Krakow Energylandia park

Escape to a world of fun and adventure at Energylandia

Krakow Energylandia park is biggest amusement park in Poland. This park is offering various attractions and activities. It is the most popular park in last years.

Fun and adventure at Krakow Energylandia park

Krakow Energylandia Park

Energylandia park is located in Zator town, it’s located on west of Krakow, where you can go by car or bus – Energylandia have own bus line from Main Krakow bus station.

Energylandia biggest rollercoaster

Energylandia Park is divided into 6 zones:

  • Fairytale Land
  • Family zone
  • Extreme zone
  • Water Park
  • Dragon Town
  • Aqualantis


Fairytale Land

Its a kids dreams zone – where they will meet all favourite characters from stories, and fairy tales. Its a world from cartoon and movies, when you and your kids will see adventures for various amazing characters, heroes, pets, and numerous magical creatures.

Its really safe zone for young kids, where they can use carousels, mini coasters, or even planes and cars.

Fairy Tales Krakow Amusement Park

Family zone

It´s zone devoted to have fun with whole family, but be aware, that there are some attractions with minimal high of 140 cm.

In this zone, you can have fun on roller coasters, which are not so scary, and its more family fun, rather then adrenaline, which you can find in other zone of Energylandia  park. There is Formula 1 autodrome, sightseeing train and water rides for families.


Extreme zone

Extreme zone is devoted for people who love adrenaline, and for that ones who like to face with there fears. Its fun and excitement for various people. Its most popular zone in Energylandia  park, where youth and older people look for fun, and something which bring harder emotions.

Here you can find more then 10 different extreme options for you, enormous pendulum, fastest and biggest rollercosters in Poland, 40 meter Space Booster with 100 km/h speed, Megacoster Hyperion – which is biggest and fastest in whole Europe [142 km/h], Water Coaster.

Extreme rolercoaster Krakow

Water Park

Water Park is an tropical island with lot of water attractions. Big Milk Water Park – it’s place for fun and for rest. Where you can relax in shade under umbrella and your kids will have fun in water, but they are under supervision of lifeguards. Whole place look a like exotic island, with clear and crystal water.

Tropical Fun – its a placer where you will have a lot of fun in 14 different slides, which are selected for different age groups, and with different level of difficulty. Some of them are slow, some are relaxing and other ones are crazy and extreme.

Exotic Fun is biggest open water park in Poland. Water park zone operating mostly in summer time, because of weather conditions.

Dragon Town

Its fantasy park, it looks like take straight from Witcher, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Path and streets looks a like from medieval Gothic stories, with amazing architecture, castle, and atmosphere made by torches and decorations will make you will love this Dragon town.

Biggest attraction here is Zadra wooden coaster – which is tallest wooden coaster in world, with a speed of 121 km/h. Its a journey to medieval fantasy world of fairy tales, magic and dragons.



It´s newest part of Energylandia open in 2021. Its a zone where you will discover ancient Atlantis. Abyssus is biggest attraction, and temple of sea God, where in boats you can discover this mysterious sea kingdom. Where you will need to watch out to not wake up of sleeping sea God, and survive your journey to solving secret of Abyssus.

Aqualantis in Krakow Energylandia


Energylandia amusement park

How to reach Krakow Energylandia Park

Energylandia is located in Zator town near Krakow at street Aleja 3 Maja. You can easily reach this place with your car, which you can also rent in Krakow. Or you tak take a bus from Main Bus Station in Krakow. They operate every hours to the way of Energylandia.

When is Energylandia Park open


Energylandia is open between 10:00 – 20:00 everyday. But be aware that to see and try everything what you want may take many hours, so it´s not so smart to just come at evening for 60 minutes. Your ticket allowed you to try everything what is inside a park. Take swimming suit to be prepare for water fun.

You should plan this trip to Energylandia from morning, so you will be able to try everything. In park you can have safe fun, adventure and time for relax and eating, there are various restaurants and different types of food.


Tips for Krakow Energylandia Park


  • plan your day, and arrive early
  • if you are afraid of extreme coaster you should try different types of them in park
  • you can come with car and park in parking spot
  • take swimming suit
  • day before visiting the park we advice you to not party hard and do not drink alcohol
Energylandia Water Park


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