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Raise a Glass to Kraków: Discover the Best Drink Tours in Town

As you wander through the enchanting streets of Kraków, you’ll quickly discover that the city’s heart beats not just in its historic architecture but also through the special and unique energy of its drink scene. Kraków, a jewel in the crown of Poland, offers an exciting array of drink tours that are perfect for travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of craft beers, a lover of fine wines, or keen to sample the country’s famous vodka, there’s a tour tailored just for you.

Kraków Drink Tours

Your adventure might begin in the timeless Old Town or the characterful Kazimierz district, where the sheer variety of bars and pubs will capture your imagination.

Joining a drink tour in Kraków isn’t merely about tasting new beverages; it’s an experience that weaves together history, storytelling, and the pleasure of good company.

As night falls and the city lights up, prepare to treat your taste buds to a journey through Poland’s flavour sensations, from regular shots to regional specialties. Embark on a journey that will take you behind the scenes of Kraków’s famed beverage culture.

With knowledgeable guides to lead the way, you’ll gain unparalleled insights into the art of Polish drink-making, sipping on traditional concoctions as you go.

So, gather your friends, or make new ones, as you raise a glass to Kraków – a city that knows how to celebrate life with every pour.

Joining a drink tour in Kraków

Kraków Drink Tour Essentials

Before embarking on a delightful journey through Kraków’s vibrant drink scene, it’s crucial to get a few details about drink tours in Krakow sorted.

This means selecting the right Krakow drink tour that suits your interest, understanding the booking process, and setting realistic expectations for your exploration of Polish pubs and bars.

Booking Your Kraków Drink Tour

First thing’s first: securing your spot!

Booking in advance is recommended, especially for popular tours. Look for options with free cancellation up to 24 hours before to give yourself flexibility, should your plans change.

Also, keep an eye out for drink tours that offer hotel pickups, adding convenience to your experience.

Process of booking Krakow Drink Tour:

  1. Choose a reputable tour provider.
  2. Check for available dates.
  3. Review the cancellation policy.

Selecting the Right Drink Tour in Krakow for You

Kraków offers an impressive array of drink tours whether you’re keen on trying out the famous Polish vodka, sipping on local beers, or exploring regional food pairings.

When picking your tour, consider your own preferences:

  • Vodka Tours: You’ll try a variety of flavoured vodkas and learn about their history.
  • Beer Tours: Discover the local craft beer scene and traditional beer snacks.
  • Food and Drink Tours: Combine the best of both worlds by trying out pierogi with your pint.

What to Expect durink Krakow Drink Tours

Set out for a night to remember!

Drink tours in Kraków whisk you away into the city’s iconic nightlife. You’re likely to visit several pubs, bars, and possibly even clubs. Here’s what you should anticipate:

  • Experiences: Meet passionate guides with stories and anecdotes about Polish cuisine and drinking culture.
  • Atmosphere: Soak up the energetic vibe as you mingle with locals and other travellers.
  • Polish Food: Expect to taste dishes like pierogi in addition to sipping on beer and vodka.

Remember, pace yourself and relish every moment—Kraków’s drink tours are as much about the social experience as they are about the beverages.

The Drinks of Kraków

Krakow best drinks

Kraków’s amazing nightlife especially in Old Town and rich culinary traditions offer you an exhilarating exploration of flavours, from the potency of Polish vodka to the crafted brews of local beers and the creative blend of fusion beverages.

Vodka Tasting in Kraków

Krakow vodka tasting tour

Embark on a journey through Kraków’s vodka culture, where you’ll experience a range of traditional and flavoured vodkas.

Krakow Vodka tasting tours guide you through the history of Poland’s most famous spirit, with opportunities to savour shots from classic, clear varieties to an array of infused vodkas that highlight ingredients like bison grass or cherries.

Everyday Krakow Vodka Tasting Tour

Pair your vodka with quintessential Polish dishes such as pierogi or savoury bigos stew to enhance the experience.

Kraków’s Beer Culture

How to spend evening in Krakow

You’re in for a treat with Kraków’s beer scene, which ranges from old-school pubs serving beloved Polish beer to innovative craft bars highlighting the city’s brewing prowess.

Delight in a Pub Crawl through the buzzing streets of Kraków, where you can mingle with locals and fellow travellers while discovering a curated selection of bars.

You’ll not only sip on classic lagers and ales but also find more eclectic brews that reflect the creativity of Polish microbreweries. Read also How Much is a Beer in Krakow? and How to spend evening in Krakow

What is the average price of beer in Krakow

Fusion Drink Experiences

Best Krakow pub Crawl

Kraków’s dynamic drink scene doesn’t stop at traditional beverages; it also embraces modern, fusion drink experiences.

You might find trendy bars offering cocktails that blend Polish vodka with refreshing twists of beetroot juice, reminiscent of the classic barszcz, or create delectable concoctions using Malopolska’s regional cheese, Oscypek.

Find yourself in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Kraków, and witness how high-end mixology incorporates elements of Polish cuisine into sophisticated drinks.

Food Pairings and Snacks for Krakow Drink Tours

Snacks to Krakow drink tours

Kraków’s culinary landscape offers an exquisite journey through Polish cuisine, perfectly pairing authentic eats with delightful beverages. Discover the harmony between traditional dishes and innovative culinary creations as your taste buds embark on an exceptional adventure.

Traditional Polish Eats

In Kraków’s bars and restaurants, you can’t miss the chance to savour the rich flavours of pierogi dumplings, an iconic Polish dish.

Pierogi and bigos

These filled pockets come in various sumptuous fillings, such as meat, cheese, or even fruits for a sweet twist. Pair these with a glass of local beer or a shot of vodka for an authentic experience.

Another must-try is bigos, a hearty stew with a base of sauerkraut and various meats, which beautifully complements the strong spirits served alongside.

  • Pierogi: savour both the savoury and sweet varieties.
  • Bigos: enjoy with a robust Polish beer.

Street Food and Casual Bites

Experience Kraków’s vibrant street food scene with obwarzanek, a chewy, bagel-like snack that’s a favourite among locals.

Obwarzanek in Krakow

Often topped with sesame or poppy seeds, obwarzanek makes a perfect snack as you stroll through the historic streets.

If you fancy something more substantial, grab some smoked sausage from a street vendor and enjoy the depth of flavour that Polish cuisine is known for.

  • Obwarzanek: easy to eat on the go, found nearly everywhere.
  • Sausage: smoked and flavourful, often served at outdoor markets.

Gourmet Food Tour

For the discerning palate, explore Michelin-rated restaurants in Kraków where Polish cuisine is elevated to an art form.

Your gourmet food tour might introduce you to exquisite dishes like barszcz, a velvety beetroot soup that’s both warming and invigorating.

With a refined selection of wines, these restaurants offer sophisticated food pairings, highlighting the best of Polish and international culinary techniques.

Kraków’s Nightlife and Entertainment

Nightlife in Old Town Krakow

Embrace the thrilling nightlife of Kraków that offers everything from pulsating pub crawls to the cosy charm of local pubs. Dive into a night where the city’s historic backdrop meets a vibrant entertainment scene.

Pub Crawls and Club Scene

Gear up for an unforgettable night as you join a Pub Crawl in Kraków.

These small-group tours let you experience the renowned nightlife with a welcoming crowd, just like you’d find recommended on TripAdvisor.

Embark on an ‘alternative pub crawl’ around Kazimierz, or the classic one in Old Town.

Most Krakow pub and bar crawls span 4-5 hours, guaranteeing visits to 3-5 bars and clubs, often ending with VIP club entry. Reviews rave about the inclusion of regular shots, ensuring a lively tour.

Drink clubs pub crawl Krakow

Local Folk Shows and Live Music

Polish folk shows

For an eclectic evening, don’t miss Kraków’s folk shows and live music events. Get a taste of authentic Polish culture with performances that will leave you captivated.

These Krakow folk shows represent an integral part of Kraków’s nightlife, offering a unique opportunity to witness traditional Polish dances and music. The shows provide a charming contrast to the bustling club scene.

Cozy Pubs in Old Town and Kazimierz

Your search for a more laid-back evening leads you to the intimate and welcoming pubs in Old Town and Kazimierz.

Nightlife in Kraków Old Town

Old Town, one of the oldest parts of Kraków, boasts an array of bars rich in history and character. Meanwhile, Kazimierz, known for its former Jewish quarter and bohemian vibe, serves up artistic flair in its pubs.

Recommended for their unique atmospheres, both areas provide ideal settings for those seeking a relaxed night out in small, congenial groups.

Krakow Drink Tours Reviews and Recommendations

When you’re planning your Kraków drink tour, the feedback from past participants and local insider tips can be your compass to an unforgettable experience.

Let’s dive into the curated selections from Tripadvisor and the local buzz that capture Kraków’s vibrant drink scene.

TripAdvisor’s Top Picks

Tripadvisor brims with praise for Kraków’s array of food and drink tours. Here are some standouts:

  • The Krakow Food Tasting Tour is lauded for its delightful dive into Kazimierz. With a 99% recommendation rate from fellow travellers.
  • For a taste of tradition, many members rave about the Half-Day Krakow Food Tour in Old Town and Kazimierz, where you get to sample authentic Polish cuisine.
  • Those looking for a spirited evening often flock to the Pub Crawl Krawl Through Krakow, hailed for steering clear of the tourist traps and offering a genuine night out.

More recommended best Krakow Activities and tours:

Local Favourites and Hidden Gems

Your quest for the local beat should include these gems:

  • Polish Pierogi Cooking Class is a hit. The tour starts with a bustling farmer’s market and offers a hands-on approach to Polish favourites.
  • If you’re keen on exploring the nightlife off the beaten path, Kraków Drink Tours is for you. They offer a chance to mingle with the locals over sips and stories.
  • Many locals will recommend restaurants and bars that aren’t just about great drinks. They also immerse you in a rich, Polish atmosphere.


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