Public transport in Krakow

Getting Around in Krakow

Public transport its best way of communication in Krakow. Its cheapest, fastest and always on time. Krakow is promoting ecological way of living – this make that its not easy to travel by car in Krakow. Best solution for getting around in Krakow is not surprising – public transport in Krakow.

Public transport in Krakow

Krakow is second biggest city in Poland. Unofficially with students, tourists and immigrants live hear almost one million of people.

Because of commuting problems city developed big net of bus and tram lines. Which as useful in daily life.

Many people spend hours in traffic at morning or around 3-4 pm. But Buses and Trams have own paths – this make them to skip traffic and arrive to your destination more quicker then using your car.

Why to use public transport in Krakow?

Because is cheapest way to get somewhere in city. Its almost always on time. Public transport is well developed in city.

If you planning to stay in Krakow you should use public transport, its really easy to get a ticket – ticket machines having menu in English, German, French, Russian and Polish language. You can pay by card or cash while buying ticket in a machine on pavement.

Consider purchasing also City Pass Krakow Card. The City Pass Krakow Card offers unlimited access to the city’s public transport system. This includes buses, trams, and any other form of public transport within the city. It provides free access to over 36 museums and monuments, allowing visitors to discover the city’s rich history and cultural heritage with ease.

There are bigger trams where you can enter inside with your bike if you planning to ride a bike out of city – in rear part you will find a spot for a bikes. Newer trams are equipped with charging spots, so you can have a moment to charge a phone when you are out of battery.

Not all monuments, museum and important spots are in centre of city. You can take a tram or bus to travel to more distant areas as like Schindler Factory Museum, Krakus Mound, Nowa Huta – Old Communist Disctrict, Zakrzówek Lake, ZOO, or use it to get to Krakow Airport.

You can check how looks network of tram and buses, with them you are able to reach almost every area of city:

Tramp lines map in Krakow

Krakow bus lines map

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Prices of public transport in Krakow

You can buy tickets in all trams and buses by paying with card or coins. Or buy ticket in ticket machines on a street, where you can pay with coins, banknotes and bank card.

Below you can check prices of tickets:

TICKET TYPE FULL FARE [including zones I+II+II] REDUCED [for STUDENTS] [including zones I+II+II]
20 minute  4,00 PLN  2,00 PLN
60 minute or single trip  6,00 PLN  3,00 PLN
90 minute  8,00 PLN  4,00 PLN
24 hour 22,00 PLN 11,00 PLN
48 hour 35,00 PLN 17,50 PLN
72 hour 50,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
7 day 68,00 PLN 34,00 PLN

If you are planning to stay longer in Krakow it might be more suitable for you to buy monthly ticket, which is useful, because you do not need to remember with buying ticket each time you are in tram or bus.

To create Krakow Transport Card you need to have your ID card or passport and one photography with you – you can take it from home or go to make picture in old town in few spots. To make a Krakow Transport Card you must go to MPK office, responsible for Krakow transportation at Podwale 3/5 street.

Office is open from Monday till Friday 11:00 – 19:00. Worker inside speak English so you will not have a problems to ask for Krakow Transport Card. Below prices:

Monthly ticket for one line, in zone I 80,00 PLN 40,00 PLN
Monthly ticket for all network [including zones I+II+II] 179,00 PLN 89,50 PLN


Tips for public transport in Krakow

  • Validate your ticket when you enter bus or tram immediately.
  • When you stay longer in Krakow then 7 days consider to buy monthly ticket. You will have comfort using all buses and trams all time.
  • Tickets machines have menu in different languages.
  • Never take a ride in bus or tram without ticket. Controllers are often in public transportation 24/7. Fee for taking ride without tiket is expensive – 240 PLN.
  • When you use Reduced ticket for students, always have your valid student card with you while travelling.


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