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Krakow Zoo

Discover the diversity of the animal kingdom at Krakow Zoo

Krakow Zoo is most popular zoological garden in this part of Poland. Each year more then 300 000 visitors come to Krakow Zoo. This Zoo is home for more then 1 500 animals and 260 various species.


Zoo is located 8 kilometres from Old Town, on south west part of city. In Wolski Forest. It’s 9th biggest Zoo in Poland, and biggest in southern Poland.

The zoo is to play an educational and recreational important role, however, modern facilities of this type usually also have a scientific base needed for systematic scientific research on the species kept.

Zoos must play an important role in the preservation of species that would become extinct in natural conditions or are on the verge of extinction, for example, the process of restoring the bison and Przewalski’s horse to nature, which can be seen in the Krakow Zoo.


Lion in Krakow



In this Zoo you will be able to see more then 270 species from whole world. You meet here for example: giraffes, Przewalski’s horse, pygmy hippo, little panda, snow leopard, Amur tiger, maned wolf, addax antelope, chimpanzee, ruffed lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs, Indian elephant, great condor, Humboldt penguin.

The zoo has many specimens of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and fish. You can see here many popular animals, and some rare species.

Zoo in Krakow is perfect place to take kids, and show them how beautiful are animals, and teach them why we need to protect them and not to let them die.

Owl in Krakow



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Zoo is located at Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa 14 street, close to Wolski Forest.  Zoo is located 8 km from Old town. Place you can reach by bus, car or bike.

From bus stop Cracovia Blonia you can have an direct bus to Zoo – nr 134. Bus ticket cost 6 PLN, you can read more about Krakow Public Transport in our article. Bus 134 during weekdays depart every 30 minutes.

Parrot in Krakow Zoo


The Zoological Garden is open all year round! It is open every day, including Sundays and public holidays. The opening hours depend on the season:

  • December – February ticket office open 9.00-14.30
  • March ticket office open 9.00-16.00
  • April-August ticket office open 9.00-18.00
  • September ticket office open 9.00-17.30
  • October-November ticket office open 9.00-14.00

Remember that the Krakow Zoo covers an area of 20 ha – visiting all parts of it requires more than one hour.



Here are some tips which might be useful and you can follow the,

  • take clothes according to weather, most animals you can see outside – heat or rain could be obstacle for you
  • when you are with children always observe then
  • never feed animals in ZOO
  • do not be loud in ZOO, animals do not loud humans
  • take camera with you but do not make pictures with flash

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