How to get to Krakow from Warsaw

Quick and easy travel from Warsaw to Krakow: a guide

Krakow as the most important Polish tourist destination has a number of connections to the capital. Below are suggestions on how to get from Warsaw to Krakow.

How to get to Krakow from Warsaw

Options how to travel from Warsaw to Krakow

Travelling by Bus

FlixBus operates connections between Warsaw and Krakow. There are 8 connections daily from Warszawa Zachodnia to Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy.

At such times as: 06:35, 09:00, 12:00, 15:30. 16:20, 17:45, 18:30, 19:30. Journey time over a distance of 290 kilometres is about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The average price with a one-way course Warsaw – Krakow is 25-30 PLN. This option is one of cheapest but take a time to get to Krakow.


Travelling by Train

Rail connections on the route Warsaw Central and Kraków Główny are offered by the Polish State Railways Intercity. 26 connections are made every day.

At such times as: 04:37, 05:35, 06:35, 07:34, 07:48, 08:35, 09:45, 10:04, 10:40, 11:35, 12:30, 13 : 30, 14:25, 14:40, 15:35, 16:25, 16:51, 17:13, 17:35, 18:35, 18:45, 19:20, 19:40, 20:30 , 22:30, 22:35. There are two types of TLK trains – Cheap Railway Lines and EIC – Express InterCity as well as EIP – Express InterCity Premium.

The TLK journey takes 4 hours, where a second-class ticket costs 55-65 PLN. The EIC journey takes 4 hours and 30 minutes, where a second-class ticket costs 60 – 150 PLN. In contrast, the EIP journey takes 2 hours and 20 minutes, where a second-class ticket costs PLN 150.

There is a varied offer with the possibility of budget travel or twice as expensive but also twice as fast. TLK has lowest comfort, where highest is in EIP trains.

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Intercity tran to Krakow

Travelling by Airplane

The flight from Warsaw to Krakow takes place from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Krakow Airport John Paul II. Daily connections are handled by the Polish company LOT. 10 connections are made every day. At such times as: 07:15, 07:30, 10:35, 10:40, 13:20, 13:30, 15:20, 16:30, 19:40, 22:50. A direct flight to Krakow is 55 minutes. The price is 139 PLN for an economy class flight.

This is the fastest option to get to Krakow, but you should remember to add a check-in to Chopin Airport, as well as on arrival in Krakow to get to the city Center. Journey looks short, but additional time on airport might not be best option.

how to travel to Krakow

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