Internet in Krakow

Staying Connected in Krakow: A Guide to Internet Access and Services

Krakow, an amazing city in Poland, offers a variety of internet service providers to cater to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses. With over 240 regular offers from both large, recognisable operators and local providers in the Małopolska region, individuals seeking internet services in Krakow have an abundance of choices.

Internet in Krakow

Among the available options, one can find mobile internet packages and 5G plans offered by companies like Play. Additionally, there are multiple broadband offers from providers like T-Mobile, boasting unlimited home internet options.

With such a variety of internet services available, residents and visitors in Krakow can easily find a solution that suits their unique requirements.

While comparing internet providers and offers available in Krakow, it is essential to consider factors like coverage, data limits, speeds, and monthly costs to make an informed decision.

Exploring user reviews and asking for recommendations from locals can also help in identifying the best-suited internet service for one’s needs.

Internet Landscape in Krakow

Internet Penetration and Usage

Krakow, a historic city in Poland, has a well-developed internet landscape that caters to the needs of its residents and visitors.

As Poland is part of the European Union, internet usage and penetration in Krakow adhere to EU standards. Most households in the city have internet access, and public spaces such as cafes and libraries often provide free Wi-Fi for those who require it.

Free wifi in Krakow cafe

Internet usage in Krakow is widespread, with the majority of the populace utilising online services for various purposes, such as communication, shopping, and entertainment.

With the city being a hub of academic and cultural activity, the internet plays a significant role in facilitating research, learning, and knowledge-sharing among its inhabitants.

Best internet in Krakow

Local Internet Service Providers

Several local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate within Krakow, offering a variety of internet services and packages to cater to the diverse needs of the city’s population.

Major players in the market include national providers such as UPC and Orange, as well as regional providers like Netia and Vectra. The competition between service providers creates a beneficial environment for users, as it ensures competitive pricing and a wide choice of internet packages.

For those looking for short-term or non-contractual options, mobile operators offer “internet na kartę” (pay-as-you-go internet) services, which provide internet access through SIM cards and 5G routers. This option is flexible and convenient for people both living in and visiting Krakow, as it allows them to use the internet on the go, without long-term commitment. Read also article Where To Get A SIM Card In Kraków and City Pass Krakow Card

Top Internet Providers in Krakow


Netia is a popular internet service provider in Krakow, offering a range of services for residential users.

They provide competitive pricing and decent customer service. For those seeking free price estimates, Netia’s website offers details on their available plans.

  • Pricing: Varies based on the chosen plan, starting from 69 PLN per month.
  • Contract Durations: 12 or 24-month contracts.
  • Services: Internet, television, and additional packages.


Vectra is another internet service provider in Krakow, known for its value-for-money offerings. They propose only 24-month contracts, and their prices are quite affordable. More information on their services and packages can be found on their official website.

  • Pricing: Starts from 55.90 PLN per month for 100MB/s.
  • Contract Durations: 24-month contracts only.
  • Services: Internet with various speeds and optional add-ons.


UPC is a major player in the telecommunications market and provides internet services throughout Krakow.

They are known for their wide coverage and reliable connection quality. Many customers praise their efficient customer support.

  • Pricing: Comparable to other providers in the market, specific details found on their website.
  • Contract Durations: Usually bundles with cable TV, additional information accessible through their website.
  • Services: Internet, television, and mobile services.

Internet for Work and Travel in Krakow

WiFi Access in the Krakow City

Krakow, being the second-largest city in Poland, offers ample opportunities for work and leisure travellers seeking reliable internet access.

Wifi in restaurants in Krakow

The city has a good internet infrastructure, with an average internet speed of 43 Mbps. Visitors can find numerous cafes, restaurants, and public spaces offering free WiFi connections.

Krakow Main Square Cloth Hall internet

For reliable and unlimited access, travellers can consider using 4G pocket WiFi devices, such as Rent ‘n Connect, which allow connecting multiple devices without any contract, providing convenience while working in Krakow. Read also A Guide to Krakow’s Outdoor Cafes and Restaurants

Internet Solutions for Business Owners

Business owners visiting or setting up operations in Krakow can benefit from the strong digital infrastructure the city provides.

Offering one of the best environments in Europe for remote working, Krakow ranks 40th in the ease of doing business index. This business-friendly environment makes it easier for owners to establish virtual consultations, interact with clients and employees, or conduct research and reviews of their operations.

When choosing an internet service provider, it is important to consider factors such as coverage, speed, reliability, and contractual terms. In Krakow, optic fibre connections are quite widespread, with several operators providing high-speed connectivity.

While some operators might require a contract, it is essential to explore possible short-term agreements or flexible contracts based on your business needs.

To conclude the information, Krakow is a well-connected city with good internet infrastructure, offering ample opportunities for work and travel. Business owners and remote workers can benefit from numerous options for accessing the internet, ensuring a seamless working experience in the city.

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Internet Setup Process in Krakow

Selecting a Provider

When choosing an internet provider in Krakow, it’s essential to consider factors such as price, type, and customer reviews.

Some popular internet service providers in the city include Netia, TP, UPC, and Orange. Researching each company’s plans, quality of service, and customer feedback on platforms such as Yelp can help determine the best provider for your needs.

Activating the Service

After selecting a suitable provider, the next step is to activate the service. This typically involves signing a contract which may have varying lengths, commonly known as the ‘okres umowy’ (contract period).

The activation process, or ‘aktywacja’, can sometimes be time-consuming, especially if it involves multiple parties or installation work.

Equipment and Installation

Upon activation of the service, the provider may supply the necessary equipment such as a modem or Wi-Fi router.

A portable Wi-Fi router can be a good option for individuals who wish to avoid roaming charges. Companies like Polish WiFi offer portable routers rental services with unlimited data.

Installing the broadband equipment can vary between providers. Some may offer professional installation, while others provide self-installation kits with instructions. Keep in mind that installation can take time, and there may be a waiting period for equipment delivery.

To ensure a smooth internet setup process in your Krakow apartment, consider the following steps:

  • Research providers thoroughly, read reviews, and compare plans.
  • Expect waiting times for activation, equipment delivery, and installation.
  • Confirm if the provider offers professional installation or self-installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fastest internet provider?

Selecting the fastest internet provider in Kraków depends on individual preferences and location. Consumers should consider their needs and budgets, and conduct additional research on available providers.

Best fibre broadband?

There are several companies offering fibre broadband internet service in Kraków. It’s advised to check the availability of services in your area, as it may vary by location. Comparing customer reviews and prices can help determine the best choice for your personal requirements.

Top Wi-Fi spots?

Kraków is a vibrant city with plenty of Wi-Fi spots available for both tourists and locals. Popular locations include cafés, shopping malls, public parks, libraries, and cultural centres. It is advisable to stay cautious and avoid using unprotected public networks to maintain internet security.

Reliable internet companies?

Kraków has a host of internet service providers, ranging from large telecom companies to local businesses. Reliability may vary between providers; hence, potential users should research customer reviews, prices, and potential contracts or setup fees.

Free Wi-Fi locations?

Free Wi-Fi can typically be found in various locations throughout the city, such as public libraries, cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, and parks. However, always opt for protected networks to maintain the security of your devices and data.

Network coverage in Krakow?

Network coverage in Kraków is generally extensive, encompassing both urban and suburban areas. Providers offer a range of services and speeds, accommodating various needs. To ensure the best possible connection, research available companies and their respective network coverage in your area.


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