Extreme Shooting Range in Krakow

Shooting Range in KrakowTest and practice your shooting skills in safety at the largest extreme shooting range in Krakow. Practice for a few hours firing with a variety of weapons, including AK 47s, Uzis, Glock pistols and many others.

Krakow Gun Range

Learn how to handle and shoot up to 33 different types of gun at the largest shooting range in Krakow. Test your skills with a variety of weapons, including AK 47 Kalashnikov rifles, Glock pistols and sniper rifles, depending on option booked.

Compare scores with your friends and see who has the most accurate aim. Get some time to take souvenir photos with the guns at the end of the shooting practice session, and take home your targets as a unique souvenir.

Choose from different of programs to suit your preference, and then benefit from the services of a professional instructor who will teach you how to hold a gun, take aim and shoot at targets to score maximum points. Experience what it feels like to fire a shotgun so powerful that the metal target has to be changed each week!

You will get your own target as a special souvenir. And after the end of the shooting practice a cold beer is waiting for you.

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