Krakow things to do

Best things to do in Krakow

Beside of sightseeing the city, Krakow has a lot to offer. The city is full of various entertainment. If you do not have an idea for time in Krakow, this entertainment list will be perfect for you. You will find best Krakow things to do!


Paintball Center Krakow is a paintball field located in a quiet area of Zwierzyniec. The oak-birch forest in the recreation area and the gazebo with a view of paintball skirmishes are not the only advantages of this place.

Paintball in KrakowThe playing field is a wooden town in an abandoned orchard on a gently sloping area with trimmed natural grass and fruit trees.

For more advanced lovers of the woodsball form, we provide a forest part with numerous trenches, bunkers and natural obstacles in the shade of trees (recommended on hot days).

Duration: 1:30 h
Price: 50 PLN per person
Included:  military uniform (sweatshirt + pants), protective mask Tippmann Valor Thermal, neck protector, gloves, HP air-filled cylinder, Marker Tippmann 98, training in the use of equipment and safety rules, 100 balls.
Adress: Jodłowa 46 street
Phone number: +48 516 660 625
Email adress:

Paintball Krakow

Best things to do in Krakow

Segway rental

The Segway is a modern machine that allows quick movement and gives a lot of fun to users. You have a great opportunity to explore historical centre of Old Cracow on a Segway and enjoy the management of modern electric vehicle. Come with us to ride a SEGWAY!

You will glide at a height of 20 cm above the ground, and in just a few minutes it is possible to reach wherever you want, in any part of city. Before starting tour, our experienced instructors will teach you to control Segway so you no doubt will be able to explore most interesting sights of Krakow.

Included: training, helmet, our assistance.
Duration: 60 min., 90 min., 120 min.
Prices: 60 min. – 80 PLN, 90 min. – 120 PLN, 120 min. – 160 PLN per person

Segway Kraków

Pinbal museum

Fantastic range of pinball and arcade machines dating back to the 50’s. Over 80 different games on 300m2. Daily pass includes unlimited free plays on all machines.

We have been charmed and we have decided to give them the second life. We strive to maintain machines in Our museum in top working condition. Our collection includes best and most playable titles. Our goal is to bring fun to everyone who wants to feel the magic of „silver ball”.

Included: whole day ticket
Duration: unlimited free plays
Prices: 40 PLN
Adress: Stradomska 15 street
Phone number:  +48 608 041 000
Email adress:

Arcade Games Museum

Shooting range

Krakow shooting range offers you the opportunity to shoot at an indoor shooting range in Krakow. Everyone can shoot. The condition is to have an identity document (ID card, passport, driving license, etc.). Krakow shooting range is air-conditioned and heated – weather conditions do not matter when shooting. All rooms are fully adapted for the disabled.

We offer various range of weapons which you could use on our range:  AK 47, MP153, Baneli Supernova, Beretta 92FS, Colt 1911, CZ 85, CZ455, Mosberg 500XS, MP 15-22, MP5, MP15, MP40, PPSZ, RAK, SXP and many more.

Included: 10 shots with a 9mm gun + 10 shots from the UZI, MP40 submachine gun + 10 shots from AK47 + 4 shots from a smoothbore shotgun
Duration: 30 minutes
Prices: 160 PLN
Adress: Fabryczna 17 street
Phone number:  +48 794 433 245
Email adress:

Shooting range

Go Karting

GOKARTING CENTER is entertainment all year round – 7 days a week! It’s good fun in the climate of motorsport for everyone regardless of age and gender. Our offer is:

  • individual rides for adults, youth and children
  • rides for organized groups and companies
  • track rental
  • organization of tournaments
  • competitions
  • organization of integration and occasional events
    Our machines: Honda GX 200 ccm – 6,5 KM and Honda GX 270 ccm – 9 KM. It’s great fun and a form of relaxation, combined with a bit of adrenaline and competition among friends or family!

Included: Honda GX, Helmet,
Duration: 8 minutes
Prices: 47 PLN
Adress: Domagały 25 street
Phone number:  +48 500 440 750
Email adress:

Go Kart


The zoo in Krakow is a medium-sized zoo. Where currently display over 1400 animals, representatives of about 270 species. A large group consists of endangered and endangered animals (over 100 species).

These include: Rothschild’s giraffe, Przewalski’s horse, pygmy hippopotamus, small panda, snow leopard, Amur tiger, maned wolf, addax antelope, chimpanzee, lemurs lurk and katta, Indian elephant, great condor, Humboldt penguin.

The zoo is located in Wolski Forest – a beautiful forest park, unique in large urban agglomerations. This is the favourite resting place of the inhabitants of Krakow with numerous, marked walking routes.

Many of them are located near the Zoological Garden, which is often the destination of hiking. In Wolski Forest, bicycle routes and an educational path have been marked out.

Included: entrance to all expositions
Duration: Entrance between 9.00-17.00
Price: 18 PLN
Adress: Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa 14 street
Phone number: +48 12 425-35-51
Email adress:


Laser tag

The game resembles paintball by its rules, hence the name laser paintball is sometimes used on a lasertag.

At the beginning, each player receives a vest with a weapon that is easy to customize. The weapon is relatively light and most importantly, it does not shoot painful or soiling balls as in classic paintball.

But a beam of light that, after hitting the opponent, only subtracts his virtual life points. Therefore, this game is ideal for both adults and children. Each vest has a sensor system that gathers all information about hits during the game. Both after the game and in real time you can accurately track who and who hit the special screens installed in the bar.

There are several scenarios to play – solo mode (“everyone against everyone”). Team mode, VIP protection, deathmatch (where the main goal is to get the most points), laser sniper (focusing on the accuracy of shots due to the limited amount of ammunition ). And reality (where a hit causes “death” of the player and requires a return to the base).

Included: equipement
Duration: 60 minutes
Prices: 55 PLN
Adress: Zabłocie 20/22 street
Phone number: +48 604 423 174
Email adress:

Laser Tag

Archery tag

Playing Archery Tag is a great way to spend your free time or organize a unique event. Together with friends you will take part in a new form of sports competition similar to the well-known Paintball. Instead of markers and balls, you’ll use bows and safe arrows, with sponges instead of arrowheads.

During the game, together with your team, you will play several of the available scenarios – tailored to your condition and level of advancement. Two teams of 4-10 people take part in the game. Teams occupy their half of the pitch, which is separated by safe zone. It is forbidden to shoot from the zone and the players staying in it.

During the game, each participant can hide behind inflatable obstacles (3 per team). The most important rule you must remember is great fun in good company!

Included: helmet, forearm protectors, bow, safe arrows
Duration: 60 minutes
Prices: 480 PLN for group up to 12 people
Adress: Skośna 4 street
Phone number: +48 604 210 570
Email adress:

archery tag

Escape room

Exit Room is a transfer of “escape the room” adventure games to the real world. It is intended for groups of 2-5 people, and the goal set for the participants is to get out of the room in which they were locked within 60 minutes.

The game requires cleverness, logical thinking and cooperation – only thanks to this it will be possible to solve all puzzles and leave the room. Exit Room is a great idea for spending free time with friends or family, as well as a creative team building for companies. There is 8 different scenarios to choose in this Escape Room.

Included: training, items to solve puzzles and riddles
Duration: 60 minutes
Prices: 100 PLN for two people. 150 PLN for five people
Adress: Floriańska 18/5 street
Phone number: +48 570 505 088
Email adress:

Escape room

River cruise

A regular cruise is a boat or gondola cruise, which we offer to people visiting Krakow individually or in groups.

This offer is directed to people willing to visit Krakow from the Vistula River. It can be a 30 or 60 minute cruise on the Vistula in Krakow. A gondola ride takes place regularly regardless of the number of passengers.

Both routes were arranged according to the instructions of experienced Krakow tourist guides, taking into account the most interesting places visible from the perspective of the Vistula River. Regular gondola trips of 30 and 60 minutes take place daily.

Included: cruise
Duration: 60 minutes. Every day between 10:00 – 18:00
Prices: 45 PLN
Adress: Bulwar Czerwieński 172/7 street
Phone number: +48 604 915 015
Email adress:

river cruise

Lego HistoryLand

A world of history built with LEGO. On 2500 m², we’ve put over 1000 years of Polish History and over a million LEGO® bricks. In Krakow’s Old Railway Station, heroic clashes of heroes come alive, whose lives we depict on mock-ups, films, audio recordings, visualizations, and illuminations.

Visiting the exhibition is enriched by, among others virtual reality goggles, interactive bugle-call trumpet, motion sensor for controlling the light, or a rudder for changing the weather on the screen.

Included: entrance
Duration: only between 10:00 – 17:00
Prices: 35 PLN
Adress: plac Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 3 street
Phone number: +48 530 903 053
Email adress:

Lego history


How can you stop time and make your vacation last forever? Just go to a tropical island in the middle of the city!

In our swimming pool hall there are many attractions. Including slides, including 4 new external slides (KONGO pontoon, extremely fast NITRO, TWISTER and SPEED FIRE). And the MAMBA indoor pontoon slide! In addition: Rapid River, climbing walls, Rainbow Path and many others that guarantee great fun!

Active recreation is also provided by separate areas for water sports: basketball, volleyball, water polo and swimming lanes.

A wide range of attractions will ensure successful play for even the most demanding. Regardless of the weather, we always have a tropical climate! You can plunge into the sea of attractions of the pool hall, and in the summer also bathe in the sun lounging on the Aquapark Beach.

Included: entrance
Duration: from 60 minutes
Prices: 46 PLN for two hours.  66 PLN for unlimited time in Aquapark.
Adress: Dobrego Pasterza 126 street
Phone number: +48 12 616-31-90
Email adress:

Krakow Aquapark


The tradition of opera art in Krakow is over two hundred years old. It was sustained by enthusiasts of various kinds for decades, driven by artistic and organisational ambitions or simply love of music.

However, their efforts did not lead to the establishment of a professional opera stage, although beautiful phrases from “Halka”, “Carmen” or “Faust” were repeated many times in the royal city, and at their best.

The Krakow Opera’s repertoire currently contains nearly thirty titles. These are works of Polish composers and world classics, ballet and music performances for children. During the season, the Krakow stage opens to the viewer about two hundred times, supplementing its repertoire with concerts, performances by other theatres, and meetings with artists.

Grateful to his audience for the presence, loyalty and repeatedly ardent acceptance, the Krakow Opera makes many efforts to constantly raise the level of its artistic proposals. To meet the high expectations of the modern, sensitive audience.

Included: entrance
Duration: 1 – 3 hours
Prices: 25 – 150 PLN
Adress: Lubicz 48 street
Phone number: +48 12 296 62 60
Email adress:



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