Krakow: Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant

Take a trip back in time with the Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant - a unique way to discover the history of Krakow

When you are in Krakow you must visit Nowa Huta districtformer communist town created to provide steel for Soviet industry. We highly recommend you to take vintage tour in Krakow: Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant.

Thanks to this tour you will discover life of post war – communist era in Poland. Nowa Huta is locate on north east of Krakow. Nowadays its a district of Krakow. But in past its was separated town, build just after World War Two, by Soviets to supply own industry with steel.

Nowa Huta was created by Soviet architects and planists, where you can feel communist brutalism with tall concrete buildings.

Krakow Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant

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Krakow Communism Tour

Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant in Krakow

Nowa Huta nowadays started to transform from brutalism into modernism, but still you will feel here old atmosphere. This tour will be done by old car Trabant – famous in past era in Poland. Trabants were manufactures in Saxony, Germany.

During a tour you will see how town was modelled, with hundreds of apartments for workers of Steel Mill.

In Krakow Old Town you can see mostly local touristic product, not people who actually live there. But in Nowa Huta Trabant Tour you have unique chance to see real life of Polish people.

Guide will take you to various areas and places – you will have a chance to check communist restaurant and Milk Bar. Where for only 3 EUR you can get a lunch.

Communist Trabant Tour

Kraków: Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant, Steelworks Visit, and Vodka Tasting

Most important place during a tour is visit of Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks – in past it was Lenin Steelworks.  Where in past worked more then 40 000 people, working in steel industry.

This tour is like time machine to the past – guide will take you to one apartment, which did not changed from 60 years, where you will see propaganda posters, black/white old fashion TV, glass cabinets with trinkets, no hot water in tap, old newspapers. At some point you will be offered shots of vodka and pickles.

What includes the Crazy Communism Tour by Trabant:

  • Private 3-hour tour with pick up
  • Travel in a oldfashion Trabant car
  • English-speaking local guide from Nowa Huta
  • Visits in old-fashioned restaurant and Milk Bar
  • Exhibition of real-life Communist items in Nowa Huta appartmen
  • Vodka tasting


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