Poland’s currency – Travellers Guide about Polish money

Poland is member state of European Union but DO NOT have implemented Euro. Poland’s currency is PLN – Polish Zloty [Polski Złoty]. 1 Euro is 4,50 PLN, so we could simplify that for one Euro you could have around 4 PLN. 1 GBP is 5,10 PLN also 1 USD is 4,15 PLN.

Poland currency banknotes


Poland’s currency PLN contain coins and banknotes. Coins are like small cents:

1 grosz0,01 PLN
2 grosze0,02 PLN
5 groszy0,05 PLN
10 groszy0,10 PLN10 złotych10,00 PLN
20 groszy0,20 PLN20 złotych20,00 PLN
50 groszy0,50 PLN50 złotych50,00 PLN
1 złoty1,00 PLN100 złotych100,00 PLN
2 złote2,00 PLN200 złotych200,00 PLN
5 złotych5,00 PLN500 złotych500,00 PLN


This mean if you want to pay in Poland by cash you can do it only in PLN. Euro, Dollars and Pound are not accepted in bars, restaurants and shops. You can exchange currency in your own country or in Krakow. We highly do not recommand to exchange money in airports, also few places in centre of Krakow are have bad rates. Exchange Office in Polish is – KANTOR where you could get Poland currency.


Few exchange offices do trick to cheat tourists – they show good price for buying PLN not selling for for transactions over 3000 euro. Always ask how much you will get for amount of money which you want to exchange and calculate with official data, which you can access in internet. Good solution is to have installed in phone and app for currencies and have updated rates of Polish currency everyday.

Money in Poland
We recommand “Kantor Grosz” Sławkowska 4 street. Its almost in Main Square and have really good grades. Open 9:00 -18:00 Mon-Fri.
“KANTOR EUROCENT” – Sławkowska 18 street. Open 9:00 – 19:00 whole week.


Perfect option in Krakow is to use payments by Card. Most of places in Krakow allows to pay by Card – MasterCard and Visa. With card you can pay in hotels, bards, discos, shops. Polish government slowly change society to use mostly plastic money, and to withdraw cash from current. Also Revolut is and idea to save money – where you could have virtual account with PLN and money will be deducted from this account while paying with Revolut card.

Bank Cards in Poland poland's currency


Cash Machines called BANKOMAT – is also solution to acquire some cash, but be aware most of them will charge PLN from your account in not so good rate. So make sure you use this option when do you have no chance to change money in KANTOR. Make sure before withdraw money from ATM check current rates of PLN and compare it from ATM.

poland's currency in Cash Machine


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