e-scooter tour. Before you start, you’ll be provided with a helmet to wear throughout the journey. Your professional English speaking guide will show you how to operate the e-scooter and ensure you’re comfortable with its controls.

Remember to reserve your spot now and you can pay later. With eco-friendly rides as vibrant as this, you’re sure to create lasting memories while discovering the beautiful city of Krakow on this amazing e-scooter adventure.

Itinerary and Attractions

Start at Szczepanski Square

Your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting begins at the charming Szczepanski Square.

This historic square is an excellent starting point as you hop onto your e-scooter and prepare to explore the sights of this beautiful city.

Explore Ulica Kanonicza

Next, you’ll find yourself gliding down Ulica Kanonicza, one of Krakow’s oldest and most picturesque streets. Admire the lovely architecture and feel the city’s history coming alive as you continue your journey.

Visit Wawel Castle

As you approach the magnificent Wawel Castle, be prepared for a breathtaking sight.

Wawel Castle Entrance

This iconic landmark, located on the banks of the Vistula River, is home to the legendary Wawel Dragon.

Krakow Dragon

Make sure to snap a photo with the dragon before exploring the castle grounds, where you’ll learn about the fascinating history and importance of this royal residence.

Discover Kazimierz and the Jewish District

Cruise along to the vibrant neighbourhood of Kazimierz, known for its rich Jewish heritage. Feel the unique atmosphere as you pass by stunning synagogues and delve into the district’s history.

Synagogues in Kazimierz

Along the way, you’ll have the chance to taste some delicious regional food at selected spots.

The Final Stop at Plac Bohaterów Getta

Finally, your e-scooter adventure will lead you to Plac Bohaterów Getta, a significant historical square in the heart of the city.

Reflect on your journey and take in the beauty of Krakow as you conclude your unforgettable tour.

E-scooter riding in Krakow

Food Tasting

Regional Delicacies

During your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting, you’ll have the chance to stop off at various points to sample some of Poland’s truly delicious cuisine.

Potato pierogi

From Old Town to Kazimierz, indulge your taste buds in traditional dishes native to the region. Be adventurous and try foods like Pierogi, Placki Ziemniaczane, and even a mouthwatering Polish ice cream! Read also Where to Eat the Best Pierogi in Krakow

Trying Vodka

As you explore the beautiful city of Krakow, don’t miss out on an opportunity to taste Poland’s national drink, vodka.

Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour

You’ll find that Polish vodka is one-of-a-kind, with a smooth and crystal-clear taste that sets it apart from others.

As you sample various types, notice the different flavours and styles, from herbal infusions to fruit-based concoctions. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy this authentic taste of Poland.

Polish Cheese

Your tour wouldn’t be complete without sampling some traditional Polish cheese. Be prepared to fall in love with the unique, salty, and rich flavours of cheeses like Oscypek, a smoked sheep’s milk cheese from the Tatra Mountains.

Best Polish Oscypek

Whether enjoyed on its own or combined with other ingredients in Polish dishes, this distinctive cheese is an essential part of your food tasting adventure.

Also try day trips from Krakow:

Shepherd’s House

During your scooter tour, one of the highlights will be a visit to a Shepherd’s House. Here, you’ll have the chance to discover authentic Polish food and drinks in a charming, rustic setting.

Immerse yourself in the traditions and hospitality of Polish countryside life and take away some unforgettable memories from your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting.

Guided Tour Experience

Professional English-Speaking Guide

During your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting, you will enjoy the company of a professional English-speaking guide. This friendly and knowledgeable guide will lead you through the beautiful streets of Krakow, sharing fascinating insights about the city’s history, culture, and local cuisine.

By understanding the city through a native’s perspective, your experience in Krakow will be greatly enriched.

Educational and Cultural Facts

As you zip around the city on your e-scooter, your English-speaking guide will enlighten you with educational and cultural facts that bring life to the sights you’ll see.

You’ll learn about famous landmarks like Florian’s Gate, Wawel Castle, and the historic Kazimierz district.

In addition, you’ll gain cultural understanding by visiting local food stops and tasting authentic Polish dishes. This immersive experience will surely deepen your appreciation for Krakow’s rich history.

Read also:

Off the Beaten Track

Beyond the major tourist attractions, your guide will also take you to some lesser-known spots in the city.

By exploring off-the-beaten-track locations in areas like Podgórze and the Bernatek Bridge, you’ll discover a different side of Krakow and enjoy a unique experience most visitors miss out on.

Venturing into these hidden gems allows you to connect with the authentic atmosphere of the city and make lasting memories during your visit.

Booking and Additional Information

Free Cancellation and Refund Rules

When booking your Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting, it’s good to know that many providers offer free cancellation.

This means you can change your mind and cancel your booking without any hassle or additional fees.

However, it’s essential to check the specific cancellation policy of the tour provider you choose.

Typically, you can expect a full refund if you cancel within a certain time before the tour date, giving you peace of mind when making your reservation.

Tour Options and Special Experiences

Your guided scooter tour includes not only a unique and eco-friendly way to explore Krakow but also some enjoyable food tasting experiences.

To enhance your trip further, you might be interested in additional activities. Some popular extras to consider are:

  • Auschwitz Shuttle: Combine your guided scooter tour with a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. While a sobering experience, it’s an essential part of understanding Krakow’s history.
  • Guided Tours: Go beyond the scooter tour and dive deeper into specific attractions, such as Wawel Castle or Florian’s Gate, by joining guided tours that share expert insights into these iconic sites.
  • Self-Guided Tour: If you prefer to explore at your own pace, a self-guided tour option may be more your style. These tour options provide you with essential information and routes, allowing you to navigate Krakow’s historical streets at your leisure.

Remember, when booking any of these options, you’ll have access to both a professional English-speaking guide and a mobile voucher for a seamless experience. Furthermore, you can usually find providers who offer a lowest price guarantee, ensuring you’re getting the best value for your money on your Krakow adventure.

Enjoy your eco-friendly scooter tour, explore the beautiful city of Krakow, and indulge in delightful local food tastings along the way. The included experiences and additional options will help to make your trip truly memorable and enrich your understanding of this charming Polish city.

Fun for the Whole Family

Looking for a delightful outing with your loved ones? The Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting is perfect for the whole family! This adventure allows you to explore Krakow’s rich history and vibrant culture, all while experiencing the excitement of zipping around on e-scooters.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll find the tour to be suitable for both adults and children. The e-scooters are easy to handle, making them accessible to all ages, and your friendly guide ensures everything runs smoothly. This means your children can comfortably enjoy the tour, freeing you up to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Krakow.

During the tour, you’ll glide through the city streets, passing by famous landmarks and getting a taste of local cuisine. You’ll visit areas such as the Old Town, Podgórze, and Kazimierz, ensuring that you see the best of what Krakow has to offer. The food tasting element adds an extra layer of excitement – who doesn’t love discovering new culinary delights with their loved ones?

In a nutshell, the Krakow City Guided Tour on Scooter & Food Tasting allows you to create unforgettable family memories. So, gather the family and prepare for an exhilarating adventure as you explore Krakow on e-scooters, indulging in tasty treats along the way!


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