Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour

Experience the Best of Polish Spirits: Krakow's Private Vodka Tasting Tour Guide

Krakow, a picturesque city steeped in history, offers travellers a unique opportunity to explore its rich culture through its most popular tradition – vodka tasting. As Poland’s national drink, vodka holds an esteemed place in the hearts of locals, making private vodka tasting tours an essential experience for anyone visiting the city. One such tour that has garnered a strong reputation is the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour, taking participants on an unforgettable journey through some of the best vodka bars in town.

Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour

The tour aims to educate guests on the history, culture, and production of Polish vodka while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere.

With knowledgeable guides leading the way, participants can expect to visit various venues, savouring an array of authentic Polish vodkas.

As they sip their way through the city, guests will be treated to an assortment of traditional snacks and appetisers, further immersing them in the local customs.

Designed for a lively group of friends or family, the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour ensures a memorable experience for all involved.

By participating in this quintessential Polish activity, travellers will gain an inside look into the nation’s vodka-drinking traditions and learn how to truly appreciate this cherished beverage.

Vodka Tasting Experience in Krakow

So, on your next visit to Krakow, why not consider embarking on this private vodka tasting adventure for an unforgettable experience?

The Vodka Tasting Experience

Tasting Process

The Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour offers a unique insight into Poland’s national drink. Led by a knowledgeable guide, participants embark on a journey through historic Krakow, visiting three to four carefully chosen venues.

At each location, guests will engage in the traditional Polish ritual of vodka tasting, with the opportunity to sample up to seven different kinds of vodka, including a flaming absinthe shot.

Vodka Selection

The featured vodka selection on the tour encompasses a variety of authentic Polish brands, showcasing the best of their vodka production.

Polish Wodka Zubrowka

Distinct flavours and types are explored, providing a comprehensive experience of Poland’s rich spirit-making heritage.

While the specific brands may vary, the tour ensures that guests are exposed to the high-quality products that truly represent Polish vodka.

Food Pairings

To further enhance the cultural experience, the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour features food pairings, allowing participants to enjoy traditional Polish appetizers alongside their vodka tastings.

The tour includes a pierogi (dumpling) tasting, a beloved staple in Polish cuisine.

Pierogy in Krakow

The accompanying snacks are carefully selected to complement the distinct flavours of each vodka, further immersing guests into the spirit of Polish traditions during weddings, family events, and gatherings with friends.

Tour Itinerary

Meeting Point

The Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour starts by gathering at a designated location in the city.

In most cases, the meeting point is centrally located for convenience and easy access by all participants.


The tour usually lasts between 2 to 3 hours, providing ample time for participants to sample various kinds of Polish vodka, learn about the history and culture of this popular beverage, and visit the selected venues.

Tour Stops

During the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour, participants have the opportunity to visit 3 to 4 carefully chosen venues, where they can taste up to 7 different kinds of Polish vodka.

Best vodka tasting in Poland

Each venue offers its own unique atmosphere and selection of vodkas, showcasing the variety and richness of this traditional Polish drink.

  • Venue 1: The first stop typically introduces participants to the basics of vodka tasting, with samples of popular Polish vodkas and accompanying appetisers.
  • Venue 2: At the second venue, guests may experience more unique and specialised vodkas or even try a flaming absinthe shot, adding a touch of excitement to the tour.
  • Venue 3: The third stop often focuses on the traditional aspects of Polish vodka culture, such as customs during weddings, family events, and meetings with friends, while continuing to offer a good selection of vodkas to taste.
  • Venue 4 (Optional): Some tours may include a fourth stop, which might incorporate a premium tour experience combining vodka tasting with delicious samples of Polish cuisine, introducing participants to even more flavours and traditions of Poland.

Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides provide insights into the history, production, and cultural practices surrounding Poland’s national drink.

They also share some fun and interesting facts about the role of vodka in Polish society, ensuring a great balance of learning, tasting, and experiencing Polish culture on this Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour.

Private Vodka Tasting Tour Krakow

Krakow Vodka Tasting Tour Booking and Pricing

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide offers a convenient platform for booking the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour. The booking process is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for travellers to reserve their spot online.

The website also provides detailed information about the tour, including its duration, meeting point, and what to expect.

Ticket Options

There are two ticket options available for the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour:

  • 2-hour vodka tasting tour: This option includes tasting 5 vodkas at 3 different venues and trying selected appetisers.
  • 3-hour vodka tasting tour: This more extended tour involves tasting 7 vodkas at various venues, along with selected appetisers.

To suit the preferences and schedules of different travellers, it is essential to carefully consider these options before booking the tour.

Group Size

The Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour caters to various group sizes, ensuring a personalised experience for all participants.

Whether you’re travelling with a group of friends or solo, the private guide will make sure that everyone has a memorable experience while sampling exquisite Polish vodkas.

Cancellation Policy

To provide flexibility to travellers, most booking platforms offer a free cancellation policy, allowing customers to cancel their booking without any penalties within a specified timeframe.

Be sure to check the cancellation policy of the specific platform you are using, as the terms and conditions may vary depending on the provider.

Additional Information

Participant Requirements

The Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour is designed for those who are interested in tasting and learning about Polish vodka.

Participants must be at least 18 years old, as this is the legal drinking age in Poland.

It is also advisable for participants to have a moderate level of physical fitness, as some walking between venues may be required. Lastly, it is highly recommended that participants drink responsibly and know their personal limits.

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The tour aims to be inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

Most of the venues visited during the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour are wheelchair friendly, but it is advisable for those with mobility concerns to contact the tour provider for more detailed information.

For individuals with hearing impairments, it might be useful to attend the tour with a companion who can communicate the guide’s information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices for Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tours can vary depending on the provider and the tour package chosen. It’s recommended to check with the specific tour company for their pricing and available options.

What’s the tour duration?

The duration of a Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour can vary. Tours typically last around 2-4 hours, but this can be shorter or longer depending on the number of bars visited and the activities involved in the tour.

Which bars are visited?

The specific bars visited during a Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour may depend on the tour company and their chosen itinerary.

Generally, the tour will visit several shot bars and pubs that are popular among locals and offer a wide selection of Polish vodkas to sample.

How many vodka samples?

The number of vodka samples provided during a Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour can vary, but typically, participants will have the opportunity to taste around 5-7 different vodkas.

This allows guests to experience a range of flavours and learn about various types of Polish vodkas, their history, and how they are produced.

Are snacks included?

Snacks are often included in Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tours to help balance the consumption of alcohol and enhance the flavours of the different vodkas.

You can expect simple but traditional Polish snacks to be served alongside the vodka samples.

What’s the group size?

The group size for a Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour can vary depending on the tour company and the package you choose.

Private tours can be tailored to accommodate smaller groups for a more personal experience. The larger group options might also be available for those wishing to meet new people and share the experience with others.


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  1. Man, the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour was straight up incredible. Our guide, really knew his stuff. He took us to some hidden gem bars and introduced us to some seriously smooth vodkas. The food pairings were also delicious – who knew vodka could go so well with traditional Polish snacks? I’d take this tour again in a heartbeat.

  2. I recently went on the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour, and it exceeded all my expectations!

  3. Oh my god, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the Krakow Private Vodka Tasting Tour was! Our guide, Magda, was an absolute gem. She took us to the best local spots and taught us so much about the history and culture behind Polish vodka. I never knew there were so many delicious varieties! This tour was definitely the highlight of my trip to Krakow.

  4. Yo, if you’re in Krakow and love vodka, you HAVE to take this Private Vodka Tasting Tour. Our guide, was a total legend. He knew all the best places to go and even introduced us to some unique vodka flavors I’d never tried before. The food pairings were also on point. I left the tour feeling happy, full, and a little bit tipsy!

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