Krakow Electric car tour

Tour with electric car in Krakow

Golf cars in Krakow are used in tourism from 30 years already. Its fastest way to visits everything important in city. Electric car tour is highly recommended for travellers who do not have a lot of time in Krakow, or for those ones who cant walk much.

Polish people call it Melex, other Golf carts, electric car tour is really popular from last years.

Its ecological, silent, and can go almost everywhere in streets of Krakow. With own audio system can provide audio guide in more then 30 languages.

Electric car tour can be efficient if you do not have much time for walking. Quickly you can travel from monument to monument and listen professional audio guide made by licenced Krakow’s guides.

Types of electric car tour in Krakow

Besides more then 30 official audio guides, there is various number of tours provided with golf cart in Krakow.

You can take Old Town Tour, Jewish Quarter Tour, Ghetto Tour, Schindler Factory Tour. Each of them have different history and will take you to different locations of city.

Electric car tour golf cart

Krakow Old Town electric car tour

During this tour driver take you in most important streets of Krakow, showing you 1000 year history of Royal City.

You will visit Main Market Square, University District, Royal Castle Area, Defensive Walls Garden, and many more. On your path you will have numerous churches, statues and monuments from Medieval and Renaissance times.

During this tour you will feel spirit of old medieval times, while listening stories and legends. Duration of a tour is around 40 minutes.

Golf cart tour in Old Town
Source: Google Maps

Jewish Quarter Electric Car Tour

This tour is fully devoted to history Polish and Jews living in Poland in Kazimierz. In past Kazimierz was and island – town separated from Krakow. Where settled many Jews, who flourished culture, economy, and architecture of this area.

We also recommend these activities and tours in Krakow:

Jewish Quarter have seven synagogues [Old, Rehmu, High, Wolf Popper, Izaak, Tempel] and four churches [Corpus Christi, saint Catharine, saint Trinity, and monastery of Paulin’s], there is one cemetery – Remuh. Main place in Kazimierz iz Wolnica Square with old Town-hall.

Synagogues in Kazimierz

In past Kazimierz was town in a town – Jewish people tried to create own community in this town and they created even own defensive walls to protect themselves, nowadays only two parts of walls survived.

During this tour you will discover magical atmosphere of this area, which is different then Main Market Square in Old Town. Duration of a tour is around 35 minutes.

Golf cart tour in Electric car Jewish Kazimierz
Source: Google Maps

Krakow Ghetto Electric Car Tour

Before World War II, Kraków was inhabited with 70 000 Jews, and when German invaded Poland, they created Jewish Ghetto in Podgórze Disctrict in 1941. From where all citizens were evicted, where almost 20 000 of Jews were located.

Area was surrounded by walls and barbed wire. 13–14 March 1943 was horrible night, when thousand of Jews were killed by Nazi, while doing “liquidation” of Jewish Ghetto.

This tour will emerge you in history of Polish Jews, war, suffering and liberation of survivors. Duration of a tour is around 35 minutes.

Golf cart tour in ghetto
Source: Google Maps

Oscar Schindler’s Factory Electric Car Tour

Oscar Schindler is one of important people who lived in Krakow. We was director of factory which was producing equipment for German army in Krakow.

Schindler hired hundred of Jews from Płaszów work camp, then he saved them from being killed. He manage to save more then 1200 lives during WW II.

Nowadays in his factory you can find museum showing history of Polish and Jews working 80 years go during bad wartime, also museum show how Krakow looked during a war, also you can know more history about Schindler. He was honoured by Israel government with title  “Righteous Among the Nations”.

During this tour you will learn about Schindler Museum and you will enter for sightseeing into museum. Duration of a tour is around 120 minutes.

Golf cart tour in Schindler Factory
Source: Google Maps

Why to choose electric car tour?

  • It’s ecological
  • Silent for citizens
  • Quick way of sightseeing
  • It provides more then 30 option of audio guide
  • It’s working 24/7 after booking
  • You can chat with a driver and get more information and recommendation
  • After tour driver can take you wherever you want


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