Krakow Football Teams

From Wisła to Cracovia: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Clubs in the City

Kraków, a historic city in Poland, is home to several professional football teams. Two major clubs that have captured the hearts of football fans in the city and across the nation are Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia. Both of these teams have a rich history, and their ongoing rivalry has evolved into a significant part of Polish football culture.

Best Krakow footbal teams

Wisła Kraków, established in 1906, is a well-respected team competing in the I liga, the second level of the Polish football league system. Meanwhile, MKS Cracovia, founded in the same year, has also made its mark on the sports scene as the first Polish champion and winner of multiple domestic trophies including the Polish Cup and the Polish Super Cup in 2020.

Krakow Football Teams

As you delve deeper into the world of football in Kraków, you’ll discover several other clubs with their unique histories and identities, contributing to a vibrant football culture in the city. Exploring these teams will offer you great insight into the passion and dedication that drives both players and fans of football in Kraków, Poland.

History of Krakow Football

The city of Krakow is home to two main football clubs with illustrious histories, Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia. Both clubs were founded in 1906, making them some of the longest-existing Polish clubs. They have a rich history and have played a significant role in the development of Polish football.

Wisła Kraków was established by students from the Second Practical School in Krakow who were inspired by their professor, Tadeusz Łopuszański. Throughout their history, Wisła Kraków has enjoyed numerous successes, competing against top teams in Poland and earning a respected reputation in club football.

At the same time, MKS Cracovia was also founded in Krakow. This club is known for being the first Polish champion, having also won the Polish Cup and Polish Super Cup in 2020. Cracovia has a strong fan base due to its early dominance in the national football scene.

The iconic Kraków Derby is a fierce competition between these two clubs, with their first match dating back to 1908. Ever since, their encounters have been a crucial part of Krakow’s football history, creating enduring rivalries and memorable moments.

In addition to Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia, there are several other clubs that contribute to Kraków’s football scene. Some notable ones include Garbarnia Kraków, Hutnik Kraków, Jutrzenka Kraków, and Orzeł Piaski Wielkie. These clubs may not have the same level of prestige as the main two, but they still have a significant local presence.

Throughout the course of your research, you’ll find that the information available from Wikipedia and other online sources will help paint a fuller picture of Krakow’s football history. By embracing your curiosity, you can become more knowledgeable about the city’s football culture and appreciate the passion that drives its fans.

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Football teams in Krakow

Famous Krakow Football Teams

When it comes to football in Krakow, two prominent teams stand out in the city’s rich history: Cracovia and Wisła Kraków.

Both of these clubs have played significant roles in shaping the football landscape in Poland, and their intense rivalry has fuelled many memorable encounters over the years. In this section, you will learn about these famous Krakow football teams and the contributions they have made to the sport.


Cracovia is a professional football club established in 1906, making it the longest existing Polish club. With a storied past, Cracovia has been crowned as the Polish champion five times and is also the very first winner of this prestigious title.

Their recent accomplishments include winning the Polish Cup and the Polish Super Cup in 2020. Cracovia has been consistently at the forefront of the sport, helping to shape the domestic league after Poland regained independence following World War I.

Wisła Kraków

Wisła Kraków, another prominent team in the city, has a strong presence in Polish football. They share a fierce rivalry with Cracovia, which has led to some unforgettable moments on the pitch.

Currently competing in the I liga, the second level of the Polish football league system, Wisła Kraków has proven to be a formidable force in the sport as well.

One central figure greatly associated with both Cracovia and Wisła Kraków is Ludwik Gintel. Gintel played a pivotal role in the early days of both clubs and was ultimately instrumental in the founding of Cracovia. He provided the bridge between these two teams and helped establish Krakow as a vital football city in Poland.

In summary, Krakow’s football scene has been immensely enriched by the presence and contributions of both Cracovia and Wisła Kraków. Their ongoing rivalry and dedication to the sport have provided countless memorable moments and shaped the landscape of Polish football. These famous Krakow football teams will continue to inspire and captivate generations of fans to come.

Krakow Football Rivalries

In Krakow, football plays an essential role in the city’s sporting culture. Two famous clubs based in Krakow, Wisła Kraków and KS Cracovia, have a long and bitter rivalry. This intense rivalry is known as the Holy War or Kraków Derby and is a spectacle you should not miss when visiting the city.

Both Wisła Kraków and KS Cracovia were established in 1906, making them reportedly the oldest clubs in Poland. Wisła Kraków is a well-known club currently competing in the I liga, the second level of Polish football league system. Their matches are played at Stadion Miejski im. Henryka Reymana, which you’ll find buzzing with excitement on match days.

On the other hand, KS Cracovia is another prestigious football club in Krakow and has had numerous successes, including being a five-time Polish champion. Their home games are held at the grey-walled Józef Piłsudski Stadium, located just opposite Wisła Kraków’s stadium. This close proximity only adds fuel to their fierce competition.

Wisła Stadium Krakow

The term “Holy War” for this rivalry was first coined by Cracovia defender Ludwik Gintel. The name highlights the intensity of the matches and the passion the supporters have for their respective teams. During the Kraków Derby, emotions run high as fans from both sides fill the stadiums to cheer for their beloved clubs.

Witnessing the Krakow football rivalries in person can be an exhilarating experience, providing you with a unique insight into Polish football culture. So, don your team colours and join in with the fans as you watch the fierce Holy War play out on the pitch.

Stadiums in Krakow

Stadion Miejski Im. Henryka Reymana

Located in Kraków, the Stadion Miejski Im. Henryka Reymana is a football-specific stadium and serves as the home ground for the Wisła Kraków football team, which currently competes in the I Liga, the second level of Polish football league system. The stadium address is ul. Reymonta 22.

As you explore this stadium, you will find that the playing area measures 105 by 68 metres, with a seating capacity for spectators, thereby providing an enjoyable experience for all fans.

At the Henryka Reymana Stadium, various matches are organised, and you have the opportunity to witness contests between different football clubs, including I Liga matches featuring Wisła Kraków.

Stadion Cracovii Im. Józefa Piłsudskiego

Another football stadium you can visit in Krakow is Stadion Cracovii Im. Józefa Piłsudskiego. This historic site has an interesting background, as it was initially designed by Franciszek Mączyński and constructed in 1912 on the meadow “łąki zwierzynieckie”. The financial support of fans played a vital role in the construction of the stadium.

The Stadion Cracovie offers you an engaging experience, thanks to its unique history and significance to local football culture. You can watch matches and learn more about the rich history of this stadium, which has withstood the test of time and remains an integral part of Krakow’s football scene.

Polish Football Leagues

In Poland, the top-tier football league is called the Ekstraklasa. This league comprises 18 clubs that compete for the championship during a yearly season. The Ekstraklasa is known for its intense matches and history of strong teams. As a fan, you can look forward to seeing well-established clubs like Wisła Kraków, who have won 13 national titles, making them one of the most successful teams in Polish football history.

The I liga follows as the second level in the Polish football league system, with clubs like Wisła Kraków currently competing for promotion to the Ekstraklasa. This league provides a platform for aspiring teams to showcase their talents, and for fans, it offers a glimpse into the future stars of Polish football.

In addition to the league competitions, Polish football clubs also participate in the Polish Cup. This tournament provides an opportunity for clubs from different levels of the league system to compete against each other in a knockout format. The Polish Cup is not only a chance for smaller clubs to prove their worth but also offers the excitement of potential upsets and dramatic matches.

Another exciting event in Polish football is the Polish SuperCup, a one-off match between the reigning champions of the Ekstraklasa and the Polish Cup winners. This fixture serves as an intriguing prelude to the new season, with both teams aiming to claim bragging rights and a prestigious trophy.

As you delve into the world of Krakow’s football scene, keep an eye on these leagues and competitions. They provide the foundation for the thriving football culture in Poland and promise thrilling experiences for fans of all ages. So, gather your friends, don your favourite team’s colours, and immerse yourself in the passion and excitement of Polish football.

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Participation in European Competitions

As a supporter of Krakow’s football clubs, you may have followed their journey in various European competitions over the years. Since the 1955-56 season, Polish football clubs from Ekstraklasa, the top professional league for men’s association football teams, have been participating in European football competitions.

Both of Krakow’s prominent local clubs, Wisła and Cracovia, have had their share of experiences in UEFA-run European competitions, such as the Champions League and UEFA Cup.

Wisła Kraków, a club with a rich history, has proudly represented Poland in European tournaments on multiple occasions. They have participated in the qualifiers for the prestigious UEFA Champions League, as well as making appearances in the UEFA Cup (now known as the UEFA Europa League). Although they haven’t found sustained success in these competitions, their presence only serves to boost their international reputation.

On the other hand, Cracovia has also had some involvement in European competitions, albeit on a more modest scale. They’ve participated in the UEFA Europa League, representing Kraków on the broader European stage. These experiences may have left a lasting impact on their players and supporters while serving to strengthen the club’s resolve for future success.

Being a part of European competitions provides both positive and negative aspects. Exposure to different playing styles, atmospheres, and levels of competition tends to enhance the overall footballing experience for players, clubs, and fans alike. It also provides a valuable opportunity for clubs to garner additional income from TV revenue, sponsorship deals, and gate receipts.

On the flip side, congested fixture schedules due to participating in both domestic and European leagues can lead to increased fatigue and heightened injury risks. Clubs need to strike a balance between competing on multiple fronts and maintaining optimal squad fitness.

Ultimately, participation in UEFA-run European competitions offers Krakow’s football clubs the chance to enhance their reputation, achieve greater success in future seasons and strengthen their fanbase, both locally and internationally.

Record of Achievement

In the city of Kraków, two prominent football clubs have made their mark in Polish football history: MKS Cracovia and Wisła Kraków. As a fan, you should be aware of their remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport.

MKS Cracovia, the oldest football club in Poland, has an impressive record:

  • They have won the Polish Championship five times
  • In 2020, they triumphed in both the Polish Cup and the Polish Super Cup
  • Their rich history dates back to their founding in 1906

Wisła Kraków, on the other hand, has its own storied record of accomplishments:

  • They’ve secured 13 Polish Championship titles
  • The club has also won the Polish Cup four times
  • Additionally, they boast one Polish Super Cup victory

Both clubs have not only brought success on the domestic front but have also represented Kraków in the international arena:

  • Cracovia participated in UEFA Europa League qualification rounds
  • Wisła Kraków has had valuable experiences in both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions

To summarise, the football clubs of Kraków have a rich history of achievements, with both MKS Cracovia and Wisła Kraków enjoying domestic success, and occasionally challenging in European competitions. As a supporter, you can proudly stand behind your favourite Kraków football team, knowing their accomplishments speak for themselves.

Krakow Teams in the Polish Football World

As a football enthusiast, you’re certainly aware of the significance of Krakow’s teams in the Polish football landscape. In this section, we will briefly explore two of the city’s most prominent clubs: Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia.

Wisła Kraków is a well-known club with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1906. As a symbol of national pride, the team has a strong following and has experienced numerous successes on the domestic front. The club competes against other top-tier teams from around Poland, such as Legia Warsaw and Ruch Chorzów. In addition to domestic success, Wisła Kraków has participated in European competitions, showcasing the club’s football prowess on an international scale.

Krakow vs Warsaw football

MKS Cracovia is another notable football club in Krakow. Also founded in 1906, the team has earned the title of being the longest existing Polish club. Throughout its history, Cracovia has accumulated several accolades, such as its five-time Polish champion and 2020 Polish Cup and Super Cup victories. The club faces fierce competition against rivals like Lechia Gdańsk and Śląsk Wrocław.

Both Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia play in the Ekstraklasa, the top professional league for Polish club football. This competitive arena allows these Krakow clubs to continually raise their standards and further develop their skills. The riveting matches between these clubs and opponents like Legia Warsaw, Ruch Chorzów, Lechia Gdańsk, and Śląsk Wrocław capture the attention of fans across the country and contribute to the exciting and thriving football culture in Poland.

To sum it up, Krakow plays a significant role in the Polish football world, with clubs like Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia making names for themselves both nationally and internationally. Their participation in the top-flight league and fierce rivalries make these Krakow-based clubs an integral part of Polish football’s identity.

Non-Krakow Teams in the Polish League

As a football enthusiast, you may be interested in learning about other prominent teams in the Polish league system beyond those based in Krakow. While Krakow boasts successful clubs such as Wisła Kraków and MKS Cracovia, the Ekstraklasa also features numerous non-Krakow teams competing at a high level. This section will familiarise you with a selection of these teams, specifically Legia Warsaw, GKS Katowice, GKS Tychy, Polonia Bytom, and MKS Cracovia.

Legia Warsaw is the most successful football club in Poland, having won a record 15 league titles. Based in the capital city of Warsaw, the team is renowned for its passionate fanbase and high-quality football. Legia competes in the Ekstraklasa, the highest level in the Polish football league system, and has a history of strong international performance.

Another team worth your attention is GKS Katowice. Located in the southern city of Katowice, this team has a rich history in the upper tiers of the Polish football league. While not as successful as Legia Warsaw, GKS Katowice has a devoted local following and remains competitive in the leagues it participates in.

GKS Tychy is a football club based in Tychy, a city close to Katowice. The team is part of a larger sports organisation that also includes ice hockey and basketball divisions. Like GKS Katowice, GKS Tychy has a strong regional presence and a loyal fanbase.

Heading further north in Poland, you will find Polonia Bytom, a club from the city of Bytom. Polonia has an extensive history and has won two league titles. While the team has experienced several ups and downs over the years, Polonia Bytom remains a significant part of Polish football culture.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, MKS Cracovia is a prominent football club from Krakow – despite being included in this list of non-Krakow teams. As the oldest football team in Poland, MKS Cracovia has a storied past, with rich traditions and rivalries, making it an essential part of the Polish football landscape.

In summary, there are various noteworthy non-Krakow teams in the Polish football league to explore, each with their history, fanbase, and successes. As a football fan, delving into these clubs will surely enrich your understanding of the vibrant and competitive football culture in Poland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main football clubs in Kraków?

The main football clubs in Kraków are Wisła Kraków and Cracovia Kraków. Wisła Kraków currently competes in the I liga, which is the second level of the Polish football league system. Cracovia Kraków, founded in 1906, is the longest existing Polish club and has won multiple championships and cups.

Which stadium do Wisła Kraków and Cracovia Kraków use?

Wisła Kraków plays their home matches at the Stadion Miejski, located at ul. Reymonta 22, 30-059 Kraków. Cracovia Kraków also plays their matches in Kraków, but each club has its own separate stadium.

How can I buy tickets for Wisła Krakow matches?

To buy tickets for Wisła Krakow matches, you can visit their official website and follow the instructions there. Alternatively, you may purchase tickets at the stadium’s box office on match days. Be aware that availability at the box office may be limited, so it’s recommended to buy your tickets in advance online if possible.

What is the history behind the rivalry of Kraków FC teams?

The rivalry between Wisła Kraków and Cracovia Kraków dates back to the early 20th century. The two teams are based in the same city and have a long competitive history. The matches between the two clubs are known as the “Holy War” or the “Kraków Derby”. The rivalry is rooted in both sport and geography, as well as in political and social differences between the clubs’ supporters.

Who are the top players in Wisła and Cracovia?

The top players in Wisła and Cracovia often change, as professional footballers can be transferred to other teams or retire. To find the current standout players in both clubs, you should follow their official websites, social media platforms, and sports news reporting.

How can one get Wisła Krakow or Cracovia Krakow jerseys?

To get official Wisła Kraków or Cracovia Kraków jerseys, you can visit their respective club stores online or at the stadiums. Additionally, some sports retail stores may also carry their jerseys. Make sure to purchase from an official source to ensure that you are buying an authentic product.


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