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Krakow's March Highlights: A 2024 Guide to Events and Entertainment

As you venture into Krakow in March, you are met with an early spring atmosphere that’s bustling with Krakow cultural festivities and vibrant events. Krakow, a beacon of Polish heritage, boasts a diverse cultural scene that comes alive even more during this month.

The Krakow March weather, transitioning from the chill of winter, becomes milder, making it an ideal time for you to explore the Krakow comfortably. With days growing longer, your opportunities to soak in the local culture and partake in events are plentiful. March in Krakow sees a variety of events unfolding throughout the city.

Krakow Events March

If your visit coincides with Easter, which occasionally falls in March, you’re in for a traditional treat as the Krakow Easter Market bursts into life.

Set against the historic backdrop of the Rynek Glówny, the city’s main square, this market showcases exquisite Polish handicrafts and is perfect for experiencing the local customs and intricate craft like the pisanka, decorative eggs that are a staple of the season.

Aside from the Easter festivities, you might find in Krakow during March yourself enveloped in the melodic strains of the Misteria Paschalia Festival, a renowned celebration of classical and historical music focused around the Easter period.

For a distinct change of pace, Krakow also pays homage to the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day with a lively parade, complete with live music and themed celebrations. As the streets resonate with Irish folk tunes, you can immerse yourself in the revelry and explore the city’s hospitality through its pubs and bars, each offering a warm welcome.

St. Patrick’s Day Krakow

Krakow Key Events in March

In March, Krakow’s cultural scene thrives with festivals that cater to lovers of film and classical music. Here, you will find distinct events featuring world-renowned artists and unique cinematic experiences.

Misteria Paschalia Festival

Date: Typically held during Holy Week.

The Misteria Paschalia Festival is one of the most important European classical music events, focusing on Renaissance and Baroque music. This festival provides a selection of concerts featuring international artists of the highest calibre.

Krakow March Music and Concerts

Music and Concerts Krakow March

In March, Krakow becomes a hub for music lovers, bringing a diverse range of genres from jazz to classical music.

Whether you want to sway to the soulful sounds of a saxophone or be moved by the timeless compositions performed by classical musicians, Krakow has an event to cater to your auditory preference.

Jazz Performances

Krakow Jazz clubs

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

March: Enjoy an evening filled with smooth jazz tunes at the renowned Harris Piano Jazz Bar located at Rynek Główny. At Harris Piano Jazz Bar you can enjoy music every night!

Classical Music Events

Kosciol sw. Marcina church

Experience the rich sounds of Krakow’s Kolegium Muzyki Ewangelickiej, specializing in early classical music performances.

Live music at Rynek Główny

Schindler's Factory and Former Ghetto Guided Tour

Krakow March Folk Music concerts

Venues around Rynek Główny

Various Dates: The heart of Krakow, Rynek Główny, is alive with pop and live music performances through the whole month. Be sure to catch local and international acts as they take the stage in one of the city’s most vibrant spots.

March Krakow Cultural Celebrations

In March, Kraków comes alive with a variety of cultural festivities that reflect its rich historical tapestry.

You could experience the Jewish culture, partake in traditional Easter customs, and commemorate significant anniversaries.

Jewish Culture Festival

Kraków’s Jewish Culture Festival is one of the most significant and vibrant events honouring Jewish heritage in Europe. Jewish Culture Festival is usually happening in June.

You’ll discover a wealth of activities that celebrate Jewish traditions, including music, art, and cuisine, offering an immersive experience into the cultural mosaic that defines this historic city.

March is Reading Month

Month March is also month of books. March in Krakow is full of book events, perfect for tourists. Even without the Krakow Book Fair, the city buzzes with literary activities. There are poetry readings and meetings with authors in cafes and historic places.

Krakow reading club

These events let visitors dive into Krakow’s book world. Tourists can enjoy talks and read books in beautiful settings. March is a great time to see Krakow’s love for literature.

Easter Traditions

Polish eastern eggs

Easter is a time of profound cultural significance in Kraków. Traditions such as the Kraków Easter Market take centre stage, with wooden or ceramic pisanka (elaborately painted eggs) often taking the spotlight.

The market buzzes with local artisans and the scents of seasonal delights, encapsulating the festive spirit.

Anniversary Events

Anniversaries in Kraków are observed with a deep respect for historical milestones.

Cultural institutions and local communities collaborate to mark significant events, ensuring that both residents and visitors understand and celebrate the rich tapestry of Kraków’s past through a range of commemorations and educational events.

Seasonal March Krakow Activities

March in Krakow awakens the spirit of spring with a vibrant array of seasonal festivities.

From traditional fairs to eclectic parades, you’ll find an event that celebrates the thawing landscape and cultural vibrance of the city.

Spring Festivals

The Misteria Paschalia Festival is a highlight, featuring classical and historical music performances.

Typically, within the latter part of March, this festival presents a unique opportunity for you to enjoy the rich musical heritage of Poland, focusing on the Baroque and Renaissance periods.

Outdoor Fairs

In anticipation of Easter, the Krakow Easter Market takes place if Easter falls in March or early April.

Experience the bustling atmosphere of the Rynek Glowny, the city’s main square, where vibrant stalls showcase traditional Polish handicrafts, including pisanka, intricately decorated wooden or ceramic eggs.

Marzanna Parade

Embrace a quirky slice of Slavic folklore with the Marzanna Parade, symbolising the end of winter.

Participate in the parade late in March where you can witness or join in the procession that culminates with the drowning of Marzanna effigies, representing the cold season’s departure, and celebrating the arrival of spring.

Guide to Events and Entertainment March Krakow

March Krakow Art and Exhibitions

March in Krakow presents a varied palette of art and exhibitions that cater to diverse tastes.

From the historic halls of the National Museum to the impressive Wawel Castle, and the vibrant local galleries, you are invited to immerse yourself in a world of visual splendour.

National museum in Krakow

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National Museum Exhibits

At the National Museum in Krakow, you have the unique opportunity to experience a special exhibition of Tamara Łempicka’s works. Known for her distinctive Art Deco style, Łempicka’s pieces are a testament to the flamboyant art movement of the 20th century.

The museum also houses the iconic Lady with an Ermine, which is a must-see for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Lady with an Ermine

  • Venue: National Museum in Krakow
  • Highlighted Exhibits: Tamara Łempicka collection, “Lady with an Ermine”

Wawel Castle Tours

Wawel castle tour in Krakow

Wawel Royal Castle offers guided tours where you can explore royal chambers filled with period furniture, art, and textiles that offer a glimpse into the past.

Don’t miss the unique chance to view historical exhibitions that showcase Poland’s rich and regal heritage.

  • Venue: Wawel Royal Castle
  • Notable Tours: Royal State Rooms, Crown Treasury and Armoury

Local Galleries and Art Spaces

Krakow’s art scene is vibrant and constantly evolving, with numerous local galleries and art spaces featuring contemporary art and photography by Polish and international artists.

Take this chance to explore smaller, cutting-edge exhibitions that often provide thought-provoking conversations and fresh perspectives.

  • Notable Venues: MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Exhibitions: Rotating contemporary collections and themed exhibitions

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK

Travel and Accommodation

As you plan your visit to Krakow in March, secure your accommodation early and familiarise yourself with local transportation options.

Krakow offers a variety of lodging choices to match different budgets and tastes, and the city is well-connected, making navigation straightforward for visitors.

Finding Hotels in Krakow

Krakow boasts a plethora of hotels. They range from luxury to budget-friendly options. You can use services like trivago™ to compare hotel prices and find deals that fit your budget.

It’s ideal to book a place within walking distance to the main square, Rynek Glówny, to stay close to many of the month’s events.

Main Market Square Cloth Hall

Transportation to and within Krakow

Flights to Krakow will land you at the John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport. From here, you can take trains, buses, or taxis to reach the city centre.

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Airports Near Krakow

Within Krakow, public transportation is reliable. Buses and trams connect all major areas. To explore more remote locations, consider renting a car or using ride-sharing services.

Dining and Food Options

Krakow March dining options

Kraków is known for its delightful culinary scene, featuring both local and international cuisine. Most inclusive holiday packages offer locally sourced food.

Food and Pub Tours in Krakow

delicious Polish food

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some traditional Polish dishes at the eateries around the city. Here, you can enjoy a range of meals that cater to different dietary preferences and budgets.

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Things to Do in Krakow in March

March brings the thawing charm of early spring to Krakow. Its storied streets and lively squares fill with energy.

Whether you’re keen to explore Krakow’s historical depths, engage with local traditions, or enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife, there’s an array of experiences waiting for you.

Historical Sites and Tours

While in Krakow, you have the unique opportunity to step back in time. Visit the Rynek Główny, the Main Square, and witness the remnants of its medieval past.

Main Square Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It is most knows from history, culture, education, business and tourism. The beginnings of Krakow date back to the 7th century, which makes it one of the oldest cities in Poland. In Krakow there is located Wawel Castle  - place of royal family power, archbishop cathedral and royal necropolis. Below are the most important monuments of Krakow - the Old Town.

Guided tours often include the Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral. Polish kings were once crowned and laid to rest here.

March is also a reflective period marked by the remembrance of historical events. Tours to former Jewish Ghetto sites contribute to understanding Krakow’s poignant World War II history.

Local Market Experiences

Indulge in local culture at seasonal markets. If your visit coincides with Easter timings, the Krakow Easter Market is a must-visit.

Located at Rynek Główny, this bustling market features stalls with traditional Polish handicrafts, such as intricately painted eggs called pisanki. Savour Polish delicacies or seek out artisanal crafts and souvenirs to commemorate your stay.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Krakow spring nightlife

Krakow’s nightlife thrives with variety. Sample local brews in the Kazimierz district’s intimate bars. Or take in a live performance at one of the many clubs or music venues.

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Auschwitz March Tour

Cultural events, including classical music festivals like Misteria Paschalia, present a rich part of Krakow’s artistic offering.

Whether you prefer a quiet pub or a vibrant dance floor, Krakow’s nightlife will not disappoint.


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