Krakow Travel Costs

Krakow Travel Cost Calculator: The Real Cost of Visiting Krakow

Kraków offers a diverse range of experiences for travellers, all set against the backdrop of its rich history and cultural heritage. As one of Poland’s most popular destinations, the city provides an attractive mix of medieval architecture, vibrant dining scenes, and a variety of cultural entertainment options at a value that is increasingly rare in Europe.

Managing your travel budget in Kraków begins with understanding the costs involved, from accommodations to sightseeing. Making informed choices can greatly influence the overall expenditure of your trip.

Understanding travel expenses is essential when planning a visit to Kraków. Accommodation options can cater to all budgets, from hostels to high-end hotels, while transportation is both accessible and affordable.

Travel Costs Krakow

Outlining a daily spend for food and beverages helps you anticipate meal costs, with options ranging from quick street food to fine dining.

Kraków’s sightseeing and attractions, including museums, historical sites, and churches, offer a range of prices, often constituting a minor portion of the travel budget owing to the presence of free or low-cost options.

Key Takeaways

  • Kraków provides cost-effective travel experiences, balancing quality and affordability.
  • A variety of accommodations, transportation, and dining options are available to suit different budgets.
  • Planning is crucial for managing your expenses, particularly in choosing where to stay, how to get around, and what attractions to visit.

Understanding Krakow’s Travel Costs

Krakow Travel Costs

Krakow is a budget-friendly destination in Poland, but understanding your potential expenses is vital in planning your trip effectively. Your travel costs will vary depending on your personal spending habits and the choices you make for accommodation, dining, and sightseeing.

Overview of Travel Expenses

In Krakow, the Polish Złoty (PLN) is the currency you’ll be using. Compared to other European cities, Krakow is more affordable, allowing for a variety of experiences regardless of your budget.

Polish money zloty coins

Whether you are a thrifty backpacker or looking to indulge in the finer aspects of the city, there are options available to suit your financial plan.

Accommodation prices range from budget hostels to more luxurious hotels. When dining out, you can opt for street food or traditional Polish restaurants, which are generally inexpensive.

Attractions in Krakow offer a mix of free and paid experiences, with many historical sights and museums to choose from.

Daily Cost Breakdown

The daily cost of travelling in Krakow can be broken down into key categories:

  • Accommodation: Budget hostel prices start from approximately €10 (around 45 PLN) for a dormitory bed. Private hostel rooms may cost upwards of €30 (around 150 PLN).
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: Many hostels provide a complimentary breakfast, but if yours doesn’t, a budget-friendly meal might cost around 12 PLN.
    • Lunch: Expect to pay about 24 PLN for street food or a meal at a local eatery.
    • Dinner: Making your meal in a hostel kitchen or choosing a budget-friendly restaurant can hover around 32 PLN.
  • Attractions and Sightseeing: You can enjoy a free walking tour, while entry fees for various sights and museums can add around 12 PLN on average per day.

Keep in mind that these figures can fluctuate based on current economic conditions such as inflation. To give you more purchasing power, monitor the exchange rates between the Złoty and your home currency.

Food prices in Krakow

Krakow Travel Cost Calculator

Accommodation Options

Your accommodation choices in Kraków are varied, catering to different preferences and budgets, from lavish hotels to cost-effective hostels. The prices fluctuate depending on location, amenities, and booking platforms – the earlier you book, often the better deals you may find.

Hotels and Their Prices

Luxury hotels in Kraków offer comfort and convenience with prices for a 5-star hotel averaging at around £70 per night, typically rated 8.5 out of 10 by guests.

For midrange options, you may expect to pay between 218zł-437zł (approximately £46-£92) per night for a room or apartment, with a wider array of choices available in this bracket.

Hostels: Affordable Alternatives

Budget-Friendly Hostels in Krakow

For more budget-conscious travellers, hostels provide an economical alternative. Dorm rooms can start as low as €10 (around £9) per night. Some hostels in central locations may include breakfast, with prices around €12 (approximately £10) per night.

Privately rented rooms in hostels are available at around €30 (about £25) per night, offering a balanced mix of affordability and privacy.

Booking Platforms and Discounts

To secure the best deals on accommodation, platforms like can be utilised, often presenting discounted rates and an extensive selection of properties.

Early reservations typically yield more competitive pricing, so it’s advantageous to book your stay in advance.

Keep an eye out for special offers which can further reduce the cost of both hotels and hostels to suit your budget needs.

Transportation in Krakow

Safety of public transport in Krakow

Krakow’s transportation system provides efficient and affordable options for getting around the city, including a network of buses and trams that connect the airport to the city centre, as well as various travel cards to simplify your travel.

Airport to City Centre

Once you land at Krakow Airport, you have several options to reach the city centre.

The most direct public transport option is Train number SKA1, which connects the airport to Krakow Main Train Station and onward to Wieliczka. The journey to the central station is priced at 16 PLN and usually doesn’t charge extra for luggage.

Krakow airport train station

For bus services, routes 208 and 252 operate during the day, with the night bus 902 available after hours. You can also book private transfer from Krakow airport to city centre.

Navigating Public Transport

Krakow’s integrated public transport system comprises both buses and trams, making it seamless for you to navigate the city.

Purchase 20-minute tickets if you are looking for a short ride, starting from as low as 4 PLN, or select the 60-minute tickets for 6 PLN if you need more time to reach your destination.

Remember, if you are a student under 26, you are eligible for a 50% discount on fares, so be sure to carry your student ID.

Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services

For more personalised travel, taxis are readily available throughout Krakow, and ride-sharing services like Bolt or Uber are also an option.

Be aware that taxi fares can differ based on company rates and time of day. Always confirm the fare before starting your journey or use a ride-sharing app to get an estimate.

Transportation Passes and Costs

To explore Krakow without the hassle of buying tickets for every journey, consider getting a travel card.

Options range from single-journey tickets — which you can purchase directly from inside of bus or tram drivers — to weekly transport passes.

A single journey usually costs 4 PLN for a regular fare and 2 PLN for a concession fare. Krakow tourist information centres and various kiosks around the city also sell tickets.

With a travel card, you won’t need to validate it during every journey, offering convenience and ease as you explore Krakow.

Food and Drink

Exploring the culinary scene in Krakow, you’ll find an array of options from traditional Polish cuisine to modern eateries. The city offers a satisfying balance between indulging in local specialities and finding cost-effective meals.

Traditional Polish Cuisine

In Krakow, you can sample hearty Polish dishes such as pierogi (dumplings), bigos (hunter’s stew), and golabki (stuffed cabbage rolls). Milk bars, a type of cafeteria from the communist era, provide these traditional items at very affordable prices.

Potato pierogi

Restaurants and Meal Prices

The price of a meal in Krakow can vary significantly between restaurants. For example:

  • Breakfast: Often included with accommodation; if not, expect to pay around £3-£5.
  • Lunch: A substantial meal can range from £4 in a milk bar to £10 at a mid-range restaurant.
  • Dinner: Expect to pay around £7-£15 for a dinner at a restaurant, with fine dining experiences costing more.

Street Food and Snacks

Street food is a budget-friendly way to eat, with Polish specialties such as obwarzanek (a bagel-like bread) and zapiekanki (a toasted baguette with various toppings) costing just a few pounds. They offer a quick and delicious taste of local flavours without the need to sit down at a restaurant.

Best zapiekanki in Krakow

Coffee, Bars, and Alcohol

Coffee shops abound, offering a cup of your morning beverage for about £2-£3.

For those interested in the nightlife, bars provide the opportunity to try Polish beers and vodkas:

  • Beer: Typically £1-£3 depending on the establishment
  • Vodka/Alcohol: Prices in bars can range from £2 for a local shot to higher for premium spirits.

Good craft beer in Krakow

Sightseeing and Attractions

As you explore Kraków, you’ll find a plethora of historical sites, museums, and various free activities that encapsulate the city’s rich past and vibrant culture. The walking tours offer an in-depth look at the architecture and history, while tickets to various attractions are reasonably priced to fit various budgets.

Major Historical Sites

In Kraków, your sightseeing journey should commence at the Wawel Castle, an emblematic royal residence showcasing opulent architecture. Expect to pay around 25 zł for a basic admission ticket.

Wawel castle tour in Krakow

The nearby Kazimierz district, historically known as the Jewish Quarter, is brimming with historical significance and can be experienced best through a guided walking tour, which typically costs about 85 zł.

Venturing a bit outside the city, the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum demand reflection; tours here range from 40 to 120 zł depending on the type and length of the tour.

Museums and Educational Tours

Kraków’s museums are second to none, with key highlights including the contemporary Schindler’s Factory Museum, where tickets are around 24 zł for an adult.

For an underground experience, the Rynek Underground unveils a subterranean medieval market via an interactive exhibit, with tickets costing approximately 21 zł.

Science and academia enthusiasts must not miss the historic Collegium Maius, part of the Jagiellonian University, with tickets approximately 12 zł.

Krakow Collegium Maius

Alternative and Free Activities

To appreciate Kraków’s architecture and atmosphere without a cost, take advantage of free walking tours, which operate on a tip-based system.

Wieliczka Underground Chapel

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, although not free, is a ‘must-see’ attraction for its unparalleled subterranean chapels carved out of rock salt; the standard tour price is around 94 zł.

If you prefer a bundled deal, consider the KrakowCard, which grants admission to over 40 attractions and unlimited public transport; prices for a 2-day card start from 120 zł. This pass includes access to many museums and historical sites, offering significant savings for the avid sightseer.

Cultural and Entertainment Offerings

Krakow offers a wealth of cultural and entertainment options that are sure to enrich your stay. From bustling nightlife and diverse events to world-class arts and plentiful shopping, you have ample opportunity to experience the city’s vibrant offerings.

First Time in Krakow Cloth Hall shopping

Nightlife and Events

Krakow’s nightlife caters to a variety of tastes, boasting an array of bars and clubs. Planty Park, though serene by day, is in proximity to some lively nighttime locales, where you can experience Krakow after dark.

If your visit falls on a Tuesday, look out for venues hosting special events, as this is a common night for local happenings.

Bachelor party Krakow night drinking

Low-cost airlines like Ryanair often have flights coinciding with major events in Krakow, enabling visitors from across Europe to join in the festivities.

The Arts and Performances

Your cultural journey through Krakow can be filled with performances and the arts. The city is home to numerous theatres hosting music, dance, and drama.

ULICA Street Theatre Festival

For art lovers, Krakow’s galleries present both contemporary and classic collections, reflecting the rich tapestry of Polish and global art.

The cultural scene in Krakow is amazing, often interwoven with the city’s deep historical roots, yet fully engaged with the modern world.

Shopping and Markets

Krakow will satisfy your shopping desires with a mix of modern malls and traditional markets.

Shopping Malls in Krakow

For a unique shopping experience, explore the local flea markets where you might uncover vintage treasures and handcrafted local goods. Whether you’re after high-street brands or bespoke items, Krakow’s various shopping destinations offer something for everyone.

Practical Tips for Krakow Travel

When planning your trip to Krakow, it’s important to consider the best times for travel, ways to save money, and the need for travel and health insurance to ensure a smooth and cost-effective journey.

Best Time to Visit

To maximise your experience while minimising expenses, aim to visit Krakow during the lest busy season, spanning from May to June and September to October.

During these months, you can enjoy mild weather, fewer crowds, and more affordable accommodation prices, as opposed to the peak tourist period in July and August.

Saving Money on Your Trip

Krakow is well-known for being a budget-friendly destination. To save money on your trip:

  • Stay in the city centre: Hotels and hostels in Krakow are reasonably priced.
  • Visit free attractions: Many museums and historical sites offer free entrance days.
  • Eat like a local: Opt for meals at mid-range restaurants, where you can expect to pay around 60-80 PLN for a three-course meal or buy from supermarkets for self-catering options, budgeting 20-40 PLN per day.
  • Look for travel bargains: Low-cost airlines such as Ryanair offer flights starting at less than 20€ if booked in advance.

Travel and Health Insurance

Getting travel and health insurance before you embark on your trip to Krakow is crucial. Make sure your insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses: In case you need healthcare during your stay.
  • Trip cancellations or interruptions: Protect yourself against unforeseen changes to your travel plans.

Itineraries and Travel Planning

One Day Trip Krakow Itinerary When planning your trip to Kraków, it’s good to have a detailed itinerary and access to reliable maps and navigation tools. The length and timing of your stay will greatly influence your travel expenses and overall experience in the heart of Kraków.

Suggested Itineraries

If your stay is longer, consider dedicating extra days to sightseeing tours, gourmet dining experiences, and exploring lesser-known attractions.

Maps and Navigation Tools

To navigate Kraków confidently, utilise:

  • Download digital navigation apps such as Google Maps or Here WeGo, offering offline options
  • Local travel guides often include detailed maps of Kraków’s neighbourhoods

Ensure that your maps are up-to-date, as this will assist you in efficiently managing your time and budget.

Trip Length and Timing

The duration of your trip to Kraków will significantly impact your planning and expenses:

  • Weekend Getaway
  • Week-Long Trip
    • In-depth exploration of Kraków’s history and culture
    • Day trips to surrounding areas

Consider visiting in the off-peak seasons (spring or autumn) to enjoy lower travel expenses and a less crowded experience.

Accommodation Specialties

When you visit Krakow, you have the option to indulge in luxury accommodation or enjoy unique hostel experiences that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Luxury Stays

Krakow presents an array of luxury hotels that exemplify old-world charm and modern amenities. If you’re seeking opulence on your trip, you’ll find rooms in five-star hotels that couple breathtaking architecture with contemporary comfort.

With options available on, you can secure a deluxe room typically for rates around €200 per night for a double. These establishments often boast central locations, allowing you an immersive experience of the city’s historic heart.

Unique Hostel Experiences

For those looking for accommodation with character and a social atmosphere, Krakow’s hostels are a perfect choice. Not only do you get to meet fellow travellers, but you’ll also stay in places that are often quirky and full of personality.

From former palatial residences to modern, thematic hostels, your lodging becomes part of the travel experience itself. Prices are budget-friendly, and booking is straightforward through platforms like

Seasonal Events and Activities

Krakow, renowned for its unique atmosphere, offers an array of seasonal events and activities that are deeply rooted in the city’s rich cultural heritage. You’ll find Krakow particularly festive and inviting during the Christmas season and lively with various festivals in the summer.

Drinking mulled wine Krakow Christmas markets

Christmas Markets

During the festive season, Krakow transforms into a Winter paradise, particularly at the Main Market Square, where the annual Christmas Market takes place. You’ll be enchanted by the twinkling lights and the scent of mulled wine permeating the air.

  • Dates: Typically runs from late November through December
  • Activities: Handicraft shopping, traditional food tasting, live music
  • Must-Try: Oscypek cheese smoked over a wood fire, served with cranberries

Exploring these markets not only lets you shop for unique Polish crafts but also offers a taste of seasonal treats while enjoying the chill of Poland’s winter.

Visiting Krakow during snowing in winter

Summer Festivals

Come summer, Krakow bursts into life with festivals celebrating everything from music to local culture.

  • Live Music: The city hosts Wianki, a midsummer festival, where you can experience free live concerts.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Krakow also stages the Jewish Culture Festival, reflecting the city’s multicultural past.

On balmy summer evenings, immerse yourself in Krakow’s festival scene. It’s a splendid time to enjoy outdoor events and understand Poland’s dynamic culture.


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