Coronavirus in Krakow

Coronavirus affected already whole Europe. On 15th November 2020 there was 407 841 active cases related to COVID in Poland, and 76 127 in Krakow area.

Coronavirus situation in Krakow

Because of virus Polish Government published new laws related to Pandemic crisis.
Currently most of international and all national transportation is functioning on daily basis.
All festival, festivities, meetings are cancelled. It is not allowed to make gatherings bigger then 5 people. Schools are closed and lectures are being done on online meetings via Internet.
New laws affected some business. Bars are closed, restaurants can only do deliveries. Gym, swimming-pools, and stadiums are not open. Barbershops, hair-shops, beauty shops are open.
All pharmacies, food shops, home-improvement store are only open.
There is no army or police on streets. People are allowed to go out of home only if they are heading to work or pharmacy or shop. They are advised to stay at home to not spread plague.

Because of this Krakow changed a lot. There is no tourist at all, even no Polish people on Main Square. All flights and borders will be locked to Poland at least till end of May. Below we publish pictures of Old Town where there is almost no people. Thanks to this they look incredible.

Mickiewicz Statue Collegiun Maius Wawel Castle courtyard Virus in Krakow Cloth hall Tower of town hall Main Market Square Main Square Saint Marry Church Planty garden Saint Marry Church Wawel Castle Virus in Krakow



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