Where To Get A SIM Card In Krakow

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Travelling to the charming city of Kraków and planning to stay connected with family and friends back home? One of the most convenient ways to do that is by getting yourself a local SIM card. With a local SIM card, travellers can enjoy seamless mobile connectivity, getting the best out of mobile data and making local and international calls without breaking the bank.

Where To Get A SIM Card In Kraków

Upon arrival at Kraków Airport, visitors can find shops and kiosks that sell SIM cards. Alternatively, just five minutes away from the Old Town lies the popular Galeria Krakowska shopping mall, which also offers an array of telecommunications services, including SIM card purchasing options.

This shopping centre caters to a variety of needs, making it easy for travellers to acquire a mobile plan that suits their requirements.

Where To Get A SIM Card In Krakow

Visitors should be assured that options for getting a SIM card in Kraków are plentiful and accessible in many strategic locations throughout the city.

By obtaining a local SIM card, travellers can stay connected and share their wonderful experiences in Kraków with loved ones in a cost-effective manner.

Purchasing a SIM Card in Kraków

Airport Options

Upon arriving at Kraków Airport, travellers can find various options to buy a SIM card.

There are newsagents, such as Relay, which stock SIM cards. To activate them, remember to register the SIM card as per the Polish law (since July 2016). Each mobile operator has specific procedures to follow, so it is essential to check the requirements.

Train Station and Bus Station

Krakow Glowny train stationIf you are arriving via train or bus to Kraków, you are likely to pass through the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall.

This location is just five minutes from the Old Town and an excellent opportunity to purchase a SIM card in the mall’s shops or kiosks.

Several telecom providers, including Play, Orange, Plus, and T-Mobile, offer their prepaid data SIM cards, each with different prices and coverage.


Retail Stores and Kiosks in Central Kraków

In central Kraków, you can conveniently find retail stores or kiosks selling SIM cards from the main Polish mobile operators: Play, Orange, Plus, and T-Mobile.

It is worth noting that Plus has the best coverage and speed with their 4G network, while Play is considered the most affordable option.

When looking for a SIM card, consider the following options:

  • Play: Affordable, available in most shops and kiosks
  • Orange: Popular, available in branded stores and other retail outlets
  • Plus: Best coverage and speed, available in branded stores and other retail outlets
  • T-Mobile: Available in branded stores and other retail outlets, does not offer LTE yet

Each provider offers various plans, so make sure to compare them before deciding which SIM card to purchase. Keep in mind that you will need to register the SIM card to comply with Polish law.

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Popular Network Providers in Kraków


Play is a popular network provider in Poland, offering various plans for customers in Kraków. They have competitive rates and good coverage throughout the city.

Many customers find their service reliable and efficient. According to some reviews, their customer service is commendable, making it a top choice for travellers and residents alike.


Orange is another leading network provider in Kraków, known for its excellent coverage and competitive prices.

They offer a range of plans to suit different needs, and their customer service is highly rated by users.

Orange has a strong presence in Poland, and their network infrastructure ensures a reliable connection for customers throughout the city.


Plus is a well-established network provider in Poland, offering plans with attractive data allowances.

We recommends buying a Plus SIM card for travelling in Poland, as they have the best 4G/5G network coverage.

For $1.5 USD, customers can get 6GB of data valid for 2 weeks. This makes Plus a popular choice for tourists and residents in Kraków who require a robust and cost-effective mobile service.


T-Mobile is a global telecoms giant with a significant presence in Kraków. They offer a variety of plans to suit different budgets and usage requirements.

Customers praise T-Mobile’s reliable coverage throughout the city and their customer service is known for being responsive. As a widely recognised brand, T-Mobile is trusted by many users in Poland.

In summary, Play, Orange, Plus, and T-Mobile are some of the most popular network providers in Kraków. They all offer competitive pricing, reliable coverage, and good customer service.

Travellers and residents in Kraków can choose from these providers based on their specific needs and preferences.

Types of SIM Card Packages

When looking for a SIM card in Kraków, there are several options to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.

In this section, we will discuss three types of SIM card packages available in the market: Prepaid SIM Cards, Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband, and International SIM Cards.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Prepaid SIM cards offer a convenient and cost-effective way for travellers to stay connected while in Kraków.

These SIM cards come with preloaded data, call, and text allowances that can be used during your stay. Some popular data packages include:

  • 10GB of data
  • 12GB of data
  • 24GB of data

These packages often include unlimited calls and texts within Poland, allowing you to communicate with ease.

Most prepaid SIM cards have 4G and some even support 5G, offering fast and reliable internet connections. When you run out of your allowances, you can easily top up your SIM card at local stores or online.

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

A Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband (PAYG MBB) is an option suitable for travellers who require a flexible internet connection without committing to a monthly plan.

With PAYG MBB, you can purchase a specific data allowance and use it as needed, giving you more control over your usage. Common PAYG MBB options include:

  • 10GB of data
  • 12GB of data
  • 24GB of data

It is important to note that the European Union’s “Roam Like at Home” regulations apply to PAYG MBBs, which means you can use your allowances in other EU countries without incurring extra charges.

International SIM Cards

If you are a frequent traveller or plan to visit multiple countries, you may consider opting for an International SIM card.

These SIM cards work across several countries, including Poland, and provide a seamless communication experience. Data allowances vary, but popular options include:

  • 10GB of data
  • 12GB of data
  • 24GB of data

International SIM cards often come with call and text allowances as well, allowing you to stay connected with friends and family back home. Although they may cost more upfront than local SIM cards, the convenience of having a single SIM card that works across multiple countries can be an attractive option for some travellers.

In conclusion, the type of SIM card package you choose will depend on your communication and data usage needs. Consider your travel plans, preferences and budget when selecting a SIM card package in Kraków.

Mobile Data and Free WiFi in Kraków

WiFi Availability

In central Kraków, there are abundant options for accessing free WiFi, especially in public places such as cafes, hotels, and even shopping centres like Galeria Krakowska.

Moreover, most Kraków hotels provide free WiFi to their guests, ensuring that visitors are always connected.

Charging Points

When it comes to keeping your devices charged, numerous charging points can be found throughout the city.

Cafes and restaurants are often equipped with charging points for customers, and public facilities such as libraries and shopping centres also offer charging stations for a quick power boost.

Many hotels in Kraków also provide charging points in their rooms.

Where To Buy SIM Card In Krakow

Public Internet Access

Additionally, John Paul II International Airport offers 15 minutes of free WiFi, allowing travellers to stay connected upon arrival.

However, the airport does not have dedicated mobile phone or SIM card shops, so it is recommended that visitors find SIM cards in central Kraków once they have settled into the city.

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Additional Information and Travel Tips

Registration of SIM Cards

When purchasing a SIM card in Kraków, it is important to remember that you will need to register it as per the new law, which came into effect in July 2016. Failure to do so will render the SIM card inactive.

Each mobile operator has different rules concerning registration, which can often be completed at the point of purchase.

Using a KrakowCard

A convenient option for travellers exploring Kraków is the use of a KrakowCard. This unique card offers holders free public transport, discounts at select restaurants, and free entrance to key attractions in central Kraków.

The City Pass Krakow Card can be purchased online or at various tourist information centres across the city.

When using your card for public transport, simply scan the card upon entering the vehicle, ensuring you follow the rules on card usage.

Roaming Charges within the European Union

For travellers visiting Kraków from within the European Union (EU), roaming charges have been abolished since June 2017. This means that when using your EU-registered phone, you will not incur additional costs for making calls, sending texts, or using data within the EU.

This is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid plans. However, it is essential to double-check with your home mobile network operator for any specific terms and conditions before travelling to avoid surprises.

In conclusion, registering your SIM card when purchasing one in Kraków is crucial, as is understanding European roaming regulations. Additionally, considering the use of a KrakowCard for your stay can offer valuable benefits in terms of transport, attractions and dining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best network in Poland?

There are several mobile networks in Poland, including Orange, Play, Plus, and T-Mobile. The choice largely depends on individual usage and requirements, such as call and data allowances as well as network coverage. It is advisable to compare network plans and coverage maps before settling on a provider.

SIM card at Kraków Airport?

Yes, you can purchase a SIM card at Kraków Airport. There are shops and kiosks within the airport where travellers can buy a data-plan SIM card.

If you prefer to buy one from a specific provider or a more extensive option, you might want to wait until you reach the city centre, where there are numerous mobile shops.

How to activate Polish SIM?

To activate a Polish SIM card, insert the card into your mobile phone and follow the instructions provided by the network provider.

Typically, an activation code or short message will be sent to guide you through the process. Be sure to have your mobile phone unlocked to use international SIM cards.

ID needed for SIM purchase?

Identification is required when purchasing a SIM card in Poland. You will need to present a valid passport or national ID card during the purchase process. A photocopy of the document may not be sufficient.

Carrefour selling SIM cards?

Carrefour supermarkets often sell SIM cards in their electronic section, although the availability of specific networks and the variety of packages may vary depending on the store. It is also possible to find SIM cards at other retail shops or mobile provider shops in Kraków.

Orange or Plus SIM?

Both Orange and Plus are popular mobile networks in Poland, and each offers various plans, packages, and coverage.

The choice between the two mainly depends on your specific requirements, such as call and data allowances, roaming options, and network coverage in your area. To determine the most suitable provider, compare their plans and coverage maps before purchasing a SIM card.


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