Kraków Weather In March

March in Kraków: Your Ultimate Guide to Kraków Weather in March

As March arrives to Kraków, you might notice a slight relief from the biting cold experienced during the earlier months. The average temperatures typically range from a low of 0°C to a high of around 7°C.

While still brisk, the climate begins to ease, with the Spring Equinox marking a turning point towards longer days and gradually increasing warmth.

Kraków Weather In March

During this time, precipitation is not as frequent in Kraków, amounting to roughly 1.5 inches spread over the month. Snowfall can still occur, although it’s less common than in the deep winter months.

You can expect approximately four hours of sunshine per day, a welcome increase that hints at the forthcoming change in seasons.

Your experience of Kraków’s March weather will hinge on this variability, with some days feeling closer to winter and others providing a more definitive glimpse of spring.

Packing layers will serve you well, allowing you to adjust comfortably as you explore the historic streets and enjoy the city’s gradual reawakening.

Krakow March Historical Climate Patterns

When you consider the historical climate in Kraków during March, it reveals a transitional period as winter gives way to spring. The long-term data establishes patterns that can inform your expectations for the month.


Historically, average temperatures in March typically range between a daytime average of around 9°C to evening temperatures which may drop to around -0°C. This variation between day and night temperatures requires you to be prepared for a wide range of conditions.

Average Temperatures

  • Average High: 8°C
  • Average Low: -1°C

These averages suggest that whilst the days may feel mild as the season progresses, nights remain cold, and you should pack accordingly.

Weather In March Krakow


Your visit may coincide with moderate precipitation, since Kraków averages approximately 60 mm of rain or snow in March. Historically, you can expect possible precipitation on about 14 days of the month.


While the likelihood of snowfall diminishes as March progresses, occasional snow is not uncommon in the early part of the month due to the lingering winter conditions.

Chances of experiencing snow in Krakow


You will notice an increase in daily sun hours, a welcoming sign of the coming spring. The city starts to experience longer days compared to the winter months, although the precise number of sun hours can vary year by year.

Krakow Average Weather Conditions in March

Krakow Average March Weather

March in Kraków presents a transitional climate with the winter thaw giving way to early signs of spring. Your expectations for this month should include a range of temperatures and varying weather patterns.

Temperature Ranges

During March in Kraków, average high temperatures are around 7°C (45°F), while average low temperatures can dip to 0°C (32°F) at night. You may still need a winter coat, especially during the early part of the month.

Rain and Precipitation

Rain and Precipitation in Krakow during March

Average rainfall in Kraków for March measures around 41 mm across approximately 15 days of the month. This includes a mix of rain and snow, as the city transitions from winter to spring. Read also What to Do in Krakow When It’s Raining

Sunshine and Daylight Hours

Your daylight hours extend in March, providing an average of 4 hours of sunshine per day. The increase in daylight towards the end of the month coincides with the approach of the spring equinox.

Wind and Weather Phenomena

A gentle breeze often blows through the city, with wind speeds that contribute to the chilly feel. Occasional fog can occur, adding to the unpredictability of Krakow March weather.

Observing Snowfall and Frosts

Snowfall is still possible during this month, with March occasionally receiving moderate snow on some days. Mornings can usher in frost, so it’s wise to prepare for slippery conditions.

Kraków’s March Extremes

As is common with transitional months, be prepared for weather extremes, from unseasonably warm days to unexpected cold snaps that can manifest as increased snowfall or chilly rain.

Transitioning Seasons Impact

Weather in Krakow spring

The shift from winter towards spring is palpable, with longer daytime hours and a slow rise in temperatures. However, remnants of winter persist, and Kraków’s March weather can fluctuate rapidly.

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Practical Travel Tips for March in Krakow

Practical Travel Tips for March in Krakow

March brings a transitional climate to Kraków, with conditions ranging from brisk chills to the first hints of spring. Your visit during this month will be most enjoyable if you come prepared, so consider these specific suggestions for packing, accommodation choices, event participation, and both daytime and nightlife activities.

What to Pack for Kraków

In March, Kraków’s weather requires layers. Pack a mixture of lightweight and heavy clothing—thermal tops, a fleece jacket, and a waterproof and windproof outer layer.

Don’t forget essentials like gloves and a scarf to stay warm during chilly days and evenings. An umbrella or raincoat is prudent for those unexpected rainy days. Read also Packing List for Krakow

Packing List for Krakow

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Accommodation choices in Kraków range widely in March, with hotels offering competitive prices prior to the peak tourist season.

For a comfortable stay that allows for weather variability, opt for accommodations with good heating and a convenient location—this enables easy access to indoor activities should the weather turn sour.

Navigating Local Events and Festivals

Krakow Events March

Keep an eye on the calendar for March events such as the Misteria Paschalia festival, a prestigious event focusing on ancient music. The Drowning of Marzanna, a traditional Slavic festival symbolising the end of winter, might also be of interest. Check these events’ schedules as they can fluctuate slightly year by year.

Daytime and Nightlife Activities

Explore Kraków’s historical attractions like Rynek Underground, which offers a reprieve from the cold.

As for nightlife, Kraków boasts a variety of cosy bars that provide a vibrant atmosphere despite the cooler temperatures. Always verify the opening hours, especially around Easter Sunday, as some places may close early or not open at all.

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Understanding Local Public Holidays

If your visit coincides with Easter, plan accordingly. Many establishments will be closed on Easter Sunday, as it is a significant public holiday in Poland.

This can affect both shopping and dining options, as well as public transport schedules, so it’s wise to prepare and confirm details in advance.

March Krakow Cultural Insights and Weather

In March, Kraków offers you a unique blend of cultural traditions intertwined with the transitional weather, setting the stage for historical and celebratory events.

Connecting Weather With Polish Traditions

Drowning of Marzanna: This ancient Slavic custom signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring. In early March, you may witness the creation and parade of Marzanna, an effigy made to resemble a Slavic goddess.

The weather, often still chilly with a mix of rain and snow, plays a crucial role as communities gather to bid farewell to winter. The effigy is then ceremoniously drowned in a river, an act eagerly anticipated as it’s linked to the upcoming warmth and rejuvenation of spring.

Polish Easter Traditions & Events

Easter Celebrations: As the weather slowly warms up, Poles prepare for Easter. This significant holiday could occasionally fall in late March, and it’s not uncommon for you to see snow flurries amid the Easter markets scattered throughout Kraków’s Main Square.

The festive atmosphere is vibrant despite the lingering cold, with traditions such as palm Sunday processions adding colour and warmth.

Blessing of foods

Historical Significance of March Weather

Impact on Festivals: March weather in Kraków defines the types of festivals and events planned in the city. It is common to plan indoor events or those that embrace the colder climate. This is because the month can still see snow and rainfall on average for about 14 to 15 days.

Kraków’s History: The weather in March has also played a role in historical events. The fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable precipitation often mirrored the tumultuous historical periods of the city, from its royal past to the struggles during the Second World War.

Kraków’s resilience is much like its March weather. It can withstand a cold spell, only to emerge with the promise of new beginnings and warmer days ahead.


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