Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks

Krakow's Ultimate Boat Party: Unlimited Drinks and Unforgettable Views

Krakow, a city steeped in history and culture, offers not just remarkable sights but also vibrant nightlife. One of the highlights of its party scene is the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks.

This unique event takes place every Saturday night and promises an unforgettable experience for those who want to let loose and have a splendid time.

Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks

The boat party sets sail along the Vistula river with two available time slots, at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Partygoers can indulge in a two-hour cruise, complete with an open bar, drinking games, live DJ, and a surrounding sound system.

Along with the captivating view of Krakow’s cityscape, the boat party also features a multi-event agenda.

This includes a magic show, a photo booth, and an after-party pub crawl that extends the festivities into the night.

Aboard the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks, revellers can expect not only an exceptional party atmosphere, but also a chance to forge new friendships while discovering the city’s enchanting riverbanks.

This one-of-a-kind experience provides a new perspective on the history-rich city of Krakow, combining sightseeing and entertainment for the ultimate night out.

Krakow Boat Party with Drinks Tour

Krakow Boat Party Overview

Vistula River Experience

The Krakow Boat Party is a delightful and unforgettable experience for travellers. Taking place on the beautiful Vistula River, this 2-hour boat cruise allows partygoers to revel in the picturesque scenery of Krakow while enjoying splendid onboard activities.

With the city’s captivating landscape as a backdrop, the boat party creates a unique blend of entertainment and exploration.

Night party on Vistula river in Krakow on boat

Onboard Activities

Aboard the Krakow Boat Party, guests are treated to a variety of engaging activities that cater to a diverse range of interests.

A live DJ sets the tone, playing a mix of popular music to create a vibrant atmosphere. Alongside the tunes, guests can enjoy a photo booth and a magic show, both adding quirky touches to the experience.

Moreover, fun drinking games are organised throughout the cruise, fostering a lively and sociable environment.

Unlimited Drinks

One of the key highlights of the Krakow Boat Party is the unlimited drinks on offer. During the 2-hour party, guests have access to an open bar with a selection of beverages, including beer, gin, vodka, and mixers.

The unlimited drinks service allows partygoers to enjoy a stress-free night on the Vistula River, indulging in their favourite drinks while taking in the enchanting city views.

At the end of the cruise, guests can join an after-party pub crawl, with free club entry and welcome shots to keep the excitement going.

Party Details and Offerings

Drinks and Snacks

The Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks is a fantastic way to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife on the Vistula river.

Guests can indulge in a wide array of alcoholic beverages, including gin, vodka, rum, and beer.

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These offerings are complemented by various mixers to create delightful concoctions tailored to individual tastes. To keep partygoers energised, an assortment of snacks is also provided alongside the beverages.

Entertainment and Music

One of the key attractions of the Krakow Boat Party is the pulsating music that fills the atmosphere.

A talented DJ spins an electrifying mix of tunes that caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that every guest is entertained.

Further amplifying the ambiance is a top-notch surround sound system, immersing attendees in the rhythmic beats that define the night.

Quality DJ party in Krakow with unlinimited drinks

Special Occasions and Discounts

Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks is perfect for celebrating a range of special occasions, particularly stag parties.

To elevate these celebrations, the organisers offer tailored catering options and additional drink options on request. Read also article and book The Best Stag Party in Krakow

Moreover, a thrilling after party pub crawl is included in the package, giving guests access to the city’s most happening clubs and venues.

This crawl features free club entry and welcome shots, making it a phenomenal value addition to the experience.

Various discounts are also available for both large group bookings and other specific instances, making the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks an exceptional choice for revellers seeking exceptional experiences at an affordable price.

Getting Involved in Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks

Booking and Pricing

To get on board the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks, you can book your tickets through websites like GetYourGuide.

Tickets are priced at £44 per person. The boat party offers a 2-hour cruise down the Vistula river, including an open bar with unlimited beer, gin, vodka, and mixers.

The experience also includes a magic show, party guides, and a full surround sound system to keep the atmosphere lively.

Meeting Point and Transportation

Participants should assemble at the meeting point address provided upon booking. Look out for the Krakow Boat Party flag as a marker to identify your party crew.

The boat party starts at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM every Saturday night. Transportation to the meeting point is not included, so make sure to arrange your own transportation in advance.

You can explore Krakow’s public transport options, taxis, or ride-sharing services to reach the meeting point seamlessly.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks offers free cancellation.

This allows participants to cancel their booking without any penalty. For a full refund, ensure that cancellations are made within the stipulated time frame, as mentioned during the booking.

Party Highlights and Extras

Party Guides and Photographer

At the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks, guests are accompanied by friendly party guides throughout the evening.

These guides not only ensure that everyone has a good time, but they also provide helpful information about Krakow’s nightlife.

In addition, a professional photographer is on hand to capture all the unforgettable moments, allowing partygoers to relive the experience later.

Live Magic Show and Photo Booth

This boat party offers a unique entertainment experience with a live magic show performed by an English-speaking magician.

Attendees can enjoy the excitement and intrigue of the magic tricks while mingling with fellow partygoers. Additionally, there is a photo booth where guests can take fun snapshots and create memories of the event.

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VIP Entry and Nightclubs

After the boat party, attendees are treated to an after-party pub crawl, which includes free club entry to some of the late-night clubs in Krakow.

With VIP entry, guests can skip the queues and gain access to the exclusive areas of the nightclubs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable nightlife experience in the city.

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Safety and Accessibility

The Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks prioritises the safety and comfort of its guests.

Throughout the event, there are safety measures in place to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

The boat follows strict health and safety guidelines and is equipped with life jackets, life rings, and fire extinguishers. In addition, highly-trained staff members are always on hand to offer assistance to guests, if needed.

In terms of accessibility, it is essential to note that not all boat parties in Krakow may be fully wheelchair accessible.

Guests with mobility limitations should inquire with the specific company before booking to confirm the level of accessibility offered. If a boat party is wheelchair accessible, the company will usually provide ramps or lifts for smooth boarding, as well as spacious deck areas where wheelchair users can move around freely.

Regarding the unlimited drinks offer, the event organisers take responsible alcohol consumption seriously. Bartenders are trained not to serve overly intoxicated guests, ensuring that everyone on board can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Furthermore, drinking games and activities are designed to provide fun entertainment without encouraging dangerous levels of alcohol consumption.

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Lastly, the boat party takes place on an appropriate vessel that has been inspected and approved by relevant authorities, guaranteeing a secure environment for attendees.

With these safety measures in place, guests can confidently embark on a memorable evening of fun and entertainment on the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks.

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Attending a Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks is an exceptional way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or a memorable weekend getaway. With an impressive lineup of entertainment options, it offers a wonderful atmosphere for creating lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

The boat party can be easily booked through platforms like GetYourGuide, with convenient options including public transportation to reach the departure point.

As a city renowned for its nightlife, Krakow brims with vibrant pubs and bars that guests can enjoy post-cruise. Furthermore, the city houses intriguing attractions such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine, encouraging visitors to extend their enjoyment beyond the boat party experience.

Independently exploring the city or joining the Krakow Boat Party alone should not deter one from experiencing this enjoyable event.

The friendly atmosphere with party guides caters to solo travellers, ensuring everyone can partake in the festivities. Those seeking additional social interactions can join the after-party pub crawl, complete with free club entry and welcome shots.

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In summary, a Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks provides an excellent opportunity for a night of fun and entertainment against the picturesque backdrop of the Vistula river.

Whether attending for a special occasion, craving an evening of leisure, or exploring Krakow’s vibrant nightlife, participants are in for a delightful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks costs €51 per person. This price includes a 2-hour open bar, live DJ, photo booth, magician, and an after-party pub crawl.

What is the duration?

The boat party itself lasts for 2 hours, followed by a 3-hour pub crawl after the cruise. In total, the entire experience takes around 5 hours.

Is it adults only?

Yes, the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks is designed for adults and requires attendees to be at least 18 years old. Valid identification may be required for entry.

Are there any discounts?

There are no specific discounts mentioned for this particular boat party. However, we recommend checking the booking platform for any potential seasonal promotions or group booking discounts.

Can I book online?

Yes, you can book the Krakow Boat Party with Unlimited Drinks online through platforms such as GetYourGuide. Ensure you select the desired date and time when booking.

What time does it start?

The boat party takes place at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM every Saturday night. It’s crucial to double-check the booking platform to confirm the available start times for your preferred date.


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